Saturday, December 24, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Bringing in the Light

All Saints Transmission: 
A Message from Mother Mary
Bringing in the light.

ST: We are posting a day early because of the holiday. The topic today is bringing in the light and comes from Mother Mary.

Mother Mary: This time of year when darkness seems more obvious, many people hibernate or take this time to rest.  While this isn't an unhealthy or unwise action to take when the days grow dark earlier, I want to bring to your attention this important time in history.  There are some things which you do not wish to sleep through, but instead need to participate.  The era of 2012 is such an event or series of events.  This time right now as you Light Workers bring in the light is crucial.  You must come from a place of integrity and keep your message simple so that everyone can understand it.

This is not a time of posturing or pretending to know more than you do.  This is not a time to talk from your ego, but instead channel spirit and dare I say it, channel God.  You might think you know the answers, but you don't and this is just away of stroking your ego, but confusing others in the process.  This is also not a time to prove that you are right or that someone else is wrong.  Who on earth or heaven gives you this authority? A truly enlightened person just is.  He doesn't announce that he is enlightened.  She doesn't teach classes on how to become just like her, enlightened.  An enlightened person doesn't even use the word "enlightened" or "awakened".  That is like a black person announcing that he or she is black.  Well, why would anyone need to point out the obvious? 

Now is a time to stay awake, but also to stay out of your own way.  Think of a harried mother and children literally at her knees and neck.  She ends up tripping over the children and herself.  This feels like stumbling in the dark. And when you think that all the answers come from inside you, then you are tripping in the dark and you might just stub your proverbial toe.  Ouch that hurts!  Or you might trip on someone else or step on the dog's tail.  This is why you need a center or a light to guide you.  It's not that we don't speak through you because we are constantly in conversation with your soul.  Are you in conversation with your soul?  Know the difference between the language of the soul and the language of the ego.

Now, if this is beginning to sound a lot like the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other shoulder, then you are on the right track.  The only tools in your kit are fear and love and every choice you make, every choice you make is either one or the other.  And it isn't easy to discern either.  You think that you could easily discern between fear and love, but this isn't often the case.  Fear is a trickster.  It pretends to love you and say that it has your best interest at heart. So why would you believe otherwise?  Love never takes the easy way out and makes you work for things which might look like punishment at times.  This is where you make a mistake in judgement.

So as you bring in the light, light you own candle first before lighting others' candles.  Take care of your spiritual needs first and tend to your wounds.  You can't help anyone when you have a gaping and oozing wound. When you're in pain, you must take care of yourself and better yet, ask for the help you need.  You will receive it if you ask.  A simple prayer to me or any saints will bring results. You don't even need to believe that we will come to your aid, we will anyway, regardless of how you consider yourself.  Consider yourselves first, but not from ego, but from spirit.  When you take care of yourself you take care of others.  We are ALL ONE BEING here.  So bring in the light and remember that we always love you.


Mother Mary

Sunday, December 18, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Rest and Be Merry

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Put Some Ease into It  

ST: I feel too exhausted to post today, but here I am.  So you want us to rest and be merry? I have no problem with this.

Saint Jude: Yes, this is correct.  You have all, and when I say this I mean all creatures, been through a rough and tough spell.  The planetary forces to be exact, have kicked you around and now you must rest. If you don't take this time to regroup then you could end up with the flu or worse.  It's also time to reassess on the mental and emotional levels. Look at those things that have departed from your life at this time. And see the new things that are entering your life.

Some of you might have walked away from long-term relationships and others just lost a job that you didn't want anyway.  Perhaps you need to clear away fear and limitations from your life now.  So many of you believe you walk the right path, but fool yourselves.  And now is the time to see what is real and what is not real.

Now when I say be merry I'm not asking you to get drunk or allow yourself to get intoxicated.  I know this is the holiday season worldwide but you must keep your wits about you.  While I say it is a good idea to rest now and take it easy, this is only because more rough seas await humanity and all creatures.  You are not out of the woods yet.  So take this time to look after your health. Treat your livers with great respect.  In fact, while you rest, detox your bodies.  I know no one wants to hear this when trays of sweets are passed around and that holiday champagne calls to you.  But you need to ask yourself am I serious about my spirit path?

Take this time to meditate and go inward.  Ask you spirit guides about the next steps you need to take.  You need to prepare yourself for those next steps. This is crucial that you do this unless you don't care about the fate of the planet.  We never said that ascension would come easy to anyone.  It won't.  So you need to get yourself ready for the process or for some of you, the completion of the process.  Yes, some of you are poised for the next HUGE SHIFT.

So this is all for now.  My typist feels sick at the moment.  Remember that we always love you.

Saint Jude

Sunday, December 4, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Hold on to Your Hats

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude
Hold on to Your Hats, Anchor Yourselves 

ST: I read a frightening story in the news which painted a totalitarian scenario in the US future.  I know that we are living in shifting times, with the overall structure crumbling and a new one constructed, but I wasn't expecting such dire news.  Though my dreams have predicted an uncomfortable future for us.  I can see how world events and even the Occupy Movement in the US would cause government leaders to react in fear.

Saint Jude: Yes my dear these are challenging times.  But you must not buy into a dualistic reality.  There is no us verses them, but a malignancy within a single organism.  If you see fear portrayed outside of yourself, in the media, in how other people react to change, then that fear is inside you too.  Fear attracts fear; love attracts love. Love never attracts fear except for a fearful person in need of healing.  So if you believe that you are coming from a place of love and fear-driven people show up in your life then bring out your healing abilities and tools.  These people, these souls need your blessings and healing.

Now I am not saying that you enable bad behavior in others, nor am I telling you to punish and curse others.  We do not act in anyone's best interest when we are frightened.  Think of how an adrenaline rush completely takes over and we act without thought.  We just act and it might cause dire consequences.  You must also consider elected wise and thoughtful leaders with scruples to your Senate and House of Representatives.  Why do you not give any thought to who you place in these important positions, the guardian of your freedoms and rights? Yet, so many Americans do not give politics any thought.  They somehow think that politics is beyond them and has nothing to do with them.  They are wrong to think this way.

I understand that many of you seek spiritual tools and practices to heal the planet; to usher in the new age.  That is true to an extent, but you still need your leaders for the time being so place people with integrity in office who you can say their name without gagging or choking.  Place caring and compassionate people in office who care about your rights as a human being.  And as far as protestors on the street, they must move past dualistic thinking.  If they want to gather and support each other that's helpful, but they must stop pointing the finger at another group of people.  You cannot have solidarity and dualism at the same time.  They must heal their anger and their fear because these occupiers are spreading negative energy.  They might seem peaceful on the outside, but inside they entertain victim consciousness and the idea of becoming a martyr-hero.  This is not healthy thinking.

If you want equality and justice for the whole planet, then you must consider that you are one organism.  There is no separation between you and your "enemy".  Light dances with dark, night with day, female with male, below with the above.  I repeat THERE IS NO SEPARATION.  Everyone and everything is a mirror to your soul.  If you do not like how others act, then when you point the finger at them, the mirror shows you pointing the finger at yourself.  There is no other way.  This is spiritual law.  What you reap, you sow, and that includes negative judgments about others, no matter who they are.  This is a hard concept for most of you to understand.  And you will not reach enlightenment until you understand this concept and all that it embodies.  You must not only understand this concept, you must live it.  You cannot have your cake and eat it too.  If you seek spiritual enlightenment (so many of you brag about this goal), then you cannot entertain dualistic thought.  And you must also understand that there is no evil on the planet that does not also reside in your own hearts.

This is a long post, I know, but keep reading. In order to heal the planet, you must focus on healing yourself.  You do not have the ability to heal others, but you do have the ability to facilitate healing in others, or act as a healing guide. The other thing is that your beliefs attract what you experience on your life in both the microcosm and the macrocosm.  You cannot experience any  reality in which your beliefs don't match.  So this is an important part of your healing, removing those fatalistic beliefs.  If you believe that evil will come and bite you, then it will.  If you have unhealthy beliefs from past lives haunting you, then time to cleanse your soul of those beliefs.  In fact, it is time to do some serious deep healing and find the means to do so.  Do not put off this healing for another day.  You simply don't have the luxury of time any longer and a lot of healing to do.  So roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Now I have given both you, the readers and my vessel (the one channeling these messages) a lot to think about.  She is in the same boat you are, listening to my messages and taking them to heart.  I speak Universally and I speak to all people of all religions.  I speak to the souls of all creatures.  I do not separate souls by religion or spiritual practice. None of the Higher Beings do.  That in a nutshell is Unity Consciousness.  When you heal yourself, you heal the entire world.  It is the most important work you will ever do.  And remember to send love and light out to everyone, EVERYONE, not just people who think or feel like you do.  The fearful ones need the most love and healing energy right now.  If you deny them blessings, you deny yourself a future on the planet.  Get to work.

Remember, that we always love you and bless you.


Saint Jude

Sunday, November 27, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Life Lessons are Everywhere

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Life Lessons Everyday, in Everything  

ST: We learn through animal omens, through passages in books, and events that grab our attention.  Some of us channel saints without knowing it, or speak to angels not realizing it.  Can you comment on this?

Saint Jude:  The Holy Ones are always in conversation with your Higher Self or what you call your Inner Wisdom-knowing.  We are in constant conversation with your heart and your senses.  But what happens is that you live busy lives that grow busier by the day so we cannot reach your conscious mind.  This is when we employ animals, songs, literature, magazine articles, and passing conversations to get your attention.  You call this synchronicity, and you see it as a path that leads you to something greater than yourself.  Those of you on a lower frequency see synchronicity as only a route to manifesting your desires.  But it's so much more than that.

You might wonder why we bother communicating with humans.  You might think that as a whole you are not worthy of the Holy Ones attention, but this is wrong brain thinking. As a whole humanity needs to wake up.  Believe it or not, every other creature on the planet, even your common house fly is awakened.  A flea, although a pest, has a better chance of reaching enlightenment than many humans.  We wonder why you would want to stay in the muck and mud, when you can fly with angels.  Truly you have this choice, but you must stop all this all this nonsense of keeping yourselves constantly occupied.  Only fear keeps you away from finding your true self and your true calling to serve.  Yes, every single one of you has been called to the planet at this time to serve.  And if service is not your thing, then neither is living on the planet Earth at this time.

The days of just taking up space and wasting time ARE OVER.  This is why we reach you through songs, books, movies, television, the internet and every other avenue open to us at this time.  We awaken some of you in the middle of the night and ply our spiritual lectures on you.  You call this insomnia, but it is the beginning of enlightenment.  Some of you came to the planet enlightened but through corruption of the media and authority figures lose ground and forget why you came to the planet.  But up until your fifth birthday you knew exactly God-Goddess' plan for you on the earth at this time.  You knew and you can go through rebirth to reclaim your birthright.

Don't worry about us leaving you.  We won't abandon the earth or humanity at this time.  Expect more messages from the Holy Ones to pop up when least expected.  Epiphanies are now common place, whereas, in ancient times only a select few humans experienced them.  Feeling higher frequencies was once only offered to angels and saints, but now you can experience those frequencies too. See how much times have changed? 
This is a lot to think about and digest.  So we leave you for now to ponder our words.  Remember that we always love you.

Saint Jude

Sunday, November 20, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude and Mother Mary

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude and Mother Mary
Begging for a Blessing

ST: I'm hearing the phrase begging for a blessing.  What does this mean?

Saint Jude and Mother Mary: Well my dear look around you.  It's better to express gratitude for all the blessings already in your life than to continually ask for more.  I know many of you have learned about, even bought into the law of attraction and manifestation.  These practices are real, but they can also take you away from the love of God. If all you do is focus on the power of attraction and the material goods you can attract then you are missing the point of the planet walk.

This trend of manifestation actually causes our hearts sadness.  It's just materialism disguised as spiritual principles.  An Enlightened Being doesn't care about fancy cars, expensive clothing, or trips to Hawaii.  I'm not saying you should not try to manifest those things, only that you need not fool yourself into thinking that it is your spiritual right to collect material goods.  We know that Saint Francis and Saint Clare think just the opposite.  If you want to get closer to God, you're not going to find God on a shopping trip.  If you want to convene with God, if you want to reunite with God, then the law of attraction will not take you on that path.  Unless you manifest a closer connection to God.

Now you still need to put roofs over your heads and to eat healthy food so manifest those things.  But when you start getting into luxury items we question that.  You must actually strip away everything from your lives to find God.  You have too many distractions. We think of all those holiday gift lists and all the gadgets that won't make your lives easier.  Those are distractions.  If you need a new pair of winter boots to get you past the snow season, by all means, that's survival.  But if you need the latest fur-lined craze boots, that's distraction and one that costs the lives of innocent animals.

Perhaps you see spiritual awakening happening on the planet.  People now see the power of words and intent.  That's good, but don't fool yourself into thinking consciousness is growing on the planet. It is not.  People are either focused on cutting back due to an economy that is an illusion anyway, or they hoard goods that they get cheaply or obtain for free.  We've seen driveways with plenty of cars in them, and wonder why any family needs 5 or 6 cars, especially cars that don't run any longer.  Have they opened up a car museum?

And how many pairs of shoes does any human need? Consider that in some parts of the world, children run around barefoot because they can't afford a pair of shoes.  So why does a woman or man in another part of the world need 10+ shoes? You distract yourself with these collections.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  We realize that we come across as chastising you, but we try to awaken your hearts.  Hearts only need compassion and love to exists.  Your body only needs food, clothing, shelter, water, and air and somewhat more.  If your goal is to reach enlightenment then you are going about it in the wrong way if your life is about the power of attraction.

Yet, spend some time using this power to improve your lives.  Use this power to develop your spiritual practice deeper.  Intend to practice yoga every day or something similar.  Intend to eat healthier and in balance with the earth. Intend to serve the higher good always and everyday.  Intend to give up anything that does not serve you and actually distracts you from your life purpose, which isn't about collecting shoes or cars.  Intend to spend an hour of each day in your inner sanctum talking to God or us.  Intend to help others and practice generosity with your time and other resources. Intend not to get caught up in games of the ego.  Intend for resources to improve your lives only so you can boost others.  Intend to have healthy relationships with others. Intend for your life partner but only when you are mature enough to handle an extremely powerful relationship based on selflessness and serving, and not selfish pursuits or trophy partnerships.

We think this is enough food for thought this week.  Remember we always love you and hope you digest our words and take them to heart. The world needs you to wake up, stop following trends, and find your true calling.  When you find that true calling, everything else falls into place. All your needs will be met as God sees appropriate, not as advertised in the media.


Mother Mary and Saint Jude

Sunday, November 13, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Anchor and Center

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Anchor and Center Yourselves 

ST: I've been allowing my worries and anxieties to take full reign.  I'm disturbed by all the fears coming up right now, and my feeling that I have no control over my life.  Or that I sabotage my best efforts.  I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way. What advice do you have for people in the throes of fear?

Saint Jude: Fear, anxieties, and worries all stem from the same root, the lack of trust.  When you don't believe that a Divine Force, call it God, Lord, Goddess, or whatever name you choose, you lose the thread.  You lose the chain of events or synchronicity that would lead you to your highest good.  You might pray, meditate, chant or dance, but if you lose this thread you are wasting your time. The point here is to commune with God and find your center there.

Now you might ask how do I trust that there is a loving and living God? I look around me, you might say, and I see nothing but chaos.  I thought that I manifested my highest good but end up in another nightmarish situation.  You might ask, so if God loves me, then why must I endure this madness or whatever you want to call it?  Is this karma? What did I do to create this suffering and misery? This question comes up a lot these days.

Remember the scene in "The Celestine Prophecy" where the late Father Jose shows up when John W. is in a Peruvian jail cell? And what does he tell John? He tells John to not jump to conclusions that he messed up and took the wrong path. Sometimes chaos appears before peace because you still must face your fears.  You must still think on your toes and know that an earth walk is not a stroll through a park on a summer's day.  Though I suppose if you do your necessary inner work it will be at some point.

Know this--you're not alone in nursing your fears.  With so many things to frighten you these days, it's hard to trust in a loving and living God.  Sure you might think, maybe God existed during Moses and Abraham's time, but where is this God now? Well, do you think life was easier in ancient times? Do you believe for a moment that people of the past never were put up to spiritual tests? So why would this be different now?

I tell you, there is a loving and living God and whatever tests stare you in the face at the moment, you can ask for Spiritual Guidance and Protection.  You are not powerless and in fact, you might just be creating your situation deep within your subconscious mind.  So hang on my dears, anchor and center yourselves.  I know this isn't an easy time and that's why the saints, angels, avatars, etc are here at your beckon call.

Keep reading spiritual blogs and websites, watch spiritual movies and videos.  Gather with other spiritually-minded people that focus on love and light.  Listen to your favorite music provided it is uplifting you. Eat high vibrational foods, and as you do this, know that when you raise your frequency you must remove toxins from your soul, mind, body. These come up in the form of illness, dis-ease, nightmares, anxieties, worries and facing your worst fears.  For some of you this might be dealing with cancer and for others it could be dealing with fire, floods, and earthquakes.  You will get through this in one way or another.  TRUST.

To conclude, you are where you are at this time.  Honor the space you hold.  Know that you will evolve in spirit and in body.  Know that whatever conditions you currently face will transform and evolve, change because nothing remains the same. If you open your heart and mind, you will discover a gem from your predicament. And remember that we always love you.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  You are not alone.  Help is available always, all the time.


Saint Jude 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Peace-in-Progress

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude and Mother Mary
Soon-to-be-peaceful era (hang on a little longer)

ST: Welcome to this new day, what words of wisdom do you have for us on this Sunday?

Saint Jude & Mother Mary: Good morning/afternoon/evening and welcome to this new crazed, but soon-to-be-peaceful era.  You wonder what we mean by that, no? It's crazed now--you have a crumbling economy, natural and unnatural disasters and it appears that crooks and con men are running the show. You don't know who to believe any longer and yet, you see the big picture.  You do, but you don't trust it.  And why don't you trust it?

I tell you because you were taught to doubt yourself, women or anyone's intuition has been hugely discounted like a sale at Walmart and discredited.  Right, so with trusting your inner wisdom you run to the academics treating them like the Wizard of Oz. But they don't have the answers and they don't have the wisdom you seek.

We're not saying that there's not a place for academics and intelligence.  We're not telling you not to pursue basic and higher education, but to keep it all in perspective. The best education balances inner wisdom with the so-called facts.  Though we wonder that if those facts are truth, then why are facts always changing? Truth never changes.

You can only learn wisdom from life experiences or you can become a disciple of a wise elder or master teacher (not a teacher with a Masters, different things).  This wise elder will lead you to your core self through initiations and training that also fosters your intuition and sharpens your instincts.  You can gain wisdom by reflecting on the natural world and you don't have to major in biology or ecology.  You just have to watch and listen, engage your senses. Nature is a great teacher and she can teach you survival skills, alternately bring you closer to Mother-Father God.

Sit still on a summer day and watch the dance of dragonflies or watch the carp in a pond. Listen closely to bird songs and feel the energy.  This sounds simple and this path will lead you to wisdom.

Remember that we always love you.


Mother Mary and Saint Jude

Sunday, October 30, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude

All Saints Transmission: The End is Near, but
Saint Jude: So is the Beginning

ST: I'm coming in blind today, Saint Jude, with no questions for you.  What do you mean by the end is near, but so is the beginning?  I think I know the answer, but I'd like you to tell us, rather than me living on more assumptions.

Saint Jude: The end is near, meaning the end of an era of polluting the earth, spreading disease, and creating chaos where peace is most needed.  Now, some of you applaud and say, "Finally!" But even so, change comes with sacrifice.  It's not even a matter of deciding what you will sacrifice because you no longer have a choice in the matter.  The sacrifice involves walking away from old structure, that is if it doesn't crumble around you leaving you standing in a city of ruins.

I'm not trying to frighten you, God knows there's enough fear on the planet already. However, you need to prepare yourself for extreme and abrupt change, from moving through a dense material world to one that is lighter and of spirit.  Some of you have heard that your DNA and cells are transforming from carbon to crystal, which is absolutely the case. But you're not all transforming at the same speed so that brings a heaviness to the planet, much discomfort and death to many humans and creatures.  But as we know, death is a transition from one realm to the next.

And during this earth transition, yes, the earth is dying too, you must practice integrity.  You might think that its okay to take that extra dollar that the cashier gave you by mistake.  You might rationalize that a large corporation can handle that missing dollar, but your actions do not equate integrity no matter how you slice it.  Think of it this way, in such a tight economy, with employers looking for excuses to downsize, that cashier could lose her job and you were responsible for that loss.  So practice integrity.

I also want to say a few quick words to those humans called to join protests on the planet.  Yes, you have been called to hold a space, but only because you are strong and loving.  You love peace so come from a place of peace.  Play fair, stay civil and don't turn others into villains, they're not really evil, just seriously misguided.  Remember when you act defensive so will those people and corporations in which you fight.  So give up the fight, lay down your arms, and focus on solutions.  Focus on diplomacy and create win-win situations.  Help others move past their illusions and you can only do this by focusing on positive change, not beating you enemy into a pulp figuratively speaking.  You might stop a corporation in its tracks, but that is only a temporary victory if you don't get your own act together.  Remember the trick of mirrors?

I know many of you believe in evil out there, that darkness is outside of you, but that simply isn't the case.  If you choose to believe in Unity Consciousness then everything outside of you is also inside of you.  Examine your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions when you encounter an "enemy" and your own hatred.  When you hate someone else, you hate yourself.  There is no way around this.  What you dish out to others, you also feed yourself. Give this scenario some serious thought.

You know me by now, I don't sugarcoat my spiritual teachings, nor will I ever.  If you want to experience more gentle teachings, then call on Saint Clare and Saint Francis, better yet, call on Mother Mary.  Most saints will present you with challenges, and we want you to look deeply into self because that's where the drama is, that's where your life really plays out, inside you.  There's nothing on television or anywhere else that isn't inside you, but then you can also fill yourself with garbage too so be careful.  You might adopt false beliefs and patterns and then watch your life slide downhill like a huge mudslide.

So now is a time to do some house keeping of your soul.  Now is time to clean out cobwebs of false beliefs, assumptions, and ask the right questions to yourself and others, but mainly to yourself.  You are captains of your souls.  You steer the ship, and you tell the crew what work needs to be done (the crew represented by the cells in your body).  So time to do some healing folks. Time for a large sacrifice and change of perception.  You need new eyes to see, and new sensory to feel your way through the new world that emerges now.  Nothing will ever be the same again.  But some how, if you're reading my words, I think you'll get through this period.  Call on your spirit teachers and prepare yourself for new lessons in consciousness.

Remember that we always love you.


Saint Jude

Sunday, October 23, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Dis-ease and other earthly discomforts

ST: I ended up in a debate about giving too much power to diseases by labeling people with those diseases.  The point I was trying to make is that the fear associated with dis-ease is worse than the dis-ease itself and perhaps we can experience grace from whatever condition we find ourselves with.  What can you say on this topic?

Saint Jude: Good mourning.  Yes, I spelled that correctly.  The earth is in a long mourning for old structure that crumbles now.  Dis-ease is actually distress in disguise.  Not all souls wish to stay on the planet, but do not want to admit this to others who will find them morose. You had a friend who was honest about wanting to leave the planet, she struggled with cancer for a few months and then liberated herself.  She didn't tell many people about this wish simply because other humans don't approve of someone wanting to die.  Your medical experts see this as depression and quickly medicate anyone who feels this way.

The earth, although beautiful, is only one realm of many.  It is as many spiritualists tell you a schoolhouse, but it's also one of those only realms where you can work off past karma. Now let's talk about karma because many people see this as a punishment, in which it isn't.  Think of it as a type of bank account or better yet, a credit card.  Dr.Zhi Gang Sha uses a similar analogy, no?  Now every act you do that harms the earth or another entity creates a debt that you'll have to pay off at some time.   Suppose you're a young college students who chooses to sow oats.

Now this student toys with women's feelings.  He sleeps with many women and spreads a dis-ease, not to mention anguish to these women.  Finally he grows out of this stage and settles down and marries.  But later he betrays his wife and has several affairs, again toying with the hearts of women.  Now, this man goes on with his life and nothing too negative happens to him, until one day he experiences a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital where he nearly loses his life, but thankfully survives.

After his recovery and as part of his recovery, this man takes up yoga and meditation.  He joins a spiritual group and receives spiritual counseling.  He doesn't connect his past behavior with women with his heart attack, not yet anyway.  But through counseling and later radical forgiveness of his past behavior he starts balancing off his karmic debt.  But this man has accumulated other karmic debts from previous lives and now those are coming up as karmic bills you might say with interest.  However, the man has a second heart attack, this time fatal.

So he returns to the earth as a woman.  And for whatever reason, he now a she, finds that men just use her.  She has a huge sexual appetite and gets herself in trouble, even abused by her partners.  But by now amnesia has struck and this woman feels like a victim.  She decides instead of getting necessary healing that she'll just lash out in men in hatred, which accumulates even more karma.  The story goes on and on until this soul finds the right spiritual path to balance past due karma.  This could take several lifetimes.

The point I'm trying to make is that dis-ease or discomforts that you face as humans are due in part to karma.  And as one woman asked, how does an innocent child get cancer? Well, the soul of that child has been around the block a few times and chose a life situation to balance out karma from previous lifetimes, and if the child doesn't choose bitterness, but instead grace for his or her situation, then that karma balances.  Not only that, sometimes it's not about balancing karma, but coming to the earth to teach other humans lessons about forgiveness, loss, and transformation.  Sometimes these children who die young teach their parents about death and rebirth, that there really is no ending.  Each person must figure out this for him or herself.  There is no one-size-fits-all answer. 

Nor should anyone tell someone else how to view their lives, their grief, or their death.  Your friend truly sought liberation from the earth plane.  She needed a way out and the Universe provided her with a disease.  Yes, this was painful for her loved ones and she suffered through the process too, but I assure you, she's in good hands now and thriving.  Picture your friend among the animals and other creatures she loved because that's where she is.  She is in paradise as she defines it.

Try not to control or manipulate others.  I know this is a real challenge for humanity during this time of change and crisis.  This chaos won't last forever so take heart.  You're all at different intersections in your spiritual growth.  Some of you are higher on the ladder to enlightenment which means you need to have patience for all those following behind you even if they don't follow in your footsteps or adopt your way of thinking.  It doesn't matter really because you'll all get to the finish line, if not in this lifetime then in another one.  The main thing is to stay mindful of your words and actions.  You don't want to sow wild oats knowing that you have to pay the piper at a later time.  It's all about love.  It's all about forgiveness.

Remember that we always love you.


Saint Jude

Sunday, October 16, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: A Marion Day

All Saints Transmission: Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene
The Way of the Divine Feminine (Ladies speak up)

ST: I felt honored to have read testimonies of Mother Mary's love for the planet during the past week.  In the book, sightings, healings, and transitions were mentioned.  But sadly Mary Magdalene was missing from the conversation.  Why is Mary Magdalene still ignored in favor of the "virgin" concept? This does not seem like the Divine Feminine Way to me.  I need both Marys.

Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary: Yes, my dear, we understand your question completely. So let us point out to you the Divine Feminine is already present on the planet.  When a man or a woman stands up for future generations of all beings you hear the voice of the Divine Feminine and consequently, the Divine Masculine.  When you see people marching on the streets of the world demanding economic justice and human dignity, you see the Divine in action.  When you see people speaking out against violence of any kind, including war and on the domestic front or in the streets, you see the Divine in action. So you can go on with this and see the Divine Feminine throughout your society.

The main problem is that your media doesn't cover it as the Divine Feminine.  Instead you see corporate greed and fear-mongering in the headlines.  You read endlessly about disease statistics, and you live in a death culture, meaning it is obsessed with death, but doesn't give you the whole picture.   For instance, you have all read at some point or another about death as merely a transition.  Hospice workers know of this transition, and people with near death experiences do too, but your conservative scientists want to discredit this.  Your corporations and insurance companies choose to discredit the reality of death as transformation, as a beginning because then they can't keep you in the place of fear.  They profit from fear.

But do not fear death. Do not fear aging. Do not fear "tragedy" or natural disasters.  Live your lives fearlessly and with great courage. Which amounts to the same thing.  Live your life not from analytical thought, though you have been told about the nobility of the analytical mind. Then you wonder why depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses are skyrocketing at this time.  No, live your life from a feeling place, a flowing place of synchronicity, from your heart.  Feel your way, don't think your way through life. Your brain cannot handle the load of thinking you have placed upon it.  And your heart feels detached and that it is experiencing atrophy because of its underuse.

You ask us about the Divine Feminine Way and we have just told you about it.  Now it is up to you to take our advice or to not take it.  But if you want to see peace on earth, then you'll need to roll up your sleeves and do the work.  For some of you that involves marching on the streets, though peacefully with Buddha or Christ energies leading the way.  For some of you, fix the food system, others will nourish the earth and each other.  Some of you will nourish hearts with your art or words.  Find your calling then come from a place of spirit, not ego.  Don't allow yourself to get caught up in the machinations of the dying Patriarchal Age.  Yes, my dears, it is in the death throes.  No wonder this age is so obsessed with death!

Your job now is to tell your truth.  If you don't know how to do this, look to the saints from any religion.  Your job now is to heal your wounds, heal your anger, and heal your righteousness.  None of those things will serve you now.  Stop acting like victims and take on the role of the empowered victor because you can win this battle between Light and Dark by balancing the two within your heart.  Acknowledge the shadow, light always casts a shadow.  Know that dark and light are necessary to achieve balance.  Learn the difference however between love and fear and nourish love.

Remember that we always love you.


Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

Sunday, October 9, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: You are All Teachers and Students

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
The Humility of Teachers and Wisdom of Students

ST: Dear Jude, today you have me thinking about the roles of teachers and students.  So often we think of the teacher as teaching through a one way channel to the student.  But if a teacher practices humility then he or she learns from the student too.  Do saints who teach and guide us learn from us regular people?

Saint Jude: What questions you ask! We are all learning all of the time from each other and from our inner wisdom.  But then you ask well, then what is our inner wisdom? Is that the co-creator God or Goddess talking to us through us or is that our souls speaking to us? It's all the same thing.  That's right, it is all the One and the Same. 

Now I've been harping on about Unity Consciousness for some time.  All of the saints have and so have other Light Beings.  But we wonder some times if humanity gets this concept.  Oh, yes, you have written beautiful books on the topic, held workshops, met in circles, drummed to your heart's content, but does that mean you actually get the concept? Yes, you have your moments where you melt into all that is and you experience your God moment, but then some thought or action distracts you and your off in the land of illusions once again.

Perhaps it sounds like I'm too critical of the human endeavor towards spiritual-hood.  After all, this is not an easy path from the illusion of separation to Unity Consciousness.  Your media doesn't support the idea, your governments don't support the idea, your friends, family, and colleagues most likely don't support this idea of Unity of the One Being. Your religion most likely does not support the concept either with a few exceptions.

Yes, you have the gnostic faith, Buddhism, and alternative Christian churches, and you have the mysticism of major religions supporting this concept.  You can find dusty books unread in your local libraries on the topic or you can read about it in spiritual papers or websites.  Now, what I ask you to do is to immerse yourself in Unity Consciousness.  Know that everything you experience outside of you is part of you.  There are millions of reality on your planet and you have only scratched the surface by clinging to your single reality.

Which leads us to questioning everything.  Look behind the scenes like an investigative journalist sniffing for a story. Uncover the truth like slueth and yes, you can wear that motto on a T-Shirt if you choose.  Your job is to find the truth and that will take a lot of digging.  Think badgers in their aggressive digging.  You are digging for the survival of your soul and of the planet as you know it.  The truth is embedded in your DNA, it is coded in your soul.

Now let's get back to that inner wisdom which is you and God speaking to and through you. That voice is quite, stuffed to the back of the proverbial closet, because you have no time for it today.  You have a long to-do list and meditation isn't at the top of it.  You long to find a quiet space in nature to get in tune with this voice, but something always comes up, a friend or child in need, or some task that you think can't wait until tomorrow.

You know these outer circumstances were created by you and your soul which thinks it isn't ready to take the next step on your sacred journey.  You must resist this fear and move forward.  Go to that sacred space outside and inside you and get in touch with that inner wisdom.  Don't put it off any longer unless you enjoy misery and suffering.  That inner voice is your key to the future, your future. It is the key that unlocks the door that allows you to walk in other realities counter to your beliefs. That key gives you an avenue to liberation.  That key is your ticket to freedom and will lead you on the path to Unity.

You're the only one holding yourself back from prosperity, abundance, love and other blessings.  Your doubts, fears, beliefs, and patterns prevent you from experiencing the world as it truly exist.  You must stop buying into what the media tells you or what anyone tells you is real.  You must decide reality for yourself and you must find that inner voice to guide you.  Look at your life and prioritize now.  What are you willing to leave behind in favor of a better life?

Yes, I know change is frightening to you.  I have faced those fears myself.  We all have, but facing those fears is what separates "regular" people from saints.  We are all saints if we choose to be, and we are all enlightened if we choose to be.  Ask yourself what is stopping you, preventing you from moving forward into the unknown, might I add, bliss now?

Surrender darlings, and let it all go.  Stop living lives of illusions.  Stop telling yourself you're not worthy of God-Goddess' love.  That's like artwork calling itself unworthy of its artist.  You must stop these negative voices and find what is real.

Remember we always love you.


Saint Jude

Sunday, October 2, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Magdalen Speaks

All Saints Transmissions: Mary Magdalene
Speak Out My Good Women

ST: I just read a scholarly book by Joan Borysenko on women's cycles and the meaning hidden in them.  A theme that surfaced is that women need to stop trying to please others and find their authentic selves.  Then once they find that part of them to speak to their hearts.

Mary Magdalene: Oh, this is a juicy topic I much enjoy.  For too long the powers-that-be have silenced women.  In some cases where you run into misogynistic laws or censorship you see this oppression loud and clear.  But women are silenced in every country on the planet and in every situation imaginable.  You'll witness outright suppression such as women not permitted to drive in certain countries or to sing in public in another country.  Women have no right to their bodies or sexuality in other countries.  Women are fodder for rape and yet other countries.  Some countries even the US deny women health care at a costs they can afford.  Many insurance companies deny women reproductive health services.  Now, if you think that isn't about silencing women then you need to re-think the situation.

Women still receive seventy cents to a man's dollar in wages in the US.  Women's menopause and pregnancy are still treated like diseases instead of a natural cycle. We won't even get into how menstruation is viewed in most countries. When you look at world governments look at the small percentage of women in the government leadership positions.  And yet, look at how many women have entered the alternative healing professions, the arts, and social services.  Look at how many women blog on a daily basis and don't mince their words.

Unfortunately even with those advances for women, anything considered a feminine art or craft is devalued in most societies.  Childcare and K-12 education is often under funded and even when it is funded the education promotes patriarchal practices and devalues the feminine side of humans.  And yet, you cannot have the yin without the yang.  We will never find balance or harmony on the planet if half of what we are is silenced in favor of the more aggressive half.

So you must speak your truth even if others attempt to humiliate or shame you.  You must heal your collective wounds and join with your wounded sisters.  But don't join them to complain and rant or to act like victims.  This is about empowerment sisters! Share helpful advice and make a plan to heal the planet that doesn't involve bashing men.  Remember we're all stuck on our male side, though not all of us act passive-aggressive. Find your connection to nature and to a Loving and Living God.  Plant your feet firmly in the ground and claim this planet as your birthright.  Send your energies to the stars and cosmos and claim your destiny.

You have been programmed to believe that you are not worthy of God's love.  It is no wonder the brainwashing many religious dogma has achieved with you.  But you don't have to accept any of that programming.  You are a Divine Daughter of God and You Are Loved.  So find your authentic self and then speak your truth loudly and melodically.  Yes, sing your truth and heal the planet through your collective wisdom.

Remember that we always love you.


Mary Magdalene

Sunday, September 25, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Harvest Time

(Note: If traffic does not increase with this blog, I'll discontinue it.  This work and writing takes much of my energy, which I have little to spare these days.  If you find the messages on this blog useful and worth continuing, please spread the word. Otherwise, I'm going to find a different avenue for my communication with saints.  Thank you for your understanding).

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
It's Harvest Time!

ST: Now that autumn is here in the northern hemisphere, the harvest theme is in the air.  While we usually use this term for agricultural purposes, it's also symbolic of spiritual harvest.  What are your words about harvesting our spiritual side?

Saint Jude: Harvest is a good metaphor for spiritual quests.  For many souls on the planet earth, this past summer was hardly one of pleasure, hardly ideal.  While many of the lower vibration folks took vacations, engaged in the mundane world of materialism, they lose out because in order to gain spiritual wisdom and power, you must go through an initiation that feels like baptism by fire.

Many of you felt like giving in, giving up, and some of you even thought of your own quick death in recent months.  You thought of ending your stay on earth, but then once you surrendered to God you found grace.  You might have experienced half surrenders and superficial surrenders, but when you finally dropped to your knees and prayed to God to give you direction, etc... and when you finally dropped the ego, grace happened.

This is not an easy time to live on the planet, but this is a time full of grace and mercy. This is a time of polishing your spiritual skills and putting spiritual tools to the test.  It's not enough to take a workshop now and again, or read spiritual books if you don't put in the effort.  We know meditation isn't fun and so you tell us you are too busy with your day-to-day life to meditate.  But if you expect spiritual rewards and favors then you must meditate, chant, pray or even journal in communication with a higher spiritual wisdom/force.

Think of meditation as a spiritual workout because it is.  If you want to stay in physical shape you exercise your body.  If you want to keep your weight down, you eat a healthy diet and if you want to learn a new skill you study and practice.  So why do you think you can seek spiritual enlightenment without doing the work? And part of that work come in the form of tests in your daily life.  These tests include divorce, breakup of friendships, loss of homes, loss of jobs, and violent encounters.  I'm not saying that you deserve any of these things, but on a karmic level you have created the cycles that bring the events to your doorsteps.

But instead of seeing yourselves as victims on the evening news footage, see your situations as the road to empowerment.  For if you have nothing to sharpen your knives upon, then you have dull knives that can't cut through anything.  You must sharpen your spirit or it grows dull and you start seeking excitment in the material world and end up feeling empty which leads to addictions of all kinds until you finally seek the Light.

We don't care if you take the long winding route or the shortcut to spiritual enlightenment.  But we will tell you this, you are running out of time.  Soon you will need to choose between heaven and hell on earth, but if you haven't sharpened your spiritual tools, then the choice will be made for you.  Sorry darlings but you must do the work.  You must get clear with yourself about who you are in relation to God.  You must heal any wounds that prevent you from union with The Divine.  No one is going to heal you, but others can facilitate your healing if you are sincere in your efforts.  However, stop wasting the time of Light Workers and Light Beings if you are just seeing them to polish your ego.  These beings and workers are beyond exhausted and they don't have time for people who are just toying with spirituality.

As you noticed I don't mince my words.  I tell you how things are in your life and in life on the planet.  You can take my words to heart or ignore them.  Either way you will receive some kind of result.  We only bring messages to you and then it's up to you to use discernment and act accordingly.  A spiritual path isn't meant to be easy street.  It's going to knock you around and knock the wind out of you.  Days will pass when you don't know if you are coming or going and that you must be losing your mind.  We have a saying that you must lose your mind to gain your soul.  I'm not talking insanity here, but stepping out permanently from the matrix which is true insanity.  Are you willing to risk losing friendship and family to step out of this illusion? Are you willing to face losing your job or your home? Because that's what it takes.

Know this you will gain something better than what you lost.  You will look back one day and see the mercy that was bestowed upon you and comfort from Light Beings during your darkest days.  Remember that we always love you and you just need to call upon us for assistance on your path.


Saint Jude

Saturday, September 10, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Message from Corinthians

I will not be posting transmissions for the next two weeks.  I'm in the process of relocating to a new apartment.  Here is a Hymn to Love from Letters to Corinthians by Saint Paul.  The theme fits in with this blog.

The Letters of Corinthians

I might speak with tongues of men and angels, but if I have not love, I am become no better than echoing brass or a clanging cymbal.  I may have the gift of prophecy, I may understand all sacred secrets and all knowledge, I may have faith enough to remove mountains, but if I have not love I am nothing. I may dole out all that I have, I may surrender my body that I may be burned, but if I have not love it is no good to me.

Love is patient; love is kind; love knows no envy; love is no braggart; it is not inflated with its own self-importance; it does not behave gracelessly; it does not insist on its rights; it never flies into a temper; it does not store up the memory of any wrong it has received; it finds no pleasure in evil-doing; it rejoices with the truth; it can endure anything; it is completely trusting; it never ceases to hope; it bears everything with triumphant fortitude.

Love never fails.  Whatever prophecies there are, they will cease. Whatever knowledge we have will pass away.  It is only part of the truth that we know now and only part of the truth that we can foretell to others.  But when that is complete shall come, that which is incomplete will vanish away.  When I was a child I used to speak like a child; I used to think like a child; I used to reason like a child.  When I became a man I put an end to childish things.  Now we see only reflections in a mirror which leaves us with nothing but riddles to solve, but then we shall see face to face.  Now I know in part; but then I’ll know even as I am known. Now faith; hope, love remain—these three; but the greatest of these is love.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: A Short Message from Saint Jude

Now is the time to make a final choice. Will you choose love or fear? Remember that each has choice has consequences.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude's Wisdom

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude

When Someone is in Trouble Assume the Worst

ST: Dear Jude, what do you mean by when someone is in trouble to assume the worst? Isn’t this negative programming? Why should we assume the worst scenario?

Saint Jude: Good day to all. So many times we see a person or non-human in trouble and we walk away thinking someone else will solve the problem. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the saints and angels are calling on you to help this soul. But you might rationalize that the problem isn’t so big, or that someone else will come along with a solution so you do nothing when you should have done something. Do you see where I’m going?

You might also feel that there are too many people, organizations, animals, the environment etc in need and you can’t keep up with it all. This is understandable, but we’re not asking you to help every animal, every human or to solve all the environmental problems. But if someone or some problem comes to you, it needs your attention. You might not have money to hand out, but you might know of an organization that can help someone in need or you might just lend an ear to someone who needs some comfort and validation. Because you see what happens when a catastrophe or reversal of fortune happens to someone they blame themselves. They sink deeper and deeper into-a-hole thinking they are the worst person on the planet and deserve the punishment.

I’m not saying that karma and the law of cause and effect don’t exist. They are very much part of your reality. But as one of your psychic friends once pointed out, maybe it is your karma to help this person out in some way. How do you expect a person to get on the right path if everyone treats them cruelly? I’m not saying that there aren’t con artists and scams out there of people posing in need and begging for your mercy. Those people exist so use discernment. But if you know someone, a friend or a colleague in trouble and you don’t offer help, what kind of karma do you think you will accrue? When God calls on you to help someone and you ignore the call, what do you think happens to your luck? This is negative behavior—turning away from a friend in need. I’m not asking you to solve the person’s problems, but to at least give the person a leg up and help them get their thoughts in order. Offer words of encouragement and comfort.

There will be times when you will need those comforting words yourself, if not now. If you are the introverted type then at least pray for others, but don’t pray for them to change their lives, but to come up with solutions or to change their perceptions. Don’t pray for disasters not to occur because then you are disturbing the Divine Plan or Mother Earth’s need to purge. Some things you will have to endure as part of balancing the collective karma. Some of you will perish now. Many of you will perish now, but the After Life will bring peace to your soul if you allow it. Some of you will stay on the planet during a transition period and then return to the God Source. Others will stay on indefinitely and give birth to a new age, but about one third of the current earth’s inhabitants. Now, you might think this is a lottery of souls and wonder if you have the right numbers. I won’t tell you that. Allow the Great Mystery to unravel. And know that it is not shameful if you leave the planet now or in the near future. Only your soul and your Guardian Angels know your destiny.

And don’t imagine that the only people who stay upon the earth are practicing alternative spirituality and living a sustainable lifestyle. While we commend these behaviors, we’re not dealing with a reward and punishment situation. Although low-vibe people will not stay upon the earth unless they raise their vibration and balance their karma now. Some high vibration people have chosen to leave the planet now too. They feel that they have completed the work they came to do and their souls wish to return to the source. The high and low vibration souls will not go to the same realm. Low vibration souls will either be put to sleep for a 100+ years or they will be sent to a cosmic center for deep healing. Again, we can’t predict which souls go where.

So getting back to today’s theme, if a friend of yours is in trouble, do what you can to help them. I know it is easy to rationalize and make excuses. It is easy to focus on your own problems, but that friend is a mirror to your own behavior so by healing some part of their situation you also heal your own soul. When you please the angels and saints, you balance karma. When you balance karma you feel that your fortune changes from bad to good, relatively speaking. So that tornado that was supposed to kill you suddenly veers in the opposite direction. That car that was supposed to slam into your car causing a fatal accident misses your car.

I hope this clears up confusion regarding lending a helping hand during chaotic times. Remember that we always love and bless you especially when you stumble in the dark.


Saint Jude

Sunday, August 21, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude and Saint Magdalene

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude & Mary Magdalene

The Way of a Worthy World

ST: Welcome saints. What does the way of a worthy world mean?

Saint Mary Magdalene: Look at the state of the planet at the moment and I think this will answer your question. Look at the ways people determine their worth and the worth of the planet. Some people regard the planet as fodder for their selfish pursuits. I almost said “dreams” but the word dreams usually promote something positive. People use this planet and her resources for private gain and in –this-moment pleasures. That’s not to say that these people are living in the moment, just acting fearfully with the mentality “get it all before it’s gone.” Remember those K-Mart blue light specials or perhaps Boxing Day sales where it is sheer pandemonium.

We’re not telling you to toss out all material goods and pretend that you don’t live in a material reality at this time. We’re not telling you that you can’t practice gratitude for the things in your life, but we will tell you that any happiness derived from these belongings is short lived in comparison to God’s love which last for eternity. I don’t promote guilt for loving your new kitchen or enjoying a shopping trip which you think you reinvented yourself. But a better makeover is the one of your soul and you won’t find that in the material realm. You must look to a spiritual path and a cosmic perspective for this type of makeover. And this is the type of makeover that will save you when the flood waters fill your homes or the fires burn your towns.

We understand temptations of the material world. Remember we lived here once too and I enjoyed my share of luxuries, at least the early part of my life. Later I found something else to feed me when I hung out in caves pondering the mystical and unknown. And it’s true that most of you are not suited for this type of contemplation. Many of you are young souls floundering and waiting for some great master teacher to come along and save you. Only he already came and left a message that was later distorted. Then other master teachers came and their messages were also twisted and turned around to the point of only making sense to power-hungry leaders, if you can call them leaders. I think of these leaders as wicked shepherds who lead their sheep off a cliff! That’s where humanity is heading right now, off a cliff and there’s little anyone can do to wake up people who prefer to sleep in total darkness.

But don’t dismay. Those of you awake and aware will reach the promise land soon enough, the thousand years of peace promised to you for centuries. You must not give up your faith. You must turn away from everything that does not serve your soul. We realize the challenges you face in doing this. We understand that when you examine misplaced loyalties it hurts your hearts and fries your brains. Some of you will break down; others will experience meltdowns, but you will get through this period and stronger from your challenges.

Saint Jude: I agree with Magdalene. My view of a world worthy is earth stewardship. This poses a challenge during a time when countries and billions of people are addicted to fossil fuels to keep the world turning. While you have enjoyed many conveniences, including the computer this message is typed on, the drilling of the earth’s blood and the digging into her flesh, will not serve you any longer. These are among the most foolish acts in human history. I know many of you won’t believe my words and feel that they are blasphemous. But do you think Buddha and Christ would approve of you destroying the planet just so you can have computers, cars, television sets, etc? These things are of no interests to avatars. And watch out for any “avatar” who has an interests in these things because they’ll come begging to you for money so that they can live a certain lifestyle which is far from sacred.

They are false avatars who studied with this or that master. But just because someone studied with a master, even one with great integrity doesn’t mean that they are masters themselves. A true master healer or master teacher is someone who walks away from the material realm, finds nirvana or heaven on earth and then brings that back to others through selfless healing. Those who serve humanity without any expectations (not even money) are your true teachers.

This isn’t to say that these teachers and healers can’t ask for funds to meet their living expenses. That’s expected. But when they live in lavish castles and gold-laden shrines/temples, they have allowed corruption to enter their lives. Why should you believe anything they say? Perhaps they want you to give them all your wealth so that they can continue to live a lavish life at everyone else’s expense. Now, there are some of you who will ask me how I can say such words. I never mince words and the truth needs to be told. Yeshua would never approve of the Vatican or other luxurious places of worship. Worship God in your heart because that is where you find God, not among the riches drilled and mined from the earth. God created a beautiful planet and never asked for it to be transformed into religious architecture where the wealthy exploit the desperate and less fortunate.

We’re not against architecture, but we’re saying that God never asked for these monuments in his/her name. If you want a cathedral go out to a forest with cathedral trees. If you want to experience sacredness, go hang out on the top of a mountain. It’s all here for your enjoyment, at least for a while longer. Plus you’ll find God in nature. Go on a vision quest and learn to truly respect the earth and her invisible helpers. You don’t need to starve yourself in order to fulfill this quest, but do what is necessary to remove all distractions. Spirit can’t enter a busy mind or a bulging gut.

So our message is to detach from the material world. Still give thanks and practice gratitude for your material wealth, but know it won’t last for much longer. Running around like it’s a Labor Day sale isn’t going to prevent the inevitable. You will soon face a choice, Love or Fear, Spirit or Material. Only one of these roads will lead you to peace and contentment. The other will lead to suffer and un-fulfillment.

Remember that we always love you.

Saint Jude and Saint Magdalene

Friday, August 12, 2011

All Saints transmissions: Discern

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Discern between Fear and Love

ST: I feel so foolish these days.  I had watched a doom and gloom scenario online video filled with propaganda and believed it.  In fact, I experienced a meltdown from watching that video.  The scenario where it places its focus revolved around "End Days" you know this great catastrophe is going to happen and turn people into robots embedded with microchips unless they allow love into their hearts...

Saint Jude: You also questioned the validity of this video so don't punish yourself.  Your friend at the spiritual shop gave you good advice--use discernment with all spiritual messages and check out the source.  She's right in that anyone can paste together an online video and pretend that they're experts about end times.  They attach it to something you are familiar with such as the Mayan or Hopi prophecy, add some repetitive beats and voila, you have the ability to brainwash the masses.

So you're probably wondering what is happening on the planet.  Change and a grand shift are taking place, no one can argue with that.  The energy is coming at you quicker than before and duality much clearer.  Which is why you should be able to discern between fear and love.  It is so transparent! If you feel fear when you watch a video or read a book, by all means, stop what you're doing because you are moving in the wrong direction.  Unless of course you enjoy emotional meltdowns and feeling frightened.  And don't be fooled by well-meaning friends who send you this stuff.  They could be deluded as well.  It is you who must decide what you feel comfortable with and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Transformation is happening, global warming is happening, a mass awakening is happening, and disasters will continue to happen until the earth has cleansed herself.  But you're not alone, you are never alone, spirit help is always available.  You can focus on what you have lost in the process or focus on what you gain in the new beginnings, the new dawn approaching.  You'll find that your losses are welcomed because you were clinging to the outworn and outdated anyway.  You'll find you have more freedom now and can move in any direction, that you are no longer confined to someone else's idea of who you are.  You can now find your authentic self and live the way your soul/spirit dictates.  You will free yourself from the oppressor which in a sense is the old you and old way of living/being.

So take heart and use discernment.  Check in with yourself and see where you are heading and if you don't like where you are heading, quickly change directions.  You stand at that proverbial fork in the road and you must choose between love or fear.  Both have rewards and consequences.  Choose wisely my dears.  Remember we always love you.


Saint Jude

Saturday, August 6, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Judge Not

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Judge Not, or Judge Yourself

ST: I find myself judging others and I know what it feels like to land on the other end of judgement.  How do we stop judging others when the media especially and morality of religion in particular judge constantly?

Saint Jude: Oh, what a prickly subject! Yes, you live in a world where judgement is passed in a blink of an eye.  It's like you mentioned earlier to people passing judgement on a criminal, why don't you just burn him on the stakes in a public square.  We know you didn't mean that literally, and your sarcasm unfortunately was missed in this situation.  Remember that the blind can't see and the deaf can't hear and people who live in 3-D and plan on staying there, don't understand lofty spiritual concepts.  They do know all about ego though.

Now we know that the ego promotes concept, illusion of separation.  It does this by judging others.  And when it judges others it feels superior and so the ego is gratified.  You're right in that the media and religious institutions act irresponsibly, but this is not always the case.  Sometimes the media shows the best in others, the highest ideal.  Yes, this is still judgement, but at least it isn't negative.  When you notice something in others that you admire, then you actually feel better about yourself.  Why? Because you are one with that other.  There is only ONE of US here so when you act negatively or when you notice someone else irritating you with negative behavior, look in the mirror.

When you step into the Higher Dimensions you leave all this pettiness and negativity behind.  But you must make this choice, right? And by making the choice, you do your best not to judge others harshly.  Walk away from those conversations, don't read those types of articles and refuse to engage in gossip. And don't let psyhic vampires and control freaks get you down.  They have no power over you unless you allow it.

This is a short transmission.  Remember that we love you.


Saint Jude

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saints Transmission for July 31, 2011: Saint Jude's Message

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
You Can Lead a Horse to Water, But…

ST: Dear Saint Jude of Impossible Causes, what do we do when we know a truth about a situation and no one will listen to us? What do we do when we know about something in someone’s best interests but they ignore us or discredit us? For instance, there is plenty of information about healthy food sources, how to grow food sustainably and what chemicals cause cancer and yet… And yet, when we try to educate others about living healthier lifestyles, they balk. Why? Isn’t this the age of information? Why bite the hand that feeds us or shoot the messenger?

Saint Jude: For those of you who returned to perform the role of a messenger, I feel your grief and frustration. This isn’t the first lifetime you have played this role and the information age flies at you, like arrows during a medieval battle scene.  Oh, and you remember that scenario well, don’t you? Messengers are often shot or martyred in some way.  Humans are not creatures of change for the most part.  Change is what humans fear the most and no one wants to be let loose outside of their comfort zone.  Messengers feel like thorns in their sides.

I have said this to you many times and will continue to repeat this phrase like a broken record, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make her drink.”  You can write and publish articles on what you believe is the truth about food, nutrition, or lifestyle. You can spread a spiritual truth through novels, and other types of media, but you will only reach those who are awakened, even a little bit.  I’m sorry to tell you this but not everyone on the planet will awaken.  We hoped for a great awakening, but only about 50% to 75% of you will awaken.  The remainder of the un-awakened will be taken to a lower realm.  You might call this hell or purgatory but in essence it is neither. This is not a punishment, but part of the Law of Cause and Effect.

If you flow at a low frequency and choose to stay at a low frequency by activities chosen such as feeding an addiction, listening to destructive music, eating fake food, etc…then that is a choice that leads to a lower realm.  If you choose to eat super foods (which exist for the reason of raising vibration and many of these foods were eaten by ancient high level cultures), if you choose to listen to high vibrational music and live a high vibrational lifestyle to the best of your ability, you will enter higher realms.

Now some of you struggle with co-dependence.  You see that your loved ones are not moving towards a higher frequency so you lower your frequency to match theirs.  Maybe you gossip, rant, judge others along with these folks.  Maybe you drink and do drugs to fit in with the crowd, but know better. Maybe you eat junk food because it feels nostalgic, but these are all traps to keep you stuck in lower frequencies and you can expect suffering and more suffering.  If you seek joy then you are moving in the wrong direction if you engage in low frequency activities.  There is no other way.  Do you understand that you cannot pave the way to heaven with bad intentions? It is not loving or supportive to go down with a sinking ship.  You cannot change others and you cannot make them drink from the fountain of love if they choose hatred.

True, healing is a painful process and not everyone enjoys displaying their wounds or getting reacquainted with them.  But you cannot heal what you don’t bring to the light.  But at the same time, these people who claim to avoid their wounded parts through denial or whatever means they tell the same stories repeatedly to anyone who will listen.  And a healer at some point is going to say let’s deal with the wounds and then let this story go once and for all.  You know these people.  Your eyes glaze over when you hear their childhood abuse story for the hundredth time and yet, these people don’t seek any type of real help.  If they did they could heal themselves and let you off the hook.

So take care of your own spiritual needs.  Eat healthy high vibrational foods and live a high vibrational lifestyle.  Perhaps you will inspire others to do the same when they gaze at our ageless face and see the joy radiating from your being, your skin.  But you cannot hinder the paths of your loved ones.  If they choose the lower vibration, your greatest act of love is to walk away from them and leave them to their fate.  Don’t hold a space for them.  Don’t stick around and watch them self-destruct. And don’t feel guilty for choosing love above fear.  Sometimes you have to leave others who choose a low frequency to discover the real meaning of love.

An act of compassion is to keep praying for those low vibrational people.  And live your life in a higher vibration.  Rise up, rise up my dear children and leave the lower realms behind.  You owe nothing to anyone and you can reunite with God anytime and in any place.  Don’t give up your chance at heaven on earth for stubborn ones who refuse to heal their wounds and bleed you of your energy.  You don’t need that.  And when these folks finally hit bottom and realize no one will hold a space for them any longer, maybe they will finally do the necessary work.  Lazy souls don’t get to heaven.  It takes effort.

Remember that we always love you.


Saint Jude