Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saints Transmission for July 31, 2011: Saint Jude's Message

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
You Can Lead a Horse to Water, But…

ST: Dear Saint Jude of Impossible Causes, what do we do when we know a truth about a situation and no one will listen to us? What do we do when we know about something in someone’s best interests but they ignore us or discredit us? For instance, there is plenty of information about healthy food sources, how to grow food sustainably and what chemicals cause cancer and yet… And yet, when we try to educate others about living healthier lifestyles, they balk. Why? Isn’t this the age of information? Why bite the hand that feeds us or shoot the messenger?

Saint Jude: For those of you who returned to perform the role of a messenger, I feel your grief and frustration. This isn’t the first lifetime you have played this role and the information age flies at you, like arrows during a medieval battle scene.  Oh, and you remember that scenario well, don’t you? Messengers are often shot or martyred in some way.  Humans are not creatures of change for the most part.  Change is what humans fear the most and no one wants to be let loose outside of their comfort zone.  Messengers feel like thorns in their sides.

I have said this to you many times and will continue to repeat this phrase like a broken record, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make her drink.”  You can write and publish articles on what you believe is the truth about food, nutrition, or lifestyle. You can spread a spiritual truth through novels, and other types of media, but you will only reach those who are awakened, even a little bit.  I’m sorry to tell you this but not everyone on the planet will awaken.  We hoped for a great awakening, but only about 50% to 75% of you will awaken.  The remainder of the un-awakened will be taken to a lower realm.  You might call this hell or purgatory but in essence it is neither. This is not a punishment, but part of the Law of Cause and Effect.

If you flow at a low frequency and choose to stay at a low frequency by activities chosen such as feeding an addiction, listening to destructive music, eating fake food, etc…then that is a choice that leads to a lower realm.  If you choose to eat super foods (which exist for the reason of raising vibration and many of these foods were eaten by ancient high level cultures), if you choose to listen to high vibrational music and live a high vibrational lifestyle to the best of your ability, you will enter higher realms.

Now some of you struggle with co-dependence.  You see that your loved ones are not moving towards a higher frequency so you lower your frequency to match theirs.  Maybe you gossip, rant, judge others along with these folks.  Maybe you drink and do drugs to fit in with the crowd, but know better. Maybe you eat junk food because it feels nostalgic, but these are all traps to keep you stuck in lower frequencies and you can expect suffering and more suffering.  If you seek joy then you are moving in the wrong direction if you engage in low frequency activities.  There is no other way.  Do you understand that you cannot pave the way to heaven with bad intentions? It is not loving or supportive to go down with a sinking ship.  You cannot change others and you cannot make them drink from the fountain of love if they choose hatred.

True, healing is a painful process and not everyone enjoys displaying their wounds or getting reacquainted with them.  But you cannot heal what you don’t bring to the light.  But at the same time, these people who claim to avoid their wounded parts through denial or whatever means they tell the same stories repeatedly to anyone who will listen.  And a healer at some point is going to say let’s deal with the wounds and then let this story go once and for all.  You know these people.  Your eyes glaze over when you hear their childhood abuse story for the hundredth time and yet, these people don’t seek any type of real help.  If they did they could heal themselves and let you off the hook.

So take care of your own spiritual needs.  Eat healthy high vibrational foods and live a high vibrational lifestyle.  Perhaps you will inspire others to do the same when they gaze at our ageless face and see the joy radiating from your being, your skin.  But you cannot hinder the paths of your loved ones.  If they choose the lower vibration, your greatest act of love is to walk away from them and leave them to their fate.  Don’t hold a space for them.  Don’t stick around and watch them self-destruct. And don’t feel guilty for choosing love above fear.  Sometimes you have to leave others who choose a low frequency to discover the real meaning of love.

An act of compassion is to keep praying for those low vibrational people.  And live your life in a higher vibration.  Rise up, rise up my dear children and leave the lower realms behind.  You owe nothing to anyone and you can reunite with God anytime and in any place.  Don’t give up your chance at heaven on earth for stubborn ones who refuse to heal their wounds and bleed you of your energy.  You don’t need that.  And when these folks finally hit bottom and realize no one will hold a space for them any longer, maybe they will finally do the necessary work.  Lazy souls don’t get to heaven.  It takes effort.

Remember that we always love you.


Saint Jude

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