Sunday, May 6, 2012

All Saints Transmissions: Mother Mary--Super-Moon or Super Gloom?

Due to low traffic to this blog, this is the last Saints Transmission post.  This takes too much of my time and effort, not to mention, these posts could get me in hot water.  The posts will remain online indefinitely or until forces of nature remove them.

All Saints Transmissions: Mother Mary
Super-Moons, what do they mean?

ST: Mother Mary, we experienced another Super-Moon in Scorpio last night.  I was born under the influence of a super-moon and in between 2 major eclipses.  I feel out-of-touch with the world around me, always seeking something deeper.  What kind of effect will this moon have on humanity and the natural world? What will it reveal that has been kept hidden from us?

Mother Mary: The moon represents the yin part of the equation and the mother aspect of all of us.  It represents how we mother ourselves, how we mother each other, and how our mother imprinted on us as children, and as adults.  The moon rules the stomach and breasts, sustenance and nourishment, represents the tides, the seas, but mostly the tidal flats or how the moon reflects upon the water.

The moon often gets a bad reputation because it is a creature of the night, the mysterious, and unknown urges.  A super-moon emphasizes all of those traits so people of course fear this powerful experience.  I find, that most humans do not want to know what lurks in their subconscious.  It's easier, actually it's not, but seems easier to repress emotions and core issues, then to dig them out and deal with them.  Super-moons do not allow repression, especially if the moon is in a water sign such as Scorpio--it's all about releasing emotions, both considered positive and negative.

Since the next new and full moons are eclipsed by the sun, this super-moon holds more significance than it otherwise would.  It will and can bring transformation of gigantic proportion.  This could come out as Dark Mother energy (Kali) or just darker urges that need healing at this time.  The planet definitely calls out at this time demanding respect as your singer Aretha Franklin once sang.  How long do you think you can keep dumping your miserable trash on this beautiful planet and expect to get away with it? So that's what this moon signifies.

For women, those of you in abusive partnerships need to release yourself from those dysfunctional experiences.  For women and men who practice promiscious sex and use other people for their bodies, need to examine this behavior now.  You think no one gets hurt--you are wrong.  Those of you prostituting yourself in any way, whether it is a job you despise because of the money, or that you are actually selling your body, need to reconsider your actions.  You need to heal the reasons why you have no faith that a bigger and better life awaits you.  And those of you who settle for less than you're worth in any area of your life, you must expand your vision and develop more self-worth.

Finally, my plea to you is to take better care of Mother Earth.  She nourishes and protects you unconditionally, but you have taken advantage.  Everything is living and breathing.  All sentient beings deserve respect today and onwards.

Remember that we always love you.


Mother Mary

Sunday, April 29, 2012

All Saints Transmissions: Why oppression?

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
What is the meaning of Oppression?

ST: I have been encountering stories about oppression while I am undergoing a spiritual shift.  Part of me wants to say that we encounter oppression in the outerworld when we oppress ourselves in the innerworld. What do you have to tell us on this topic?

Saint Jude: You are correct in that you cannot experience anything in the outerworld that is not already inside you.  However, you must ask yourself the question, where does this oppression come from in the sense of beliefs, patterns, and programs? Who taught you how to oppress yourself or to repress your emotions? Did you grow up in a home where expressing emotions considered negative was not permitted? Were you punished for expressing emotions or exercizing your personal power?  These are the questions everyone must ask themselves.  Why are some cultures more oppressive than others? Why are women oppressed or children?  Why are certain races enslaved or persecuted?

You are thinking that I am full of questions instead of answers, but the questions are for you to figure this problem out on your own.  I will tell you this, any of you who have not found enlightenment, oppress yourself.  You tell yourself, "I'm not good enough yet to experience freedom."  "I need an authority figure to guide and protect me," and in so thinking this way, you allow others to oppress you too.  You refuse to think for yourself because of fear of abandonment (virtually every human has this fear, not to mention, dogs and cats).  You fear that others won't approve of you or love you if you express your power and ideas in the world.  You are afraid to speak and live your truth so you manifest a culture around you that also doesn't allow you to live authentically.  Then you point the finger at government, the media, or whoever who does not allow you freedom of expression.

So how do you heal this situation? How do you heal oppression of women in the world? How do you stop casting people in the role of victim or martyr? Aren't these the true questions you ask yourself, if you could?  You know that you always need to start with yourself.  Free yourself from inner oppression, find out what shadow part of you oppresses not just yourself, but others.  When you own this part of yourself, you notice it less in the world, or if you do notice oppression in the world, it has less charge.  There is nothing anyone can do to you that you haven't or don't do to yourself.  If you feel the need for punishment because you feel that you are not good enough, then you will manifest someone or something to punish you.  Guaranteed.

It's not enough to look at your shadows, you also need to find the root cause of your beliefs, patterns, etc, even if they come from a thousands of years lineage.  This sounds like a daunting task, but it actually isn't.  When you meditate, ask the deepest part of your soul about the beliefs, patterns, etc that you need to release now to manifest a fulfilling life.  Stuff will come up, like phlegm during a cold or allergy, stuff will come up for you to clear.  Your soul will cough up psychic and spiritual toxins you never even knew existed.  Go through this cleansing process and release these beliefs and patterns.  Then when you own your shadows and reclaim your power, oppression will no longer be an issue.  You will stop noticing it.

You think that you need to write letters, protests, or sign petitions to end oppression.  But let me ask you, in the thousands of years that humans have taken these routes, has oppression been eliminated? Hasn't it just moved from one area of the planet to another, or from one group to the next? And a group that overcomes oppression superficially through a law enacted, turns around and oppresses another group.  The Palestine-Israel situation is a case in point when the oppressed people oppress another people.  You get this huge problem of victim-martyr that seems unsolvable on the political level because it is unsolvable on this level.  The healing of this deep wound happens in each of your souls as you heal yourselves from inner oppression.  When everyone on the planet finally feels good enough and loveable; when everyone on the planet realizes there is only ONE of us here, then oppression will disappear.  It is an illusion anyway.

Remember we always love you.


Saint Jude

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saints Transmissions: What is Going On?

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Thomas Aquinas
What's going on here on earth?

ST: I know that a huge shift is occurring on the planet.  We are not the first to address this shift, but why do some people feel this shift and consciously respond to it, while others piece and tape their broken lives together?

Saint Thomas: Good morning my dears.  Some souls were born wired to receive and understanding the shifting energies and higher frequencies.  Anyone born after 1975 for instance is a natural at shifting energies and understanding the newer vibrations.  Some humans born before 1975 of course feel these frequencies too.  We experienced an onrush of Indigo Children in the 1960s. You know who you are because you're the ones that never fitted in and were most likely to end your life or live in deep depression because of your acute sensitivities.  The most recent children born have already shifted consciousness.  Notice the clear look in their eyes, almost alien eyes.  They are alien!

If a soul has too much density and not enough luminosity, it cannot experience the shift.  Either these souls go through some radical energy healing and learn meditation, or they will not make the shift.  Many souls have been brainwashed and programmed, preferring to live lives of OTT (over-the-top), drama and playing the starring role of victim.  You can spot these souls miles away--run when you see them coming.  Yet, these souls can also heal and shift, if they choose to, but that's the key, if they choose to.  Many of them enjoy sucking others dry, especially light workers.  These are the patients that never get better and have a long list of complaints that grows longer each session.  If you are a healer and you have one of these patients, level with them.

I am going to tell you a radical secret.  The Catholic Church and other religions are not going to like me revealing this secret to you, but then they did not care for my radical stance in my lifetime either.  The secret is this--You Don't Need To Suffer.  Suffering is not necessary, it serves no one and it's bad for your health/well-being.  This sounds like common sense, but humans enjoy suffering to an extent or they would not take this route.

I know what you're thinking.  You are shaking your heads and your fingers at me now.  You can bring up all the scenarios such as someone in a car accident or some kind of accident that leaves them paralyzed.  Or you can bring up the scenario of the child born deformed.  But it is your souls that choose these conditions.  Nothing just happens.  There are no real accidents or coincidences.  You have chosen everything that has happened to you in this lifetime and in previous lifetimes.  Some of you want to experience certain conditions, and learn from them.  Others have a belief that you must suffer because everyone else is suffering and you don't want to stand out as "the perfect one".  And one we go.

So if you want to suffer, I will not judge you for it. But I will ask, "When would you like to end this suffering?" Then I will lead you to the appropriate sources to end the suffering.  That simple.  You can change your life in a heartbeat and in the blink of an eye.  The question is, do you want to end suffering or are you just saying this because you like the way your voice sounds coming out of your mouth? YOU DON'T NEED TO SUFFER.  Repeat that mantra everyday for at least 10 minutes.  Then watch your ego come out with its usual venom to prevent you from moving forward and healing your life.

I will not take the joy of suffering away from you.  It's your gift to keep for eternity if you enjoy your time in hell.  Some people prefer their time in heavier vibrations.  They feel like they're starring in a movie of the week.  They play their roles with finesse hoping for some type of cosmic Oscar for their cheap drama.  They pray for help but don't mean it.  They pray for help, then close their minds and hearts.  You know Jesus was a Master Healer, not just a Master Teacher, but what you don't know is that he was never able to heal people with closed hearts and minds.  He just would not go there.  You had to approach Jesus as an honest man or woman and someone willing to do the healing work.  A humble person was the easiest to heal and an arrogant person, well that took a lot of work, if it worked.

Have I answered your question?

ST: Yes.

Saint Thomas: Remember that we always love you.


Saint Thomas Aquinas

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Conversation with Holy Saints: Welcome Saint Thomas of Aquinas

A new saint appeared for me two weeks ago, Saint Thomas of Aquinas.  The color yellow and number 5 represent this saint.  He tells me that he came to assist me in building a career in the metaphysical field and to help me with my financial/money issues.  He also agrees to contribute to this blog to help others with similiar issues.  As always, I ask a question and then the saints speak through my typing fingers.  I don't always agree with what they tell me, but I keep an open mind and heart.  After all, they're saints and I'm clearly not.

Saints Transmission: Saint Thomas of Aquinas
Spiritualizing Paper Power (Money)

ST: Welcome Saint Thomas.  Why do spiritual people such as myself find money unholy and unworthy of our attention? I realize on some level we enjoy having money and the power it lends us, but we also consider money dirty, evil, and wish we could float by in the world without this green and gold stuff.

St. Thomas: Well, it doesn't help that the Catholic Church in particular promoted and still promotes a vow of poverty.  Since millions of people on the planet practice this faith, and then you consider their lineages also, this vow of poverty resonates outward creating belief systems.  The puritan Protestants also devalue money, promoting volunteerism and giving your wealth to the needy, when you could in fact, feel needy yourself.  Add to all of this, the media that promotes poverty consciousness by slamming anyone who has a few million in their bank account.

The corporate model contributes through a corrupt in-place structure of profit making.  This machine-like mentality has been programmed to make a profit no matter how many cut corners it takes, even if that involves hiring slaves to complete the labor and not following safety regulations.  The corporate model does not serve its customers or clients, but its investors.  Now, in this scenario, yes, you do see the dark side of paper power.  You also see this happen in the realm of big banking, utility companies, telecommunication companies, and big government which is just corporate greed funded with public money (your taxes).

So with all of this in mind, you can see how money loses its sacredness.  You can see how money leaves a bad taste in peoples' mouths, but money is just energy.  It is a blank canvas in which you can add your paint or your emotions or your thoughts.  It just is.  You can do a lot of good with money.  The other day you heard Rikki Zimmerman mention that if spiritual people allowed the attraction of paper power in their lives, they could buy out Monsanto, and transform it into a life-giving rather than a life-taking company.  Well, those aren't her exact words, but this is truth.

If all the spiritual people of the world came together and healed their collective wounds and negative beliefs about money, wow, just think of the transformation that could take place.  But at the moment, you relegate money to the world of demons and darkness.  Why don't you just flip the lightswitch when it comes to money.  Let the light in and let it shine and purify this paper power.  It is just another energy, another color in your palette, and another tool in your box you can use to transform the planet.

Think about this, the "green" and handmade products costs more which means you need more money to purchase these products and support companies with your values! Is money evil in this sense? I think not. Organic food costs more, but if you support organic farming, you can quickly end the reign of big agri-business whose only goal is to make a huge profit.  So you see you're using the power of money in a positive way.  And money doesn't care how you spend it.  It in itself does not have a consciousness or a conscience.  It just is a currency in which you do business.

Ah, but business, there's another dirty word.  You can't trust a businessman.  You can't trust someone in a business suit because they might try to rip you off or sell you faulty goods.  Yet, people who run green businesses are still business people, no? Again, you toss out the baby with the bathwater.  Pardon, this old cliche.  Even "big business" is fine if the business practices real environmental stewardship and treats their customers with respect.  It is not about money or business, or commerce.  We all make choices.  Even profit isn't a bad thing if profit is made through honest means and no one is hurt in the process of making a profit.

I want you to think about all that I have covered here.  Spiritual people especially need to understand that money is just money. It is what you do with money that determines an evil or good fate, but even then, if you believe in Unity Consciousness, then you must stop living a life of polarities and reach the conclusion, that everything outside of you, is inside of you first.  If you have a problem with what is reflected in the outerworld, take a look inward.  Then surrender the fact that you just don't know, the bigger picture is so vast that you only see a fraction of it.  Trust, that you still have a lot more to learn then practice humility.

Remember that we always love you.


Saint Thomas of Aquinas

Sunday, March 25, 2012

All Saints Transmission: Simple & Easy

All Saints Transmissions: All Saints
Message: It only takes love

All Saints: Misinformation floats around these days involving manifestation.  The messages exchanged revolve around a concept of your thoughts creating reality.  It goes something like this, if you think negative thoughts, or experience negative feelings then you cannot experience wealth and prosperity in your life.

The truth is that if you can experience love for anything, you can have that in your life, for Highest Good of course.  You also need to rid of the belief that only evil people accumulate money, which is a contradiction to positive thoughts manifesting wealth.  The real secret is that if you love something, it will come to you.  It is the power of love that attracts, not your lifestyle, not your political beliefs, and not just your thoughts and feelings.  You can actually act negatively in the world, use negative language, and still have money and wealth if you love those things.  Anything in which you show gratitude, love, and appreciation is yours. 

Remember this next time you blame someone for misfortune by telling them that their negative thoughts create their reality.  Stop telling people this.  The Truth is more complicated yet more simple then you imagine.  Learn to love that which you desire and to embrace it. That is the key to manifestation.  And you don't need to buy any books or watch any movies to learn how to love.  You were born with this ability.  You might need to unblock your beliefs and heal your wounds, but love is always, always present.  Love is the KEY that unlocks the door to your desires.   One warning, you can also attract what you hate so be careful.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

All Saints Transmissions: Is karma real?

All Saints Transmissions: Mother Mary & St. Jude
Karma is another illusion

ST: I have come across many spiritual and religious teachings since my childhood from Sunday school to Neal Walsch's "Conversations with God" and my own conversations with saints.  When all this information is gathered into one place like my mind, it leads to confusion.  From the East we get this concept of karma, which for all I can tell, hasn't done a lot of good in the world.  Then from the West we have the concept of sin, which also hasn't brought peace to the world.  BTW, sin means "without" in Latin.  So my question to the saints and Mother Mary is karma and sin real? 

Mother Mary:  The only thing that is real is an unconditionally loving God, and that God is within you, and heaven is within you, but so is hell.  You make a choice of what you want to experience.  You read about this in the "Conversation of God" series, a book series that comes the closest of any spiritual book to the real concept of God and your God-self.  I ask anyone reading this blog, to also read that series.  Then ask me questions about sin and karma.

Sin and karma are basically the same concept and revolve around the Law of Cause and Effect.  Which is a real law so if you cut yourself with a knife, it hurts.  If you drive your car fast and recklessly, you will at some point crash into a wall or a tree, or harm someone, if not kill yourself.  But is the end result punishment? No, it's just that one thing follows the other. If you stick dough in an oven and bake it for a certain amount of time, you end up with bread.  So not confuse the Law of Cause and Effect with sin and karma, which always has judgement attached to it.

What still confuses me in the Buddhist tradition is that you are expected to practice compassionate non-attachment, but you still believe in karma, which some Buddhists attach judgement.  If they don't do this for themselves, then they do this to others in the form of projections.  In the western trilogy of major religions, you don't practice this non-attachment, however, you are not supposed to judge others and you do, slapping sin onto every calamity in the world.  If your house burns down, then you must have sinned against God.  If your child dies, then you must have done something wrong as a parent.

Karma in many ways causes suffering.  In India you have a caste system which in my opinion wreaks of hatred and violates any acts of compassion.  If a person is born with darker skin or deformed in some way, then they are stuck in the lower caste system, therefore, they must have done something wicked in a previous life, so people in this life can commit wicked acts against them now.  As if this makes sense.  And yet, people fly on planes to spend time in ashrams in India to study with gurus, who hopefully do not support the caste system and this game of karma.  If they do, I can hardly call them enlightened humans.  And please don't get me started about the other religions.

If you want to connect to God, then connect to God in your heart.  Speak to God because he-she listens to your thoughts, your feelings, and your voice.  You are not separate from God.  If I had to give a definition of sin then I would say that it is to live without the grace of God.  But it is your choice to live with God's grace or without it.  If you choose fear, if you choose separation, then it is easier to hurt yourself or another because you are living in deprivation of God's love.  But understand this, God does not cause this separation. God does not send you into the proverbial forest without food, water, or love.  You take that journey away from God and he-she allows it.

When Yeshua walked the earth the first time he said that he came to wash away all the sins of the world.  What he meant was that he was going to wash away the illusion of sin.  He knew that the concept of sin causes more violence, more judgement, and more suffering than anything else.  If someone "sins" then another can execute them without any penalty. But this is an illusion too.  You have no right to end another life unless you have a soul contract with that other person, and even then, you can choose the higher road of love.

So next time someone calls you a sinner or tries to punish you for your sins, know that you can choose to reunite with God's love.  You no longer need to let others scapegoat you.  You are free to live your life in God's grace.  It is your choice.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

All Saints Transmissions: Frequencies and Dimensions

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Frequencies, Dimensions, Thoughts, Feelings

ST: Dear Saint Jude, I notice contradictory beliefs in the world that do manifest in society.  First, there is this belief based on death statistics that great numbers of people are dying from cancer, diabetes, etc..., but on the other hand, there is another belief that humans are living longer than our ancestors? Which belief is the true one? How can they both be true? How an soybeans be both good and bad for our health? How can we create our own reality, but we are also part of a single being in Unity Consciousness? What's the scoop?

Saint Jude: It all depends on which dimension you reside.  As Mother Mary presented to you this morning, there are 100's of dimensions and each dimension has its own frequency.  Frequencies are created through thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and patterns found in your physical and emotional DNA. Your soul even has a frequency DNA.  I realize that all of this information is confusing, but it is not complicated.

I would like to see more classes in grade schools and high schools, in all schools exploring quantum physics.  You know, the seeds of quantum physics were planted during the renaissance, but shushed by the Catholic Church and later by the Protestants.  These religious entities and figures feared that quantum physics would replace they're fearful and vengeful God (LOL), and they worried that empowered people would control their own destiny.  Which would have been true for humans seeking empowerment, a small percentage.  Sadly, most humans prefer someone or some power to lead them around by the nose. These humans prefer not to think for themselves and allow fear to drive them to a fate of suffering.  Why they prefer this lack of power confuses me.

So today, quantum physics has returned along with many renaissance beliefs and habits.  The reason so many secret societies existed during ancient times and during the renaissance was for protection from the Church.  As you know, renaissance scientists and artists used codes to convey these messages, sometimes in the form of animals, like lions, ox, eagles, and horse-like figures.  Gnosticism which greatly aligns with quantum physics, the spiritual side of it, also had their symbols for sublimation and alchemy.  It's no wonder that so many of you older souls, especially those of you who call yourselves "star seeds" explore quantum physics.  This is all second nature to you.  But you must remember it is not second nature to 75 percent of the humans on the planet, still hoping some religion or two has the answers they seek.

However, unless you look into the mystical side of any religion, you will not find the answers you seek, if you even seek anything at all.  Some people just seek a new pair of shoes, or the perfect eyeshadow, to the saints dismay.  Imagine all our work inspiring humans, providing moments of synchronicity and helping with manifestation, and so many of you are still caught up in fashion, sports, and other trivial pursuits.  Don't you realize that if you expand your vision, all that stuff you manifest will pale in comparison? Why can't you heal these addictions? The answer is you don't want to because you prefer to live in clinging and fear.  You prefer to look over your shoulders and compare yourself to others, who you think are winning the race.  Sadly, if you think this way, you'll never win anything with any value.

So there are the small percentage of you, which appears larger on some days, like after a major natural disaster or painful world event, that call yourself seekers.  You don't just ask a question like "Why on earth did all these innocent children die," during a catastrophe, then move on.  You stick with this question, you go deep within your heart, and try out different spiritual paths and practices.  You run across books on quantum physics or similar, and your heart skips a beat, your pulse races, and your mind hungers, but it is not your mind that hungers--it is your SOUL.

Start asking those deeper questions and do not be surprised at the answers that appear.  And those answers will appear obtusely in some respects.  Ask and You Shall Receive, I guarantee it.  Ask, ask, and ask some more.  Probe deeper into the mysteries of the Universe, and this will keep you busy for lifetimes.  Dig deeper into your past lifetimes, which are really just other dimensions happening in tandem. Think of lasagna with its many layers and realize that the Universe has thousands of more layers.  You can't get to all of them in a lifetime or even thousands of lifetimes.  Think what would happen if I took you to a stony beach and asked you to turn over every single stone to see what you would find.  Think of the surprise in the middle of a holiday cake.  There is so much in this expanded universe to explore and if you return to your innocence, a child's mind, then you will find many treasures much more exciting than a pair of designer shoes or a new dress.

But who among you shall seek? Remember what Jesus said about only a child finding his or her way into heaven? Do you know what this means? Think about it.  I am not asking you to act childish and not take responsibility for your lives, but I am asking you to return to your innocence and inquire within.  The seeker is the child who discovers new worlds and realms.  The child frequency will open the doors to heaven--the gates fling wide open and you enter.  But not if you are in a place of logic and adult analysis.  Heaven is not a serious place, and heaven is already within your SOUL.  Will you enter it or stay in the hell or fearful place? It is up to you.

Stop all this worry about sin and karma.  You don't need to hang out on that frequency.  Change the channel. If you don't enjoy your life now, change your beliefs, change your thoughts, and switch the channel.  It is that easy.  There are conflicting beliefs out there and you can pick and choose what you want, not what is forced upon you by the media or your neighbor or your government.  Do you want a job? Then stop believing that the economy is bad. Do you want a relationship with your life partner? Then stop believing you won't find the right person.  Do you desire a healthy and fit body? Then stop punishing yourself with limiting beliefs and fearful thinking.  It is that easy.  You can change the channel right this second and change the course of your life.

But first, you have much healing to do.  You must see and acknowledge your projections and beliefs then heal them, erase them, change your frequency.  Get help from an expert in this field.  Call on saints, angels, and your past selves.  You can change yourself and the world you seek right now in this moment.  You don't need to take years of workshops or work with a guru in India or China.  You are the Master of Your Destiny.

Now, this conflict between Unity Consciousness and your individual reality are not exclusive.  If you could only see the vastness of this conscious universe, then you would see how all the beliefs, patterns and frequencies come together to create wholeness.  I will leave you to meditate on this thought--to ponder it.  Remember that we always love you.  Listen to the whispers of your soul and you will hear us speak to you.


Saint Jude

Sunday, March 4, 2012

All Saints Transmissions: Positive Thinking, is it possible...

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
The Power of Positive Thinking, but first

ST: How do we reflect love and positive thoughts in a world full of negativity and fear?  I wake up feeling good, listen to healing music, sometimes practice yoga, eat a healthy breakfast, then I hear my first bit of bad news followed by more bad news...By the afternoon I have spiraled into fear and limitations.  So how do I heal this situation?

Saint Jude: As always, you challenge me with your questions and observations.  The polarities will not go away anytime soon.  You will need to take many deep breaths and allow light in and darkness out which you send back into the light.  Stay away from the news the best that you can, and if you do read the news, do so with a large grain of salt, realizing that darkness and fear are illusions.  When you receive petitions to sign or letter requests to politicians, do your part, but only if you can detach from your emotions.  You might feel that the energy behind the situation is false and in that case, don't sign the petition. Send any guilty feelings you might have into the light.

There are numerous manipulators on the planet at the moment who come in many guises.  They will all act as if they have your best intentions in mind.  But if these people or energies or entities are coming from fear/limitations, then back away from them.  You don't need to swallow and digest this energy.  Leave the room, change the conversation and do not engage in these conversations.  There is this belief that their is safety in numbers, that if a large group of people get together and vent their frustrations, that change will occur in the world.  Not true. 

I don't think Margarate Mead was asking concerned citizens to change the world through angry words and aggression--even so-called peaceful protests are tinged with aggression, if people could just be honest with themselves.  My dears, the change has to happen in your hearts.  You must shift your consciousness from fear to LOVE. I realize this is not easy.  I realize that you feel challenged beyond your wildest imaginings.  Why don't you bury your head is happy imaginings? Escape for a while in happy daydreams of the world you choose to see, not the one that hits you over the head each morning when you awake.  I am serious when I give you this advice.

It doesn't matter which side the messages come from, if they are full of fear, then they will heal no one.  So whether the progressives or the conservatives broadcast some news item, that feels negative, than it is.  Are they coming up with constructive ideas? Now, on the other hand, I am seeing some powerful positive movements on the planet. I am seeing many can-do folks just get out there and do what they came to the planet to do.  You don't have time, from where I am sitting and watching, to rant, protests, or complain.  You must come up with solutions through brainstorming.  It goes something like this.

We have this problem so what can we do to solve it?  People toss in ideas that pop in their head--some silly ideas, some quite good, and some excellent ideas. Then the next step is to choose three ideas and line up the steps it will take to achieve those goals.  You have to decide where you are going to put your energy.  You need to decide how you will spend each of your days and every hour, if not minute of your days. Do you feel charged with energy and want to get out and make changes or do you feel heavy as if the world rests on your shoulders? If you feel the second option, you need to find a healing modality and let this baggage go.

I think I have given you enough food for thought.  I hope you will chew on my words and digest them, take them to heart.  Individuals have power.  You all have special gifts that will be revealed to you when you open your heart.  You cannot open your heart and feel fear and anger at the same time.  Make a decision now, what energies you will support then muster up the courage to walk away from everything and anything that does not connect to your innervision.  Remember that we always love you.


Saint Jude

Sunday, February 26, 2012

All Saints Transmissions: Forgiveness

photo by Patricia Herlevi
All Saints Transmissions: Mother Mary
Forgiveness Paves the Way to New Beginnings

ST: The vibrations I pick up from you today, Mother Mary, is forgiveness.  I know that for myself, I have trouble forgiving people, entities, events, and situations, but I know that forgiving the past would heal me.  Why do we have such a hard time letting these old stories go when they no longer serve us? How do we forgive?

Mother Mary: This question rests on the minds of humanity as a whole, and definitely as unenlightened individuals.  Once you learn the true meaning of forgiveness, you pave your way towards enlightenment.  You cannot grow or evolve if you clutch to wrong-doing and wrong-doers.  Your ego serves itself when you don't forgive and your soul withers, though a soul can never die.

I have seen some souls go through life times, even thousands of lifetimes without forgiving an enemy from an earlier lifetime. Imagine carrying this stone in your gut for thousands of lifetimes. These souls usually have health problems with the gut such as cancerous tumors.  If they radically forgive then these tumors would disappear.  Maybe not overnight, but within a few weeks or months.

Think of your body like a bag full of rocks.  Or better yet, you carry this bag full of rocks on your back while you climb up a hill. Let's say the hill is your life and your ambitions.  You won't get very far if you carry a heavy burden.  You will tire out, feel depleted of energy to even fulfill the smallest of tasks. So you realize at some point that those rocks are not serving you in anyway whatsoever.  So you must empty that bag out, but another part of you has attached stories to each rock.  These stories represent the dramas of your life and what makes you feel special.  You can join a group of other rock carriers (sufferers and victims of this or that) and feel validated.

Perhaps you don't want to give up the drama and the feeling of belonging in a group of survivors.  You sense that there is something heroic about your group members.  Not only that you become clannish and develop an us verses them mentality.  You have a collective enemy which could be men, if its a group for women who survived rape or domestic violence.  Or the group could involve political progressives who feel that the leadership of their country only serves corporations.  By joining these groups, you never heal yourself.  You never heal yourself.  You never heal yourself.  Why? How can you heal yourself if you don't practice forgiveness and letting go.  That bag of rocks increases in heaviness.  You even add petty pebbles to it cause by little slights.

Now, I am not saying that the person or entity that harmed you gets off Scott-free.  Karma plays a role.  But when you hang on to your grievances, you cause deeper harm to yourself. The rapist doesn't rob the woman of her freedom of choice.  He might cause trauma to the woman, but it is still up to the woman to figure out what she's going to do with that trauma.  Will she see the gift of light in the darkness? Will she see that she has choices to make about her future? There is no such thing as an innocent victim, not even children.

What I mean by this, is each soul carries a set of beliefs and patterns that send out vibration.  These beliefs are most often passed down through emotional DNA.  So even a baby carries these vibrations.  Now, I am not saying that we should not practice compassion.  But I am saying that like vibration attracts like vibration.  This also doesn't mean that people who commit crimes should be let off the hook.  And unless you're dealing with a sociopath, people do have consciences, even if their punishment happens below the surface.  Eventually, this person who committed a crime is going to mess up and give themselves away.

Now, I am not saying that nothing horrific is happening on the earth, but I am saying that there is a gift, a seed that when planted forgiveness reveals its gifts. Even the worst possible situations come bearing gifts.  You ask how I can say this, but remember that I forgave my enemies, the one's who took my son away from me during the prime of his life.  I could do this because I saw the bigger picture. I ask each of you to find something in your life that you think you cannot forgive, then forgive that situation or person.

Know this, everything that happens to you in this lifetime is a result of something you did in a previous lifetime. What goes around, comes around.  Don't think that you were a saint in every one of your lifetimes because you were not.  You have played every role imaginable and now the libertine ways of your soul come back to haunt you.  Even saints are sinners too.  So don't condone harmful and willful behavior, but forgive it to free yourself and to empty that large box of rocks.  In doing so, you are free to move forward on your path.  When you forgive you also balance karma and this can prevent further damage to you.

You often pray to me and you ask for miracles.  You ask for healing of this and that.  Here's my message, forgive your enemies, and forgive yourself then miracles will happen to you daily.  You will notice miracles everywhere.  Forgiveness has its rewards.

Remember that we always love you.


Mother Mary

Sunday, February 19, 2012

All Saints Transmissions: Fatale Distractions

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
All about Fatal Distractions 

ST: At the break of dawn when I asked you about today's message you mentioned distractions, and how those distractions prevent our souls from evolving.  I struggle with distractions, especially when I sit down to meditate, start a yoga practice, or even when I'm writing in my journal.  So how can I move past these distractions, how can we move past these distractions and stay on course?

Saint Jude: This is a good question and I am pleased that you responded to my message this morning. Distractions come in many forms, but all distractions derive from our egos.  This includes outer distractions.  You sit down to meditate and the phone rings so you get up and answer the phone. Bad idea.  You sit down to meditate or chant and you hear the TV news headlines coming from the other room, something catches your attention so you go to investigate.  Bad idea.  Bad practice.  Don't let distractions get the best of you and know distractions when you encounter them.

You ask well why is it a bad idea to answer the phone or check out the television news headline? Some people don't even bother to pray or meditate or journal in the morning, if at all. If you start your day meditating or doing something else of a spiritual nature, then you have lifted your vibration and built a defense around you that will keep out negative vibrations.  You will be less influenced by the bad news you receive on the other end of the phone or even the voice you hear who has the wrong number.  As far as the news headlines, what insane person decided that doom and gloom is the best way to start the day? You might as well go load up on fats and sugars at that point too because you just lowered your immune responses and caused inflammation in your body.  In fact, if you suffer from any autoimmune disease, stay clear of the news because it's too big a hit to your adrenaline glands and this news will worsen your disease. I guarantee it.

Of course you might watch the news and see a new drug on the market (with a myriad of side effects) that you can pop to heal your disease.  I think not. Talk about distractions! So back to the mediation practice.  You must stay focused.  Your body will tell you to get up and deal with something in the kitchen or the bathroom, but remain seated and remain focused.  You might remember that you need to phone the electric company about a question about your bill, stay seated and focused.  Let all these thoughts go.  Don't worry about forgetting something important for our to-do list.  Your meditation practice is the most important part of your life if you plan on evolving your soul to the next level.

Remember no guru is going to enlighten your soul. They can give you tools and meditation and breathing practices, but YOU have to do the work.  This means getting up early every morning and meditating.  Doubts and worries will pop into your mind, let them go. Your legs will feel restless, let that go to, and know that your ego does not want your soul to evolve.  It fears that if your soul evolves then you won't need your ego any longer, which in a way is true.  However, even the most evolved souls/people on the planet deal with distractions presented by the ego.  They just learned how to squelch the problem before it takes over their practice.  You can also learn to do this through practice.  You won't achieve this overnight because it takes work.  But a pure mind is worth striving for.

You're not alone.  Everyone has distractions.  The type of distractions you have doesn't make you special or more clever than the next seeker.  Sure you can make jokes about the distractions or write about them like Elizabeth Gilbert did with her book, "Eat, Pray, Love" and people will relate to you.  Just don't get caught up in talking non-stop about your distractions because that is a distractions in itself and don't get caught up on other people's distractions because that is a road to nowhere.

I do not have a simple solution for you that I can present in seven steps nor do I charge you money for my advice and guidance.  You must put in the effort.  There are no magic pills or books you can read that will solve all your problems and enlighten you by the end of the week.  I say this because I know you have a schedule to keep and a mission of reaching enlightenment by a certain date, for some of you that is December 31, 2012.  Good luck.  You must do the work.  Remember that we always love you.


Saint Jude (who never minces words)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

All Saints Transmissions: Time is an illusion

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Time is an illusion

ST: Dear Saint Jude why is time speeding up? Why do we humans feel like we don't have enough time? And why are our lives controlled by this digital age?

Saint Jude: My dear, time is an illusion.  You can suspend time if you choose and you can even transcend it.  I like the description of the rat race, but humans these days appear to me as hampsters in one of those Habit Trail theme parks.  You're running around in circles, setting useless goals, and acting self-important. If only you could see the illusion for what it is.  From where I sit and witness this madness, I'm scratching my head wondering how long it will take for you to shift dimensions.

I hear that question often, when and how do we shift dimensions? Some of you think you do this with your mind.  You check out philosophy, books on religion, and quantum physics from the library, or if you're someone with money or a credit card, you head to your favorite large bookstore.  You read a few books, declare yourself enlightened, and still you participate in the everyday madness, again those hampster wheels and plastic trails.  Except with humans, you drive vehicles around in circles that pollute the air you breathe, then when you feel sick from the pollution you head over to your doctor, who gives you toxic pills, which you flush down the drain with your body's waste, and then you grow even sicker from toxic water.

But you cannot worry about any of that because you have to go to work for a boss you don't respect and a company in which you feel at odds. But you're one of the lucky ones, you tell yourself because at least you have a job. And you say this rather smugly so as not to associate with those unwashed ones who don't get up everyday to go to a job they despise. But they're miserable too, escaping the world's illusions through television, or the fog of drugs and alcohol. I ask myself, why do humans torment themselves? What are you protecting your hearts from? Do you not have a thimble full of faith that there's something spectacular waiting for you?

The third dimension is over.  It is time to rise to the next dimension, but you can only get there through the frequency of love. You must lift your vibration, and I cannot emphasize this enough.  The saints and angels have delivered this message through movies, books, magazine articles, television shows, spiritual workshops, and even billboards and dreams. And still humanity as a whole chooses to live in FEAR.  It is a choice. No one makes that choice for you.  You choose to turn on the nightly or morning news, as if you're doing some service to humankind by carrying low vibrations around with you all day.  You choose to rant or engage in negative conversations.  You choose to eat unhealthy foods, live your life like zombies or hampsters, you choose.  Mindfulness is the key to unlocking the door to consciousness. Through mindfulness you awaken your hearts and this leads you to enlightenment and the higher dimensions.

How many times do we need to teach these concepts? It is simple, and yet, I see it is not simple.  Some of you give it your best try, but then you fall prey to negativity and then, oops, you slip back into the third dimension of illusions.  So you must strive for even more mindful experiences. Take yoga classes, you can find some for free. Learn to meditate. Find uplifting music and keep listening to it. I would ask you to join a group, but group mentality or thinking can easily slide into negativity and then you slip too.  I don't recommend huggy kissy groups either where people are spiritually-high but not dealing with their shadows or wounds.  This is false spirituality and escapism at its best.  Never use spiritual practices like a drug to numb your pain. It doesn't work and no one will see you as an authentic seeker, because you're not.

You can actually journey through the dark night of the soul without succumbing to negativity.  And I remind you, if you need help with your spiritual practices or journeys, call on saints and angels. You don't need to practice a religion, we are here for everyone, no matter your beliefs or philosophies.  Remember that we always love you, even in your darkest moments, even when you don't love yourself.  We love you. Call on us.  We will offer guidance and protection during your most vulnerable hour.


Saint Jude and All Saints

Sunday, February 5, 2012

All Saints Transmissions: Challenge of Healing Dualism

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Joan of Arc
Healing Dualism

ST: I thought I would ask you, Saint Joan, a spiritual warrior how to heal dualism.  You obviously fought with your share of darkness and also forgave those who harmed you.

Saint Joan: Dualism or dualistic thinking has been with humans from the beginning.  The illusion of separation can be seen and understood in stories from many traditions, not just Christianity's story of Adam and Eve when the couple discovered the knowledge of good and evil, the beginning of dualistic thinking.  But before humans discovered the polarities and time-space reality, they actually resided in a different dimension of Unity Consciousness or a time of peace.  It's as if someone placed bags over the heads of all humans blinding them to reality and stirring fear in their hearts.

You already know even if you don't quite comprehend that there is nothing out there.  Everything you experience comes from within, from your beliefs, from your sense of powerlessness.  Because if you truly felt empowered and believed in a unconditionally loving God you would see no enemies and witness no animosity.  When I burnt on the stakes and took my last breath, I let everything go in an act of radical forgiveness.  I was able to do this because I felt at-one with everything in that moment.  I felt at one with my pain, my anguish, and my redemption which I sensed was on its way.

The real fears humans nourish are fear of death, fear of betrayal, fear of losing freedom, and fear of harm from another.  I experienced all the above, plus shame, guilt, and confusion.  I was only 19 years old when I was marched to the stakes, but I prayed for a quick death and my prayers were granted. I had faith that there was life after life and I saw in those last moments, the illusions of life on earth, the physical presence.  When you see those illusions you can easily let go and take a leap into the unknown.

So dualism is an illusion.  Everything around you that appears solid and secure is an illusion. Your thoughts, your dreams, your prophesies are illusions.  Nothing is real except for love and the loving presence of God.  If you don't feel that love, then you entertain illusions.  Do not beat yourself up for that because the illusions have a strong and bewitching presence, they are a force field in which your soul is magnetically drawn. And perhaps living in a dualistic reality has taught you some powerful lessons and helped your soul evolve. But now it is time to dissolve these illusions and to move past the polarities. Please re-read Saint Jude's previous post to learn about mirrors and projections.  I will end with saying that heaven is within your soul.  If you want to experience peace then you need to heal the wars within your heart and soul.  You need to learn to love yourself and you might need to heal many wounds before this can happen.  But the focus needs to be on what's happening in you, not out there.  Until humanity figures this lesson out, there will be no peace on the planet anywhere.  Remember that we always love you.


Saint Joan

Sunday, January 29, 2012

All Saints Transmissions: Waiting is the Hardest Part

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
The Waiting is the hardest lesson 

ST: It seems that we are waiting for Godot these days, waiting for God to seep through the cracks of our collective despair.  Yet, you tell us that each of us must lend a hand to the process, and not just sit back observing the world around us.  Do we still practice compassionate non-attachment?

Saint Jude: This is a question that comes up more often than not.  What is compassionate non-attachment? How can I practice this when there is so much suffering around me? And the other question I receive on a daily basis (yes, I hear your prayers), is when is this Great Awakening going to occur? How will I know when it arrives? Will I be too busy to notice it? All those questions come not from curiosity, but from fear.

Compassionate non-attachment is two things as far as the saints are concerned.  First, you step back and look at the world through a wide angle lens and by doing this, you question every belief you have ever encountered or been told.  You question the stories in the media, most of them false anyway, again more fear-mongering in the guise of helpful advice and cautionary wisdom.  I hear these stories and I think not.  If you hear something and you immediately feel your vibration lower, then question that bit of news. The media comes off as the silver-tongue devil these days as far as we're concerned.  And ditto for many of your religious gurus and mentors, especially if you see them making money off of your suffering and despair.  There are people who will prey on your suffering because they see you as an easy mark.  Watch your step, but just be mindful, not fearful.

Second, as you step back and survey the lay of the land, seek your authentic self within you.  Seek the God within you and spend time in your heart where you will find the answers you need to thrive on the planet.  You are told so many lies these days, we cannot even begin to fathom the depth of these lies. First, there is the illusion of money as power.  You are told that you have to have lots of money to survive--not true. You are told that you need to climb the corporate ladder to become someone, but you became someone the day you drew your first breath.  And if you think that God loves you any less than a corporate executive, then someone fed you garbage. So no matter who you are or where you are in your life, God Loves You.  You will live by the laws of synchronicity and the law of cause and effect.  Karmic law applies to every human, other creatures are exempt.

The law of manifestation will work for you.  It works for everyone.  Yes, the flavor of your thoughts, but even more your feelings/emotions play a huge role in what you manifest.  Always manifest for the highest good. While we know you cannot change all your thoughts today, be mindful of them and what they create in your life.  Again, don't buy into the doom that the media spreads. "Oh, the economy is a wasteland,"  "You'll never find meaningful work if you don't (fill in the blank)...Know that God loves you and through this love anything is possible.  You call this miracles, we call it deserved blessings.  Everyone deserves a blessing, everyone deserves mercy.

Pray for your enemies, the ones who would rob you blind of everything meaningful to you and the planet.  Pray that they are healed from their greed and fear and resentment.  Pray that your politicians learn to serve humankind and the planet instead of their political bottom line. Know that not all politicians are greedy and fearful, some are on your side and fighting for your interests.  But corruption is always waiting in the corner of their offices to devour their consciousness and conscience. So pray for these people, send them love and light.  Give them your blessings, not for what they have done, but for the potential for them to learn mindfulness and compassion.  Yes, bless everyone.  Why not? What could this hurt to bless everyone? You'll feel lighter too because you just blessed yourself! You are part of everyone.

So let's get back to this waiting.  You feel like you're sitting on the side of the road waiting for the Godot parade to start.  You wait for the fiery dragons to appear and the planets to spin backwards in some big moment.  You wait for signs or omens.  You wait for God to give you permission to heal your life and the lives of others.  Stop waiting and start doing.  Do what you heart (not your mind with all of its strategies), tells you to do.  It's not enough to be in peace, you have to act out peace.  It's not enough to be in love, you must embody and spread love through acts of kindness, small and large, what you are capable of now.  Follow your inspiration and follow your bliss as long as you serve more than just you.

I think this is enough information for you today.  Remember we always love you.  God loves you.


Saint Jude

Sunday, January 22, 2012

All Saints Transmissions: Outer Planets and the Awakened Ones

All Saints Transmissions: Mother Mary and Saint Jude
My Dear Awakened Ones

ST: Good morning Mother Mary and Saint Jude.  With so much excitement about the outer planets transits these days, how will these planets lead us to our collective awakening?  I've already read the words of astrologers, but I would like to know how the saints view the transits?

Mother Mary and Saint Jude: Well, my dear you need to ask Saint Francesco that question, he's our planet person.  Yes, we are excited about the outer planet transits at this time and for the next 12 to 20 years.  Neptune has returned home to Pisces and for those of you who have any Pisces planets in your 12th house or Neptune in your 12th house, you are in for a quick awakening, without much effort. If your natal Sun is also in the 12th house in Pisces or conjunct to Neptune (quite a few of you on the planet at this time), then you are in for quite a ride! This is your time to transcend, but you will need to heal your addictions first so you can create a vessel for this awakening.  You are what we call "Crystal Children".

If you have Neptune in any of the angular houses, 1, 4, 7, and 10, you are also in for a time of ascension, but will need to apply a bit more effort than the 12th house people.  Still this group hears the voices of angels, saints, ancestors, and slips easily in and out of dimensions.  You might feel spacy and forgetful at the moment. Your medical doctor or therapist might diagnose you with ADD or ADHD, but this is a misdiagnosis.  You are clearing away the old to make way for the new and so your brain has other functions at the moment.  You might notice streets disappearing and reappearing.  You might see spirits from the corner of your eye, see auras, feel strange sensations and experience surreal dreams even in waking life.  Do not panic.  You will adapt like a sailor adapts to land after being at sea for too long.  It takes time to acclimatize so go easy on yourself.

For those of you with Uranus or other natal planets in the Aquarius 11th house now is an interesting time for you so get out and network, make as many friends as possible, join a good cause, fight the good fight, and polish your innovative leadership skills. Teach others how to think outside of the box.  People with Uranus in Aries or Uranus in your first house have the same calling except you are leading the movement for the people, already thinking far out side of the box and act as the true visionaries of this time.  However, with Uranus transiting in Aries, you need to keep a cool head and don't lose your temper.  That will only hurt you in the end and sabotage your efforts.  You will feel a push-pull me verses humanity.  Aries represents the me first-ego sign, and Aquarius is about dropping the ego and serving the higher good.  So you will ride this see-saw for a time until you learn to balance between your needs and the greater needs of humanity. It is alright to think like a child, but don't act like one.

If you have Uranus in an angular house, 1, 4, 7, or 10 or Aries planets in those houses, then you will not lead so much as follow the visionaries. You will act as a support and help get movements up and running.  If you have Uranus in your 10th house you would do best to have a career as an activist or as a spiritual warrior, remembering that a spiritual warrior fights inner demons and then teaches others how to do the same.  Think of Saint Teresa of Avila for instance.  Now there's a fiery Aries saint!

Okay, now we get to Pluto, the Scorpio planet. The best word to describe the small planet is intense.  And don't judge a book by its cover.  Pluto is a small planet, but contains much power and in fact, is the most dynamic and powerful planet of your ten planets.  We call Pluto a powerhouse of the unconscious, a destroyer of structure and oddly it is in the sign of Capricorn, Saturn's sign.  Saturn builds structure so you will feel some tension around this dynamic.  You will feel a lot of tension around this dynamic.  So much tension that you feel that you will combust or explode on some days.  Keep your cool. Pluto is actually a cool and icy planet, think Scorpio, how these people burn with passion inside but show the world a cool exterior.

So anyone who has Pluto in Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, or Libra is going to feel this tension more than the other sun signs.  But people who have Pluto conjunct any of their planets, and especially in the 8th house will feel a powerful urge to transform their lives and transform the entire planet! You are the shamans of the planet, the ones who travel to the underworld, gain wisdom and then bring that wisdom of the unconscious back to the surface. To many people you are an intense and frightening bunch.  You might stand on the edges observing life around you rather than participating. This is expected of you and you cannot fulfill your mission if you get too involved with the illusions spinning around you.

If you have Pluto on your mid heaven your job on the planet is nothing short of transforming it.  If you have natal Pluto in the first house, the changes are from within you.  If you have Pluto in your seventh house, then you have come to transform the idea of relationships and partnerships.  And if you have Pluto in the fourth house you transform the concepts around home and motherhood.  You are not pioneers, but the actual blaze.  You know that in order to create the new you must destroy the old and Kali does not frighten you, but excites you. You are not easy people to live with or even be around.  But you have your job to do on the planet and there are legions of you.  People will label you dark and negative only because they cast their shadows on you while they walk around acting false positive.  In the past they would have treated you like a scapegoat, but no more. You are the power-holders now so use this power wisely and with compassion.  Remember that Pluto/Scorpio is slow to forgive, but you must practice forgiveness and patience for those who awaken slowly. You are welcome on the planet.  We want you to know that.  We love you just as much as any other soul, even the soft Pisces souls.

We could talk about the planets and transformation all day. Keep in contact with the saints and your Spirit Guides through your dreams.  We are here for you off and online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Pray to us, talk to us, and please ask us for help when you need it.  Don't struggle so much when we will help you.  Even you Pluto folks who don't like to ask for help or feel you don't deserve it, we will help you. Remember that we always love you.


Mother Mary and Saint Jude

Sunday, January 15, 2012

All Saints Transmissions: The Play of Shadows

All Saints Transmissions: Mother Mary
Light without shadows? Not possible.

ST: Today you bring up an interesting topic Mother Mary, and that is shadows.  We all know in theory that light casts shadows, but tell us how following shadows can heal our deepest wounds.

Mother Mary: Good morning, afternoon or evening, depending where you are in the world.  And speaking of where you are in the world, you are either under the influence of the moon or the sun's light, no? Or you seen the pinpoints of stars in the heavens, especially if you are in a place with less man made lighting.  Think of yourself walking down the sidewalk on a bright sunny day and look at your shadow. Which direction does it point? Are you afraid of your shadow? Do you try to play with it, chase it away, play hide and seek with it? Even if you try to ignore your shadow it doesn't hide from you or disappear until the light source dims its edges.

Now think about how this shadow work inhabits your life.  Let's look at shadows more as a symbol.  Let's call your shadows your deepest wounds or false beliefs about yourself, the place where you fall into denial and can't get back up.  (A little humor there).  Now, when you walk down the sidewalk and the sun is shining down on you, you might ignore your shadows as you go about your business, pretending as life expects you to do, as you play whatever role, but others see your shadows.  But the odd thing is they see your shadow, but not their own, and so it goes.

Now, your shadow could be false sincerity and false kindness as you try desperately to cover up your arrogance.  But instead of covering up your arrogance with a mask, why not heal it? In order to heal your arrogance, you need to dig for the root cause and this takes compassion as well as, detached observation.  So maybe you need some help with this in the form of a healer, teacher, or therapist.  So you start digging into this place we call shadow.  At first, you run and hide from the shadow, but it finds you every time. So you try to bury this shadow (wound) deeper hoping no one will notice the deep gash on your soul. But know this, you fool no one.  And when you fool no one, and you don't deal with the shadow proactively, then you attract pity and lots of it.

Some people actually enjoy attracting pity because that's better than attracting no attention at all, but when they live this way, nothing good comes their way, and if it does, the good fades quickly.  Pity is one of the lowest vibrations and it can only attract low vibrational situations.  So if you enjoy drama, pain, and suffering, by all means, keep the pity party going.  Otherwise, you need to acknowledge your shadows and heal them through love and compassion and forgiveness of yourself and others, but especially yourself.

So you ask, "How do I heal my shadows?"  Well, through other people, my dears.  Everyone and everything is a mirror to your soul, and both qualities that disturb and delight you in others, are your shadows or unclaimed parts of your soul.  It's not easy to reclaim yourself because you have been shamed, and blamed, controlled and manipulated by others, more fearful than you, who have forced their beliefs, patterns, and attitudes on you.  It's equivalent to rape or vampirism of the soul.  Not everyone intends to harm you in this way, in fact most souls you encounter mean no harm, but they have been harmed so they pass on the virus so to speak.  There are also people who do wish to harm you because they perceive you as an enemy.  These souls aren't so easy to spot.  Ask for protection from your Spirit Guides always for this reason.

But even with all of that, you are responsible for the well-being of your soul.  You can chase your shadows, and learn from them.  Reclaim those parts of yourself deemed shameful by others and realize that the God experience encompasses all emotions, all feelings, and everything you can imagine and everything beyond your imagination.  What you project, you protect and ensure its lifespan.  So if you project positive qualities like love, kindness, healthy power, etc...then wonderful, if you project self-righteousness, hatred, and low vibrations, then you have work to do.

Now, before you start feeling sorry for yourself again or fall into despair, remember that every soul has shadows and projections.  You're not alone.  But if you do the work and ask for appropriate help, you empower yourself while giving up some bad habits, and accepting less desirable parts of your soul that you transform into something useful.  The opposite of hatred is love so transform your hatred into powerful love.  It's not easy, but you are capable of this kind of work or you would not be reading my words.

So remember that light always casts a shadow and that a shadow leads you to your wounds.  Once you know about your wounds you can heal them.  Denial saved no one. Denial is a form of hell.  Acceptance and empowerment leads you to your heaven and true liberation. But you must wake up and do the work.  Remember that we always love you.


Mother Mary

Sunday, January 8, 2012

All Saints Transmissions: All roads lead to the same place--UNITY

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude/All Saints
Nothing and No One is Separate from You

ST: Good morning and thank you for the information you transmit through me.  It is 3:35 a.m. on January 6, 2012 (date of this transmission) and you are telling me about original sin.  You tell me that All Beings are created in the image of God and you remind me about the illusion of separation.  Please go on...

Saints: So God created "man" but not only man. God created all humanity, all creatures, the earth, the universes and galaxies, everything you sense and know is in God's image.  You have heard the saying, "There is only one of us here."  And that saying refers to Unity Consciousness--that nothing is separate and you experience all that there is within your time-space frame of reference, otherwise known as the third dimension.  Separation is dualism which looks like us verses them.  These are illusions.  You refer to others as "they said this or they did that" but there is no "they".  Do you follow me so far?

The Yin/Yang symbol should not be seen as opposites but as a whole entity.  Everything contains the seeds and roots and the whole plant of  everything, to give you an analogy.  The Alpha contains the Omega and the Omega contains the Alpha. Let me go on.  So "sin" in Latin means "without". In this case it means without wholeness (or without wisdom) and following the illusion of separation.  Oh, you lost sheep!

Let me give you an example.  If a person feels that he is separate his mother, his wife, or his enemy than he can cause harm to another person without realizing that when you spit in the well, you end up drinking your own spit. Meaning anything you do to someone else, you do to yourself.  Any judgement you have for another, you actually are judging yourself.  You are all pieces of the same mirror.  We are all pieces of the same mirror.  All projections are experienced by all parts of the mirror.  Hell is total separation from God and heaven is total Union with God.  But in order to enter heaven or transcend there, you must move past the illusion of separation or sin (without wisdom).  Heaven is not an actual place in physical reality.  It's a frequency, a high frequency.  It is a higher dimension.

Some people who have experienced near death have temporarily reached that frequency.  They were told to return to a lower dimension, not because they had unfinished business dealing with loved ones, but they had unfinished business clearing their chakras and thus, raising their vibration.  They did experience unconditional love--the highest frequency, but in their soul's condition they could not sustain the frequency. So what this means is this--so simple.  Everything and everyone was created in the image of God.  You are all God.  There is only one being.  The painter and the painting are one.  The raindrop and the ocean are one. The spark and the flame are one.  Nothing is separate.

To sin is to err in thinking.  Sin is dualism and that us verses them attitude.  Sin is spitting in the same water you drink, karmic speaking.  Sin is passing judgement on to others, sin is not owning your shadows and projecting those shadows on others.  When and only when you realize that all is everything and life is just one large mirror with a reflection of all that is, you have truly awakened.  You now know God.

But if you think and feel that everything and all is out there and that you are separate, an observer with the ability to judge then you suffer and perpetuate hell on earth.  When you realize the totality--that there is no separation, then there is no need for punishment, security, reinforcement or even structure.  Now to help you understand these concepts further, the planets have aligned themselves in such a way to heal this illusion and bring wholeness.  The planets will clean out those clogged channels and allow the illusion of separation to dissolve.  We are all ONE BEING.  Kind of cozy, isn't it?

Remember that we always love you.


All Saints

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Saints Transmissions: Alert-Calmness

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Stay Alert and Calm  (Year of the Mayans)

ST: Now we have entered the year 2012 and people expect a lot from this year because of the prophecies.  What type of year can we really expect and what is the best way to greet this new year?

Saint Jude: Yes, you are correct in that 2012 carries great expectations. The main problem I see is that people have expectations, but no discipline.  I see people passively going on with life as usual, even though life is anything but "as usual" so these people do not see the transformation that is all around them.  It's as if a volcano has erupted in the room, but no one notices the lava they wade in or all the smoke choking them.  Humans have polluted the planet beyond recognition, and as you cough on the fumes, you decide just to live with it.

Meanwhile, the planet heats up, almost to the point where you will destroy every being on the planet, but this is no concern to you as long as you have a job.  Well, what good is a job, if you're dead and you have taken every single creature with you? People who take the Bible literally think they can go about business-as-usual, invest in government, and tell everyone else how to live their lives, meanwhile they destroy God's creatures.  Is it okay to engage in Bible-belting and not take care of the earth God gave you? Is is okay to cram animals into factory farms in the name of fast food? Is it okay for humans to dominate every single creature, manipulate the food chain, control each others' choices of lifestyles and diets? No, it is not.  I repeat, no it is not.

Why do some humans think they have it all together and everyone else poses a problem? Clearly anything you see on the outside is a reflection of your inner being.  If you don't like what you see in the world, then look no further than your own soul.  What's going on in there that leads you to control and manipulate others? Could it be fear that's eating away at you? Yes, I think so.  Well, no one can deal with that fear except you.  Yes, you can go to a therapist who will guide you in the process, but your warrior soul must do the rest. The only battle that you need to fight, is the battle going on in your soul.  Will you allow fear to control you and shape your world?

So get to the place where you feel calm and alert.  When I say alert, I don't mean that you need to act hyper-vigilant or paranoid.  But you do need to pay attention to the road up ahead.  Look for detours and prepare yourself for the occasional U-turn.  Stay calm because drama and especially, melodrama has no place here.  Why excite everyone to the point where they feel brainless, not to mention, heartless, even ruthless? Stop scaring people with statistics, or choice of foods they should or shouldn't eat? If it's natural as God intended then it is safe to eat.  If man has altered the food through science and other manipulation, then stay clear of it because it is no longer the food God intended.  Pretty simple.

If you want to know the healthiest way to live your life, connect with nature. Research how your distant ancestors lived upon the earth and take your clues from them.  Remember it's not about how many years you live on the earth, but how many of those years you enjoyed vibrant health, strength and courage.  Too many of you live sedentary lives and you wonder why you feel bored and depressed.  This is easy for saints to figure out, but regular humans rely on scientific research to tell them what their instincts already know.  Get out and exercise!  Ride a bike, jog, walk, swim, or if you're in a wheel chair get outdoors. Eat healthy and eat only when you are truly hungry.  You know all this stuff, but you need to heal your addictions before any of this makes real sense to you and your body.

So in this order: Heal your addictions, substitute bad habits for healthy habits,  change your diet so that you eat God-intended and not artificial foods (GMO is not God-intended food and carries a low vibration), listen to high vibrational music, read uplifting (not frightening) books, watch movies that respect others, not demean them, and basically raise your vibration.  You ask about 2012.  Well, here are your choices, love or fear.  Fear will take you on a journey that equates hell on earth and love takes you on a journey to unconditional love or heaven on earth.  You choose by the individual choices you make in your life.

For instance, you say you don't have time to meditate, but you have time to gossip on the phone, read the news (illusions folks), on the internet or in print and watch hours of television.  But which do you think will lead you to ascension, gossiping and watching television or meditating? You say you don't have time for exercise, to listen to uplifting music, or read inspiring books, but you have time to rant about the ways of the world, judge others, and again watch hours of television.  You indulge in junk food and lie to yourselves by saying you only do so on occasion, when in actuality you have an addiction to corn syrup or other sweeteners or even salt.  Time to face the music with courage in your heart.  Time to look in the mirror and stop lying to yourselves, time to chase the shadows in your soul and heal them, time to reclaim your power, and time to transform yourselves so that you are ready to ascend.  But all of this is up to you.

Remember that we always love you.  And I will never hide the truth from you.  Life is what it is so make the best of it.


Saint Jude