Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saints Transmission for July 31, 2011: Saint Jude's Message

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
You Can Lead a Horse to Water, But…

ST: Dear Saint Jude of Impossible Causes, what do we do when we know a truth about a situation and no one will listen to us? What do we do when we know about something in someone’s best interests but they ignore us or discredit us? For instance, there is plenty of information about healthy food sources, how to grow food sustainably and what chemicals cause cancer and yet… And yet, when we try to educate others about living healthier lifestyles, they balk. Why? Isn’t this the age of information? Why bite the hand that feeds us or shoot the messenger?

Saint Jude: For those of you who returned to perform the role of a messenger, I feel your grief and frustration. This isn’t the first lifetime you have played this role and the information age flies at you, like arrows during a medieval battle scene.  Oh, and you remember that scenario well, don’t you? Messengers are often shot or martyred in some way.  Humans are not creatures of change for the most part.  Change is what humans fear the most and no one wants to be let loose outside of their comfort zone.  Messengers feel like thorns in their sides.

I have said this to you many times and will continue to repeat this phrase like a broken record, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make her drink.”  You can write and publish articles on what you believe is the truth about food, nutrition, or lifestyle. You can spread a spiritual truth through novels, and other types of media, but you will only reach those who are awakened, even a little bit.  I’m sorry to tell you this but not everyone on the planet will awaken.  We hoped for a great awakening, but only about 50% to 75% of you will awaken.  The remainder of the un-awakened will be taken to a lower realm.  You might call this hell or purgatory but in essence it is neither. This is not a punishment, but part of the Law of Cause and Effect.

If you flow at a low frequency and choose to stay at a low frequency by activities chosen such as feeding an addiction, listening to destructive music, eating fake food, etc…then that is a choice that leads to a lower realm.  If you choose to eat super foods (which exist for the reason of raising vibration and many of these foods were eaten by ancient high level cultures), if you choose to listen to high vibrational music and live a high vibrational lifestyle to the best of your ability, you will enter higher realms.

Now some of you struggle with co-dependence.  You see that your loved ones are not moving towards a higher frequency so you lower your frequency to match theirs.  Maybe you gossip, rant, judge others along with these folks.  Maybe you drink and do drugs to fit in with the crowd, but know better. Maybe you eat junk food because it feels nostalgic, but these are all traps to keep you stuck in lower frequencies and you can expect suffering and more suffering.  If you seek joy then you are moving in the wrong direction if you engage in low frequency activities.  There is no other way.  Do you understand that you cannot pave the way to heaven with bad intentions? It is not loving or supportive to go down with a sinking ship.  You cannot change others and you cannot make them drink from the fountain of love if they choose hatred.

True, healing is a painful process and not everyone enjoys displaying their wounds or getting reacquainted with them.  But you cannot heal what you don’t bring to the light.  But at the same time, these people who claim to avoid their wounded parts through denial or whatever means they tell the same stories repeatedly to anyone who will listen.  And a healer at some point is going to say let’s deal with the wounds and then let this story go once and for all.  You know these people.  Your eyes glaze over when you hear their childhood abuse story for the hundredth time and yet, these people don’t seek any type of real help.  If they did they could heal themselves and let you off the hook.

So take care of your own spiritual needs.  Eat healthy high vibrational foods and live a high vibrational lifestyle.  Perhaps you will inspire others to do the same when they gaze at our ageless face and see the joy radiating from your being, your skin.  But you cannot hinder the paths of your loved ones.  If they choose the lower vibration, your greatest act of love is to walk away from them and leave them to their fate.  Don’t hold a space for them.  Don’t stick around and watch them self-destruct. And don’t feel guilty for choosing love above fear.  Sometimes you have to leave others who choose a low frequency to discover the real meaning of love.

An act of compassion is to keep praying for those low vibrational people.  And live your life in a higher vibration.  Rise up, rise up my dear children and leave the lower realms behind.  You owe nothing to anyone and you can reunite with God anytime and in any place.  Don’t give up your chance at heaven on earth for stubborn ones who refuse to heal their wounds and bleed you of your energy.  You don’t need that.  And when these folks finally hit bottom and realize no one will hold a space for them any longer, maybe they will finally do the necessary work.  Lazy souls don’t get to heaven.  It takes effort.

Remember that we always love you.


Saint Jude

Sunday, July 24, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude on the Power of Prayer

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude

The Power of Prayer
ST: We hear a lot about the power of prayer. We also hear about the wrong and right way to pray to God, the saints or other messengers. So please tell us how to pray best and what to do if we don’t think that we are getting results.

Saint Jude: First of all, you cannot think of prayer as a business transaction, nor can you think of it as applying for a grant or assistance. In order for prayer to work you must realize that you are co-creators with God. You can pray to saints, angels, ancestors, and avatars if you will, but remember that we are merely post messengers and only deliver your prayers to God. We intercede on your behalf and even change the way you pray.

Now, if what you seek are solutions and sage wisdom then simply talk to us as friends and guidance counselors for that is what we are to you. We can give you advice for money, but we cannot bring you money, though it is different for angels who can. You can pray to us for miracles, knowing full well that the miracles come from your co-creation with God-Goddess, and not us saints. But what saints can teach is that total letting go, surrendering to the Higher Being and Higher Consciousness. We can lead the way to that. We can also help you endure suffering, see past illusions, and connect with God.

Is there a right or wrong way to pray? I don’t think so. There is only the consciousness of where you currently reside. So if you pray from what others might call a selfish place or a self-centered place without considering the bigger picture then that’s just where you are within the realms at this time, and I would say you reside in one of the lower realms. But if you pray in a Buddhist type way where you extend your prayer to include others suffering in the same boat, then I tell you, you are in a higher realm of being. You have envisioned the bigger picture, you can see that you are not alone in your suffering and in fact, have all of humanity as company.

Many of you pray for healing from various ailments and disease. Some of you pray for money so you can pay the rent and not end up on the streets of any given town or city. Some of you pray for a good harvest, some of you pray to be spared from disasters, and some of you pray for the well-being of others. And while that looks altruistic to pray for the well-being of others, remember that karma plays a role here so do not try to change the course of events for yourself or others. Do not try to control and manipulate the healing process of others or think that your prayers are so powerful that you can move mountains so to speak. This is just arrogance and you’re not praying to God at all. This is what we call a Neapoleon complex… and do not take on anyone else’s battles ever. Just pray for understanding, pray for compassion for others and pray for ways to help others in need. But don’t assume that you have the solution to your or other people’s problems and then tell God what needs to be done. Don’t you think that God already has the answer?

And let’s get into karma a bit here. You all have karma both good and bad whether you like this or not. Sure you can deny that karma exist—how convenient. But the fact is you have lived through many lifetimes and you weren’t a saint in most of them. Each of you has done your share of murder, rape, thievery and you name it, you’ve done it. You have also saved lives, rescued animals, prayed, chanted, meditated, and perhaps reached enlightenment in one or more lifetimes. Only God knows what your karmic record is, but healers have access to it. So in light of this, you cannot, unless you have been ordained in some way, release someone from their karmic path. You cannot stop disasters though you can pray that the victims get the help they need, or you can offer help yourself. You can be an answer to someone else’s prayer. And do that by following inner guidance or call it what you will, intuition. You do this by engaging in the flow of synchronicity and inspirations. You do this by paying attention to your dreams and the dreams of others when revealed. You give advice to others only when they ask and you say, this is my opinion, or this is what I would do in your situation. Then you let it go and let that person decide his or her fate for him or herself. Do you see where this is going?

Many of you don’t believe in God. You go to church, you pray and you hang out with religious people, but you don’t believe in God. You have an ideal of who God is and what God does, but this isn’t based on reality. You don’t take responsibility for co-creation and push your will onto the world and onto others. You tell people who God is and give them a bunch of rules to follow. But remember that you are God and God is you. I don’t mean this in the egotistical sense, but in the adult responsibility sense. You must take responsibility for your co-creation. What exactly are you contributing to the world with your thoughts, actions, and feelings? I know these are harsh words to your ears and eyes, but ask yourself this important and difficult question.

I am the saint of impossible causes, but what does this mean exactly? It means that I take on difficult people and circumstances. It means that I don’t deliver a message or a lesson in a pretty package tied with a pink ribbon. There are no cherubs hanging out around me and for good reason. I’m not a milk and cookies kind of saint, but one that comes along when you are set to meet your greatest challenges, learn from them, grow from them, and then teach those lessons to others through whatever means. You might teach through example like Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc) or you might write and publish a book with seven easy steps to enlightenment. But either way, you have to learn your lessons first.

You ask me about the power of prayer and if you pray the right way then you see the answer to your prayers. The right way to pray is open-ended and is not about results. You cannot pray with a goal or mission in mind, but pray that what would suit you best for the Highest Good is already here. Pray in the present not the future or the past. You only live in the present and you know the rest of that is illusion. Don’t allow your memory or nostalgia to serve you. I would even go as far as to say forget the past. And don’t fret about the future. You create your future now in this moment with your thoughts, feelings, and actions. So when you pray, do so in the present. Pray to know forgiveness, compassion and the simple way. Then don’t look for results but go about living your life the best way that you can. Love everyone to the best of your abilities and Love always. Love is the answer. The Beatles knew and so do you.

Remember that we love you alway.


Saint Jude

Sunday, July 17, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude (Be Mindful of Mindfulness)

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
The Game is Mindfulness

ST: Hello and good morning Saint Jude.  We hear a lot about mindfulness, but what does this mean and how do we walk our talk? How do we grow in consciousness while living and breathing each moment as it comes? It seems that we worry too much about the future so what advice do you have for us?

Saint Jude: Good precious day to each of you.  Mindfulness is a journey that begins one step at a time; one action at a time.  You don’t just get there by thinking about becoming more mindful.  You pray, you meditate, and you seek guidance from a higher self. You pay attention to your dreams, watch spiritual movies, hang around spiritual people, attend workshops, and read spiritual books.  You dance to high vibrational music and practice energy medicine.  Don’t forget to eat a healthy diet of organic and untainted foods.  The important first step is to raise your vibration/frequency.  By doing this it is easier to feel and express love and gratitude.

So you probably think about this catch-22 situation.  How do I attract high vibration food, music and other things if I’m at a low frequency? The first step is to express love and gratitude for what you currently have and where you currently are.  In the movie “The Celestine Prophecy” (I recommend that you all watch or re-watch this important metaphysical movie), Father Jose tells John W. that there are no errors of judgment, but that you are too quick to judge a situation as good or bad, without seeing the greater or higher meaning in the situation.  I would give this same advice and in fact, this is the advice of the saints.  Now, you must remember that saints did not live “heavenly” lives filled with pleasurable encounters and events.  We too experienced our share of toil and grief, especially the Franciscans.  They often were homeless, and didn’t know where their next meal was coming from.  Martyred saints spent time in prison, endured torture and hung onto their faith.  Penitent saints walked pilgrimages, thousands of miles in a lifetime with just the clothes on their backs and faith in their hearts.

Angels also place themselves in great danger to bring messages to humanity and other creatures.  They put themselves in great danger to protect you from wars or if you are especially a soldier in war.  If you have chosen the path of a light worker (and you have if you find yourself reading this blog), then expect calamity and catastrophe to visit you at some point in your life because you will be tested every step of the way.  You pass one initiation only to find yourself at the beginning of the next one.  You can complain all you want and we will listen to your laments, but we cannot remove these lessons from your life.  So let’s get back to your question of mindfulness.

Live and breathe deeply in each moment.  Practice gratitude for what you believe is working in your life and focus on the lessons currently presenting themselves to you.  Refrain from judging yourself or your circumstances and give up this idea that you actually have control over your life. Even those higher beings who know and serve their life paths realize that they have no control over the outcome of their actions.  You must act from your heart and intuition and engage in the flow.  You can also pray for the people and resources you need to fulfill your path/destiny.  All the saints did this.  The Buddhas have done this and Yeshua did this but always thanked God in advance, as so should you.  Remember Gratitude is a powerful tool and I ask you to use it often.

When you feel that you have been lead astray find your center.  Your center is always your heart and it is always love so get back in touch with that love.  In each moment as you make decisions for the next moment, get in touch with yourself and look at your choices.  Determine which choice comes from love and let go of the other.  Someone might hurt you and you want to respond in anger.  Now, I’m not telling you that anger is a bad thing because sometimes it can move mountains, shift energy, and create a new path by releasing the old way.  But anger finds its roots in fear and fear is not love.  So you have to decide in that moment if telling someone off is going to solve your problem.  Another thing I want you to remember is that every one of you is connected. Think of yourself in a circle or a wheel.  You send out a ripple of good or bad energy (relatively speaking) and that energy returns to you after it has passed through the other souls.  Now if that energy is angry and harmful do you want it returning to you a million fold or a billion fold? I would guess that the answer is no.  So if you choose to practice mindfulness then think about this rippling effect.  It is crucial that you do that.

The other thing I want to remind you of is that none of you are independent of another. We all depend on the entire human race to live, eat, walk and every other activity we do through the course of a day.  Someone grew your food, someone breathed in the air that you breathe in now, someone built the streets, your house, or supplied you with basic material or services.  So when you practice gratitude remember this Great Web of humanity and non-human creatures.  This is something Francesco and the Franciscans did well.  They would spend hours practicing gratitude and contemplating this web and how we are all connected.  You might not even like a certain person or kind of person, but that person is part of you.  You can’t avoid this.  If you want to practice Unity Consciousness then you must take what you believe is the good with the bad, and the ignorant with the wise.

Also stay open to the people you meet, even the annoying ones.  They all have something to teach you about yourself and about the world.  Stay open but don’t allow yourself to become hypnotized by other people’s dramas and energy.  Stay away from the media when possible and only listen to high vibrational music.  There was a good reason why Mozart and his colleagues visited the planet and left their signatures behind.  They spoke in the music of the spheres and this is heavenly music.  Some souls aren’t ready to hear it yet, but soon…. You must stay on your paths.

So in a nutshell this is what I can tell you about mindfulness.  If you are serious about growing in consciousness then take our advice.  I can’t swing a magic wand over you and transform your life, but I can lead you step by step on a horrendous path that eventually leads to enlightenment.  As I mentioned earlier those of you who chose the path of light workers, you will need to experience humility through trying circumstances.  These aren’t easy times for you and I advise you to find and connect with your brethren.  Find communities of like-minded individuals.  Then choose if your path is that of the spiritual warrior or the peacemaker.   Or are you a healer? These are actually separate paths and I advise you not to combine them or mix and match.  Buddha was a peacemaker, but Yeshua was a spiritual warrior if this gives you a clue.  Saints Clare and Hildegard von Bingen were healers and Francesco was an activist even though he saw himself as a peacemaker.    We all make mistakes, even saints. LOL

So onward you go and remember that we always love you and bless you.


Saint Jude

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saints Transmissions: Francesco of Assisi--To Be

Saints Transmissions: Saint Francesco of Assisi

Be Onto Others

ST: I find myself constantly judging others and many people have annoying habits that irritate me such as bragging about themselves, gossiping, or complaining about situations in which they don’t clearly have the facts. Name dropping bothers me too and I simply cannot stand hanging around people who feel that they are the center of the Universe and never practice any mindfulness. For example, men who don’t put the toilet seat down when they’re through using the toilet or people who leave the cap off of the toothpaste hoping someone else will put the cap on for them. This is okay for children, but I’m talking about adults.

Saint Francesco of Assisi: Yes, it is hard living among our brothers and sisters especially the less conscious ones. How do you feel compassion for someone wrapped up in them? How do you deal with people who spout off violent sentiments and words most of the time when they don’t even have the facts? How do you deal with people who gossip and judge others so that they can feel more righteous and lift them above the rest of humanity? These are ancient problems and the solutions are actually ancient too. Just look to the teachings of our Great Spiritual Mothers and Fathers.

Let’s look at Buddha for example. Buddha says that the path to enlightenment is to rise above ourselves and to connect with our higher self, that part of us that is connected to God or the Divine. Buddha would tell us to detach from our personal stories and practice non-attachment compassion. Still how do we do that? How do we detach from our emotions and still feel something as profound as compassion? This we struggle with and believe me the Buddhist path is no easier than a mystical Christian or mystical Jewish or mystical Muslim path. We can no longer allow others to push our buttons and the only way to reach that point is to deeply heal our wounds. In order to do that you have to admit that you have wounds and then allow those wounds to come up to the surface. You know a wound is most gruesome right before a true healing occurs.

I’ll give you an example. A soldier is injured in battle, a deep gashing wound. The wound is stitched and bandaged but without removing the bacteria that causes infection. So even though this wound is covered with a neat white bandage, it’s festering and can lead to gangrene. So a surgeon must remove the stitches and clean out the infection from the wound before it can heal. Now apply this same concept to stuck emotions and old wounds. You might cover up those wounds by pretending they don’t actually exist or rationalizing that you are silly to care about the hurt you feel. You might busy yourself or get involved in a relationship (that won’t work out unless you heal those wounds), or you might feed an addiction so you can avoid dealing with those wounds. But now they fester and only that you become emotionally numb which isn’t the same as emotionally detached. So you see where this is going. You cannot live a mindful life and not deal with these wounds. And dealing with emotional wounds means that you must revisit painful experiences, but this time from a place of deeper understanding—something we call compassion. Now do you see where this is going?

Now once you heal these wounds other people’s behavior won’t bother or irritate you. I guarantee this. The reason for this healing is that you are no longer providing a mirror for other people’s behavior. They are no longer providing a reflective surface to you to witness your shadow parts and patterns. Then my dear when you reach this point, you are enlightened. Only the thing about enlightenment is that you don’t realize you are enlightened or if you do you’re not going to brag about it. An enlightened person doesn’t walk up to you and point out the obvious simply because the enlightened person doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him or her. Ego has been squelched. When you finally reach that place of Unity Consciousness you know that to judge others is to judge yourself. But you’re healed by this point and whatever you see in others is their enlightened or higher selves. You have obtained the keys to Nirvana and you can choose to stay there or get involved in the cosmic cycle once again.

Now I mentioned Buddha, but you can apply these same teachings to any spiritual master because this is the only game in town so to speak. If you want to feel closer to God, and the God within you, you must clean out those wounds and endure the process or the journey that it involves. Think of yourself as a knight going into battle with a fierce dragon or use whatever symbolic story will guide you through this journey. Don’t allow complacency in the door. And watch for arrogance, greed, and hatred. Watch for fear and send it running. You only need to focus on love, kindness, and compassion. Live your life in simplicity and you will experience less distractions and more time with the Divine. When you have many things, you have many bills and many worries. There is too huge a price to pay for luxuries and success. The true success is Spiritual Enlightenment and everything else is hooked to a story (which you need to toss out) or an addiction of one kind or another. Of course you are the one who must decide if you want to obtain enlightenment in this lifetime. If the answer is yes, then I advise you to get to work and to unburden yourself before Mother Earth does that for you.

Remember that we love you.


Saint Francesco of Assisi

Sunday, July 3, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude

Leave the irrelevant behind/Visit the Inner Sanctum

ST: Dear Jude you tell me about leaving irrelevant stuff behind and focusing on the necessary only. You tell me to leave superficial concerns behind and toss out negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns. You also tell me to visit my inner sanctum often, but how do I achieve this in such a chaotic world with so much energy and information flying in my face?

Saint Jude: You are not the only person with these concerns. You are right to call your world chaotic, but there is stillness in each and every one of you that you must visit often. Still you ask, “How do we do this?” And there are steps you can take that have been with you since ancient times, in fact, since the beginning of time. You already know what they are. You can find a guru or teacher to set you on the right path or you can stumble in the dark learning how to find this place on your own. In either case you will find it eventually and once you do find it, spend as much time there as you can.

Some of you live near or in natural settings where you can retreat often. Some of you have quiet places to pray and to meditate, and some of you don’t. Some of you literally live in war zones or refugee camps. Some of you live in shelters for the homeless or victims of domestic violence and some of you live on dangerous streets and not in houses. But all of you can still find that inner sanctum, a place where God resides and a place that never leaves you. You might experience glimpses of it throughout the day, those moments of silence between silence or those moments of silence between chaotic moments. It might feel like a crack in time in which you can enter even if briefly.

All of you have God inside you no matter what those genetic specialists and scientists say about some of you possess a god gene and some of you not possessing one. That is nonsense and can destroy a person’s psyche or morale so I ask you not to believe any of this information. All it does is divide you once again into categories and it promotes dualistic thinking. Remember the Dr. Seuss stories in which cartoon-like characters learned these moral lessons? Well, don’t forget those stories. You truly are all equal in God’s eyes, only in the eyes of other humans are you demeaned to a category or asked to accept some distorted identification of you.

So I ask you to toss out all this nonsense and anything that defines you in such a way that you lose your way to God’s love. There are no right paths or wrong paths, but one road that leads to the same place and that place is called Divine Love. It will find you in your most pleasurable moments and your most painful ones. Divine Love and Divine Grace fly in through the windows, seep in through the cracks, and find you at your lowest point. You cannot know love or grace if you have nothing to contrasts and compare them to. You cannot have rain without clouds or light without luminaries floating across the sky. God created a perfect world if only you could view it without distortions.

And those distortions are represented by limiting thoughts and beliefs that you are not loveable and that you are not loved and that you cannot love others. Someone, maybe an authority figure or someone you placed too much trust in told you that you are limited in some way, that you can’t relate to others and that you will never succeed in life. Don’t believe any of it. A doctor or specialist might have diagnosed you with a disease of the body or mind. He or she might have dumped a bunch of labels and identifications on you, but this isn’t the REAL YOU. You are a divine creature created by a DIVINE BEING. You are just a much a part of this universe as a beautiful sunflower reaching for the sun, or a flock of geese flying beneath a full moon on a cloudless night. You are much a part of God’s Love as the most enlightened. You are part of the rainbow, and part of the Great Spectrum of life. No life is wasted here, and in order to find out your role on this earth you must seek healing if you need it. Swallow your pride so that you seek this healing. Allow others to help you, but only if these people don’t expect something in return. Don’t allow others to control or manipulate you, to call you names, or to dump labels on you.

Find your inner sanctum and there you will find the necessities and tools for living a rich life. And when I say rich, I’m not just talking monetary abundance, but a rich life for the soul. Many millionaires are bankrupt in this regard. They have everything material and nothing spiritual. They can wield power in the material world but are bankrupt in the spiritual teachers’ eyes. You know exactly what I’m talking about here. Saint Francesco and Chiara were right and righteous when they removed the distraction of materialism from their lives. They in turn made space for the Divine and in that space found their inner sanctum. Now, I keep coming back to this point because you might have to toss out a lot of nonsense and superficial goods in order to reach this place.

Keep what you need the most and give the rest away. Do not hoard anything not even as an earthquake kit. This only implies that you don’t trust in God to provide. Anytime you hoard or save a closet-full of material goods that you never use, you lack trust in the Divine. Now of course I ask you to discriminate and decide properly what is necessary for you to survive and to thrive in this world, just don’t go overboard say creating bunkers of stuff in case some big catastrophe arrives. This goes against your everyday logic. But bear with me.

So your lesson for this week is to take the first step on the path to your inner sanctum. Meditate for at least 15 minutes in a quiet space even if you need to go to a secluded park or erect a tent in your yard. You can all find a quiet place for this. And get in touch with your inner spiritual teachers. Then ask them about your next step in this process. Keep in contact with these guides and each day you will grow a bit like a plant germinating then sprouting out of the soil in the spring. Take small first steps and as you gain confidence and hear your inner guidance more clearly, you will keep walking closer to enlightenment.

Remember that we love you and will always love you. Keep in contact with us and we guide you.

Love, Light and Blessings,

Saint Jude