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All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude

Leave the irrelevant behind/Visit the Inner Sanctum

ST: Dear Jude you tell me about leaving irrelevant stuff behind and focusing on the necessary only. You tell me to leave superficial concerns behind and toss out negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns. You also tell me to visit my inner sanctum often, but how do I achieve this in such a chaotic world with so much energy and information flying in my face?

Saint Jude: You are not the only person with these concerns. You are right to call your world chaotic, but there is stillness in each and every one of you that you must visit often. Still you ask, “How do we do this?” And there are steps you can take that have been with you since ancient times, in fact, since the beginning of time. You already know what they are. You can find a guru or teacher to set you on the right path or you can stumble in the dark learning how to find this place on your own. In either case you will find it eventually and once you do find it, spend as much time there as you can.

Some of you live near or in natural settings where you can retreat often. Some of you have quiet places to pray and to meditate, and some of you don’t. Some of you literally live in war zones or refugee camps. Some of you live in shelters for the homeless or victims of domestic violence and some of you live on dangerous streets and not in houses. But all of you can still find that inner sanctum, a place where God resides and a place that never leaves you. You might experience glimpses of it throughout the day, those moments of silence between silence or those moments of silence between chaotic moments. It might feel like a crack in time in which you can enter even if briefly.

All of you have God inside you no matter what those genetic specialists and scientists say about some of you possess a god gene and some of you not possessing one. That is nonsense and can destroy a person’s psyche or morale so I ask you not to believe any of this information. All it does is divide you once again into categories and it promotes dualistic thinking. Remember the Dr. Seuss stories in which cartoon-like characters learned these moral lessons? Well, don’t forget those stories. You truly are all equal in God’s eyes, only in the eyes of other humans are you demeaned to a category or asked to accept some distorted identification of you.

So I ask you to toss out all this nonsense and anything that defines you in such a way that you lose your way to God’s love. There are no right paths or wrong paths, but one road that leads to the same place and that place is called Divine Love. It will find you in your most pleasurable moments and your most painful ones. Divine Love and Divine Grace fly in through the windows, seep in through the cracks, and find you at your lowest point. You cannot know love or grace if you have nothing to contrasts and compare them to. You cannot have rain without clouds or light without luminaries floating across the sky. God created a perfect world if only you could view it without distortions.

And those distortions are represented by limiting thoughts and beliefs that you are not loveable and that you are not loved and that you cannot love others. Someone, maybe an authority figure or someone you placed too much trust in told you that you are limited in some way, that you can’t relate to others and that you will never succeed in life. Don’t believe any of it. A doctor or specialist might have diagnosed you with a disease of the body or mind. He or she might have dumped a bunch of labels and identifications on you, but this isn’t the REAL YOU. You are a divine creature created by a DIVINE BEING. You are just a much a part of this universe as a beautiful sunflower reaching for the sun, or a flock of geese flying beneath a full moon on a cloudless night. You are much a part of God’s Love as the most enlightened. You are part of the rainbow, and part of the Great Spectrum of life. No life is wasted here, and in order to find out your role on this earth you must seek healing if you need it. Swallow your pride so that you seek this healing. Allow others to help you, but only if these people don’t expect something in return. Don’t allow others to control or manipulate you, to call you names, or to dump labels on you.

Find your inner sanctum and there you will find the necessities and tools for living a rich life. And when I say rich, I’m not just talking monetary abundance, but a rich life for the soul. Many millionaires are bankrupt in this regard. They have everything material and nothing spiritual. They can wield power in the material world but are bankrupt in the spiritual teachers’ eyes. You know exactly what I’m talking about here. Saint Francesco and Chiara were right and righteous when they removed the distraction of materialism from their lives. They in turn made space for the Divine and in that space found their inner sanctum. Now, I keep coming back to this point because you might have to toss out a lot of nonsense and superficial goods in order to reach this place.

Keep what you need the most and give the rest away. Do not hoard anything not even as an earthquake kit. This only implies that you don’t trust in God to provide. Anytime you hoard or save a closet-full of material goods that you never use, you lack trust in the Divine. Now of course I ask you to discriminate and decide properly what is necessary for you to survive and to thrive in this world, just don’t go overboard say creating bunkers of stuff in case some big catastrophe arrives. This goes against your everyday logic. But bear with me.

So your lesson for this week is to take the first step on the path to your inner sanctum. Meditate for at least 15 minutes in a quiet space even if you need to go to a secluded park or erect a tent in your yard. You can all find a quiet place for this. And get in touch with your inner spiritual teachers. Then ask them about your next step in this process. Keep in contact with these guides and each day you will grow a bit like a plant germinating then sprouting out of the soil in the spring. Take small first steps and as you gain confidence and hear your inner guidance more clearly, you will keep walking closer to enlightenment.

Remember that we love you and will always love you. Keep in contact with us and we guide you.

Love, Light and Blessings,

Saint Jude

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