Sunday, August 28, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude's Wisdom

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude

When Someone is in Trouble Assume the Worst

ST: Dear Jude, what do you mean by when someone is in trouble to assume the worst? Isn’t this negative programming? Why should we assume the worst scenario?

Saint Jude: Good day to all. So many times we see a person or non-human in trouble and we walk away thinking someone else will solve the problem. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the saints and angels are calling on you to help this soul. But you might rationalize that the problem isn’t so big, or that someone else will come along with a solution so you do nothing when you should have done something. Do you see where I’m going?

You might also feel that there are too many people, organizations, animals, the environment etc in need and you can’t keep up with it all. This is understandable, but we’re not asking you to help every animal, every human or to solve all the environmental problems. But if someone or some problem comes to you, it needs your attention. You might not have money to hand out, but you might know of an organization that can help someone in need or you might just lend an ear to someone who needs some comfort and validation. Because you see what happens when a catastrophe or reversal of fortune happens to someone they blame themselves. They sink deeper and deeper into-a-hole thinking they are the worst person on the planet and deserve the punishment.

I’m not saying that karma and the law of cause and effect don’t exist. They are very much part of your reality. But as one of your psychic friends once pointed out, maybe it is your karma to help this person out in some way. How do you expect a person to get on the right path if everyone treats them cruelly? I’m not saying that there aren’t con artists and scams out there of people posing in need and begging for your mercy. Those people exist so use discernment. But if you know someone, a friend or a colleague in trouble and you don’t offer help, what kind of karma do you think you will accrue? When God calls on you to help someone and you ignore the call, what do you think happens to your luck? This is negative behavior—turning away from a friend in need. I’m not asking you to solve the person’s problems, but to at least give the person a leg up and help them get their thoughts in order. Offer words of encouragement and comfort.

There will be times when you will need those comforting words yourself, if not now. If you are the introverted type then at least pray for others, but don’t pray for them to change their lives, but to come up with solutions or to change their perceptions. Don’t pray for disasters not to occur because then you are disturbing the Divine Plan or Mother Earth’s need to purge. Some things you will have to endure as part of balancing the collective karma. Some of you will perish now. Many of you will perish now, but the After Life will bring peace to your soul if you allow it. Some of you will stay on the planet during a transition period and then return to the God Source. Others will stay on indefinitely and give birth to a new age, but about one third of the current earth’s inhabitants. Now, you might think this is a lottery of souls and wonder if you have the right numbers. I won’t tell you that. Allow the Great Mystery to unravel. And know that it is not shameful if you leave the planet now or in the near future. Only your soul and your Guardian Angels know your destiny.

And don’t imagine that the only people who stay upon the earth are practicing alternative spirituality and living a sustainable lifestyle. While we commend these behaviors, we’re not dealing with a reward and punishment situation. Although low-vibe people will not stay upon the earth unless they raise their vibration and balance their karma now. Some high vibration people have chosen to leave the planet now too. They feel that they have completed the work they came to do and their souls wish to return to the source. The high and low vibration souls will not go to the same realm. Low vibration souls will either be put to sleep for a 100+ years or they will be sent to a cosmic center for deep healing. Again, we can’t predict which souls go where.

So getting back to today’s theme, if a friend of yours is in trouble, do what you can to help them. I know it is easy to rationalize and make excuses. It is easy to focus on your own problems, but that friend is a mirror to your own behavior so by healing some part of their situation you also heal your own soul. When you please the angels and saints, you balance karma. When you balance karma you feel that your fortune changes from bad to good, relatively speaking. So that tornado that was supposed to kill you suddenly veers in the opposite direction. That car that was supposed to slam into your car causing a fatal accident misses your car.

I hope this clears up confusion regarding lending a helping hand during chaotic times. Remember that we always love and bless you especially when you stumble in the dark.


Saint Jude

Sunday, August 21, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude and Saint Magdalene

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude & Mary Magdalene

The Way of a Worthy World

ST: Welcome saints. What does the way of a worthy world mean?

Saint Mary Magdalene: Look at the state of the planet at the moment and I think this will answer your question. Look at the ways people determine their worth and the worth of the planet. Some people regard the planet as fodder for their selfish pursuits. I almost said “dreams” but the word dreams usually promote something positive. People use this planet and her resources for private gain and in –this-moment pleasures. That’s not to say that these people are living in the moment, just acting fearfully with the mentality “get it all before it’s gone.” Remember those K-Mart blue light specials or perhaps Boxing Day sales where it is sheer pandemonium.

We’re not telling you to toss out all material goods and pretend that you don’t live in a material reality at this time. We’re not telling you that you can’t practice gratitude for the things in your life, but we will tell you that any happiness derived from these belongings is short lived in comparison to God’s love which last for eternity. I don’t promote guilt for loving your new kitchen or enjoying a shopping trip which you think you reinvented yourself. But a better makeover is the one of your soul and you won’t find that in the material realm. You must look to a spiritual path and a cosmic perspective for this type of makeover. And this is the type of makeover that will save you when the flood waters fill your homes or the fires burn your towns.

We understand temptations of the material world. Remember we lived here once too and I enjoyed my share of luxuries, at least the early part of my life. Later I found something else to feed me when I hung out in caves pondering the mystical and unknown. And it’s true that most of you are not suited for this type of contemplation. Many of you are young souls floundering and waiting for some great master teacher to come along and save you. Only he already came and left a message that was later distorted. Then other master teachers came and their messages were also twisted and turned around to the point of only making sense to power-hungry leaders, if you can call them leaders. I think of these leaders as wicked shepherds who lead their sheep off a cliff! That’s where humanity is heading right now, off a cliff and there’s little anyone can do to wake up people who prefer to sleep in total darkness.

But don’t dismay. Those of you awake and aware will reach the promise land soon enough, the thousand years of peace promised to you for centuries. You must not give up your faith. You must turn away from everything that does not serve your soul. We realize the challenges you face in doing this. We understand that when you examine misplaced loyalties it hurts your hearts and fries your brains. Some of you will break down; others will experience meltdowns, but you will get through this period and stronger from your challenges.

Saint Jude: I agree with Magdalene. My view of a world worthy is earth stewardship. This poses a challenge during a time when countries and billions of people are addicted to fossil fuels to keep the world turning. While you have enjoyed many conveniences, including the computer this message is typed on, the drilling of the earth’s blood and the digging into her flesh, will not serve you any longer. These are among the most foolish acts in human history. I know many of you won’t believe my words and feel that they are blasphemous. But do you think Buddha and Christ would approve of you destroying the planet just so you can have computers, cars, television sets, etc? These things are of no interests to avatars. And watch out for any “avatar” who has an interests in these things because they’ll come begging to you for money so that they can live a certain lifestyle which is far from sacred.

They are false avatars who studied with this or that master. But just because someone studied with a master, even one with great integrity doesn’t mean that they are masters themselves. A true master healer or master teacher is someone who walks away from the material realm, finds nirvana or heaven on earth and then brings that back to others through selfless healing. Those who serve humanity without any expectations (not even money) are your true teachers.

This isn’t to say that these teachers and healers can’t ask for funds to meet their living expenses. That’s expected. But when they live in lavish castles and gold-laden shrines/temples, they have allowed corruption to enter their lives. Why should you believe anything they say? Perhaps they want you to give them all your wealth so that they can continue to live a lavish life at everyone else’s expense. Now, there are some of you who will ask me how I can say such words. I never mince words and the truth needs to be told. Yeshua would never approve of the Vatican or other luxurious places of worship. Worship God in your heart because that is where you find God, not among the riches drilled and mined from the earth. God created a beautiful planet and never asked for it to be transformed into religious architecture where the wealthy exploit the desperate and less fortunate.

We’re not against architecture, but we’re saying that God never asked for these monuments in his/her name. If you want a cathedral go out to a forest with cathedral trees. If you want to experience sacredness, go hang out on the top of a mountain. It’s all here for your enjoyment, at least for a while longer. Plus you’ll find God in nature. Go on a vision quest and learn to truly respect the earth and her invisible helpers. You don’t need to starve yourself in order to fulfill this quest, but do what is necessary to remove all distractions. Spirit can’t enter a busy mind or a bulging gut.

So our message is to detach from the material world. Still give thanks and practice gratitude for your material wealth, but know it won’t last for much longer. Running around like it’s a Labor Day sale isn’t going to prevent the inevitable. You will soon face a choice, Love or Fear, Spirit or Material. Only one of these roads will lead you to peace and contentment. The other will lead to suffer and un-fulfillment.

Remember that we always love you.

Saint Jude and Saint Magdalene

Friday, August 12, 2011

All Saints transmissions: Discern

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Discern between Fear and Love

ST: I feel so foolish these days.  I had watched a doom and gloom scenario online video filled with propaganda and believed it.  In fact, I experienced a meltdown from watching that video.  The scenario where it places its focus revolved around "End Days" you know this great catastrophe is going to happen and turn people into robots embedded with microchips unless they allow love into their hearts...

Saint Jude: You also questioned the validity of this video so don't punish yourself.  Your friend at the spiritual shop gave you good advice--use discernment with all spiritual messages and check out the source.  She's right in that anyone can paste together an online video and pretend that they're experts about end times.  They attach it to something you are familiar with such as the Mayan or Hopi prophecy, add some repetitive beats and voila, you have the ability to brainwash the masses.

So you're probably wondering what is happening on the planet.  Change and a grand shift are taking place, no one can argue with that.  The energy is coming at you quicker than before and duality much clearer.  Which is why you should be able to discern between fear and love.  It is so transparent! If you feel fear when you watch a video or read a book, by all means, stop what you're doing because you are moving in the wrong direction.  Unless of course you enjoy emotional meltdowns and feeling frightened.  And don't be fooled by well-meaning friends who send you this stuff.  They could be deluded as well.  It is you who must decide what you feel comfortable with and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Transformation is happening, global warming is happening, a mass awakening is happening, and disasters will continue to happen until the earth has cleansed herself.  But you're not alone, you are never alone, spirit help is always available.  You can focus on what you have lost in the process or focus on what you gain in the new beginnings, the new dawn approaching.  You'll find that your losses are welcomed because you were clinging to the outworn and outdated anyway.  You'll find you have more freedom now and can move in any direction, that you are no longer confined to someone else's idea of who you are.  You can now find your authentic self and live the way your soul/spirit dictates.  You will free yourself from the oppressor which in a sense is the old you and old way of living/being.

So take heart and use discernment.  Check in with yourself and see where you are heading and if you don't like where you are heading, quickly change directions.  You stand at that proverbial fork in the road and you must choose between love or fear.  Both have rewards and consequences.  Choose wisely my dears.  Remember we always love you.


Saint Jude

Saturday, August 6, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Judge Not

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Judge Not, or Judge Yourself

ST: I find myself judging others and I know what it feels like to land on the other end of judgement.  How do we stop judging others when the media especially and morality of religion in particular judge constantly?

Saint Jude: Oh, what a prickly subject! Yes, you live in a world where judgement is passed in a blink of an eye.  It's like you mentioned earlier to people passing judgement on a criminal, why don't you just burn him on the stakes in a public square.  We know you didn't mean that literally, and your sarcasm unfortunately was missed in this situation.  Remember that the blind can't see and the deaf can't hear and people who live in 3-D and plan on staying there, don't understand lofty spiritual concepts.  They do know all about ego though.

Now we know that the ego promotes concept, illusion of separation.  It does this by judging others.  And when it judges others it feels superior and so the ego is gratified.  You're right in that the media and religious institutions act irresponsibly, but this is not always the case.  Sometimes the media shows the best in others, the highest ideal.  Yes, this is still judgement, but at least it isn't negative.  When you notice something in others that you admire, then you actually feel better about yourself.  Why? Because you are one with that other.  There is only ONE of US here so when you act negatively or when you notice someone else irritating you with negative behavior, look in the mirror.

When you step into the Higher Dimensions you leave all this pettiness and negativity behind.  But you must make this choice, right? And by making the choice, you do your best not to judge others harshly.  Walk away from those conversations, don't read those types of articles and refuse to engage in gossip. And don't let psyhic vampires and control freaks get you down.  They have no power over you unless you allow it.

This is a short transmission.  Remember that we love you.


Saint Jude