Monday, June 27, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Protect Your Food Sources

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude

What’s Eating You?

ST: Dear Jude, I’m concerned about the American food industry, GMO foods, and the high price the environment and non-humans pay so that Americans can consume cheap food. How can we practice compassion in regard to food and each other? I know that I feel so passionate about food security and nutrition that I sometimes stomp on people’s feelings in regard to their choice of food or food stuff, as Michael Pollan phrases it.

Saint Jude: Well, food is the stuff of life and it’s the stuff of your soul. When the soul feels empty so does the body and so the person seeks out some substance to fill them up, quench their desires, and really do a lot of different things. But beyond the psychological comfort eating and food provides, we must move past immediate gratification and gaze at the bigger picture which is telling us that the current food system is literally destroying the planet. So you feel angry, rightfully so, but you also must know about the darker forces at work who are in charge of destroying the planet.

ST: You mean transnational corporations controlling our seed and food supplies?

SJ: Yes, I mean that, but not only that. What is the larger force at work here? Why is it allowed to continue promoting such damage and why do few people question these dark forces, much less why don’t more people know about the dark forces pulling the strings behind the scenes? You have heard all sorts of theories and analysis. You have heard that aliens have come to the planet to destroy it and you have heard of shadow governments. But all you need to know is that you can rise above the powers of dark forces by making different choices. You can choose to wake up from the trance, not watch television, not take pharmaceuticals that numb your mind and body, and you can choose to eat food that is grown close by you either locally or in your own backyard.

It’s not about economics or money. Anyone, I’m going to repeat that, anyone can eat inexpensive organically grown food. Gather with neighbors and tear up a parking lot in a suburban or intercity lot and grow a community and vegetables. Plant fruit and nut trees in your yard or grow tomatoes on your balcony or lettuce on a windowsill. I’ll repeat this isn’t about money or social class. It’s about food justice, but the powers-that-be (in the physical realm) aren’t going to provide food justice for you. That’s not in their best interests as far as they’re concerned. You must remember that heads of many corporations, especially the biggest ones live in a trance. They’re bottom line is a greedy one and they’ll play any game to keep the public and mass majority under the power. They’ll lie, cheat, and steal, especially your health and well-being because they still believe in the illusion of separation.

So you must do two things. Stay on your spiritual path promoting the tenets of Unity Consciousness and dissolve the illusion of separation. And two, you must grow your own food organically or with biodynamic practices or support those that grow food that way. Look around you and see what projects exists in your neighborhood or community. Look for locavore forums and online chat groups and join them. Attend civic meetings and go to farmers markets where you get to know your local farmers. If you can grow organic food in your yard then donate extra to food banks. If you’re on food stamps or use the food bank take advantage of programs that provide organic food to you. Don’t be afraid to ask for healthier food choices and don’t refrain from educating yourself about mass consumed foods in your country. Sign petitions, and write letters to protect food security. Spiritual activism exists too you know.

So that is your assignment for the week. Find out where your food comes from and the situations surrounding your food source. If you don’t like what you see, hear, or feel, then make small changes today and bigger changes tomorrow. You’re not alone. If what you learn causes you to feel outraged, you’re not alone. If you think no one cares about where food comes from, you’re not alone. Find a community of like-minded individuals and share your concerns. Help each other. Talk to each other, and share what you have with others. Us-saints believe that we can turn the food situation around and quickly, but you must act now.

Remember that we love you.


Saint Jude

Sunday, June 26, 2011

FYI: Message to Readers

The Saints Transmission for this week is delayed.  I have little access to the internet and I didn't save the transmission on my computer.  It's on a flash drive so.... stay tune.

The next transmission revolves around food security and safety as viewed by Saint Jude.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saints Transmissions: Mary Magdalene on The Cosmic Mother & Prophesies

Saints Transmissions: Mary Magdalene (Cosmic Mother)
The Messages of the Prophesies

ST: Dear Saint Magdalene, I’m currently reading about the Mayan Prophecies and I would like to know your view on these prophesies and how you think they fit into prophesies of other ancient people.

Saint Mary Magdalene:  This is a good question or observation, if you will call it that.  One world comes to a close while another one opens.  One spiral ends leading to the next, but humanity has only the slightest clue of where it heads next.  And actually there is a crossroad or as some spiritual leaders mention, heaven and hell on earth.  Some teachers say that you can choose between love and fear, but first you must know the difference.  We have discussed this before in depth on this blog so we won’t go into dualism on this juncture.

The crossroads represents a turning point not just for individuals, but for humanity as a whole.  You might have heard of the analogy of lighting one candle and then from that candle lighting other candles, no? A single candle then can light an entire room by sharing its flame with others.  Now let’s compare the flame to passion or make an analogy about flames and passion.  Saint Jeanne would love this or not, but she knows what can happen when passion is taken in the wrong direction.  Now, I have nothing against taking the sword of truth into battle, but you had better know the TRUTH first.  Remember that evil or darkness or fear exists in every one of you, not just those that you project your darkness onto like a black canvas.  The age of scapegoats has ended, and now we embark into the age of responsibility.

So maybe your passion is for a peaceful planet or maybe your passion is to protect non-humans on the planet.  Your passion might revolve around feeding the hunger or liberating the oppressed.  Now be extremely careful here about whose toes you step on because if you are a person of peace, then you would step on no toes.  If you truly felt peace then you would transcend all illusions and suffer no delusions.  Mental and emotional illness would not appear in your daily language.  What we see is extreme paranoia on the planet in the form of self-righteous fear.

Yesterday you asked why people have a need to kill.  You were referring to insects or perhaps it was invasive plants in your region of the world.  The reason why people have this need is because they feel that the world is out of control.  They feel the need to manipulate and control the world to bring themselves a sense of safety and security.  But as you know, this is an illusion.  You can’t control the world that THE DIVINE created.  You can only suffer the delusion that you have control.  You think you can foster technology or join some group that will usher in a time of peace and prosperity for all.  But only GOD is in Control.  Yes, humanity co-creates, but only within thin parameters.

Watch a hurricane or a tornado blow through an area and see what it leaves behind in its wake.  Think of the same for volcanoes, fires, floods, and earthquakes then tell me who has the final say.  There are no technologies humans can create that can stop natural catastrophes, but you do have technologies to curb climate change if you were intelligent enough to actually employ them.  You can’t stop war through technology or protect a country with an expensive and expansive shield.  As long as hatred and fear exist in your heart, war will ravage the earth.  Until humanity learns the true meaning and sacrifice of creating a peaceful world/planet, you will continue to fight amongst yourself.

So let’s look at prophesies you mentioned and how they can play out at this time.  You ask will humanity reach enlightenment. We can’t actually answer that because this chapter has many dimensions.  Again, we stand at those crossroads where each of you individually can choose heaven or hell.  There are literally layers of dimensions and you can only enter from your signature vibration.  So don’t expect to get into heaven or higher vibrations if you don’t unburden yourself with negative habits.  The true meaning of “sin” is “without” just like in the Spanish language.  You can substitute the French word “sans” if you like.  So if you live in ignorance (spiritual ignorance) then you live in sin.  If you live a life without compassion, love, forgiveness and grace, then you live in sin.  If you treat your neighbors and others badly then you live in sin.  If you judge others to make yourself look better, you live in sin. If you live your life from a place of fear instead of love, then you live in sin.  I could go on all day showing you all the various scenarios of how sin plays out in your lives, but who has time for that?

What I will tell you this and you must take these words to heart is that if you live in sin, then you cannot enter heaven.  This does not imply that you are evil, but it does imply that you are not without evil.  And if you find yourself constantly judging others as evil, then you had better look in the mirror because like attracts like.  If you notice annoying habits in others and this constantly happens to you, then take a look at those four fingers pointing back at you.  YOU have heard the saying that THERE IS ONLY ONE OF US HERE.  This is true in UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.  So until you practice extreme tolerance (I’m not suggesting that you foster bad habits in others), but that you live by example of what you consider grace.

Now, this is a hard lesson.  You might feel like kicking yourself right about now.  I suggest that you don’t punish or blame yourselves.  These are not easy lessons to master which is why they have been present on the earth for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years.  The prophets and saints did not live perfect lives.  We rose above the occasion often and strived towards walking our talk, but we fell short on some days.  When a good friend died, or when we experienced extreme loss, we succumbed to darkness, but then we rose out of that darkness.  Now we teach others how to do the same.

Humility is the road to enlightenment and in fact, it’s the only road.  Humility when we describe it involves a total surrender to a HIGHER MIND-BEING.  Humility implies that you don’t have the answers or technology to save the planet.  Humility also implies that humanity brought the planet to the brink of destruction through its lack of trust of a HIGHER POWER.  Oh, yes, you have your holy books which you don’t mind quoting out of context.  You have your religions and religious wars.  You have enough self-righteousness and self-loathing to fill the UNIVERSE.  You have illusions and cheap drama, but you must ask yourself if you actually know GOD.  If you truly knew GOD then you would give up this need to control and surrender to LOVE.  ONLY FEAR STOPS YOU.

So you ask about the Mayan Prophesies and this is what I tell you.  Stop involving yourself in puzzles and mysteries and just LOVE each other and yourself.  The key to opening this door to higher dimensions is love and it is also trust.  Many of you feel lead astray at the moment.  Many of you feel lost and wonder if there is a GOD.  You will come through this darkness and foster love and trust.  Then my dears you will enter the KINGDOM of HEAVEN as mentioned in numerous prophesies under various guises.  But you must first surrender everything to HIGHER WISDOM and admit you know nothing.  You are babes in the woods and you must accept the guidance presented to you now.

Remember that we love and bless you.


Saint Mary Magdalene

Sunday, June 12, 2011

FranAll Saints Transmissions: Saints Francesco and Chiara of Assisi

Saints Transmissions: Saint Francesco and Saint Chiara of Assisi
Focus on Beauty & Enchantment Only

ST: I watched the movie “The Celestine Prophecy” in a meditative state and you came up in the movie.  Actually, Francesco and Chiara, you have come up many times for me in the past few days.  But I’m thinking that your message is for all Humanity and not just me.  After all, we are talking Unity Consciousness here, no?

Saints Francesco and Chiara: Focus on beauty and enchantment of the planet and you see the Face of God-Goddess.  You see the creator which creates from gentleness, compassion and love.  If you focus on negative and destructive things or situations you feed them.  You spoon nourishment into the mouths of negative entities and energies when you focus on them.  Is this what you want to nourish and give growth to in the world? Ask yourself also what you would like to see in the world.  Is it peace, love, prosperity and abundance?

We realize that the planet feels chaotic at the moment.  Storms come out of nowhere and wipe out illusions of the material world.  But here’s what they don’t tell you on the daily news—they don’t tell you about the protectiveness and feelings of peace that victims of hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters experience.  The reporters don’t ask questions of the spiritual nature.  They just focus on the negative when in actuality there are no victims and there are no accidents.

ST: So are you telling us to detach from outcomes and our beliefs about certain situations?

F & C: Yes, we are telling you exactly that.  You must remember that Chiara and I walked away from the material world.  We denounced all of it, but found that in fact we still lived in this material world.  At first this disturbed us and we felt disillusioned.  I personally fell into deep despair until I realized that it is all about balance.  We asked ourselves how can we love God and ignore the gifts God bestows upon us. We misunderstood Jesus’ message about walking out into the desert without shoes or anything to burden us.  He wasn’t telling us to literally walk naked into the unknown, but to surrender our egos and not allow the material world to control us.  The heart and soul never reside in the material world, but the body needs our attention too.  So for centuries people have misunderstood our teachings.

 Now, you might ask, what are those teachings? And I would tell you that you can find the answer in certain Buddhist practices.   You don’t need to denounce anything or anyone or any practice that actually serves your highest good and potential.  But you must get in touch with your hearts because your hearts and souls lead you to a better experience on the earth.  You need your minds too, but for too long the minds have ruled the roost and look where that has brought humanity—to the brink of possible extinction.

ST:  I know you love all creatures so how do you feel about climate change which is human-caused? And how can we focus on only positive things when we also need to fight for the planet on a daily if not an hourly basis? We can’t let the transnational corporations destroy this planet through greed and commerce.  I think this is where many of us lose sight of our spiritual paths.  I’ve heard of spiritual warriors and spiritual activism so how do these work?

F & C: Oh, very good questions.  As you know, Chiara and I experienced our angry moments too.  No one wants to see the destruction of the beautiful earth when they walk a spiritual path or feel even slightly awakened.  But you can’t go through your life burning from anger either.  By focusing on beauty and enchantment of the natural world you empower the elementals and protective auras of the creatures and their habitat.  Every time you chant, meditate, sing, dance or find some way to enjoy your life on the planet that isn’t destructive in the bigger sense, you heal the planet.  You know that if you all lift your vibration by focusing on natural beauty, ugliness cannot co-exist with it.  High vibrations repel low ones, but if you stoop to anger, outrage, judgment, etc…you greatly lower your vibration and so guess what you experience?

Now, I know exactly what you’re thinking ---that if you don’t notice the evils in the world (evil actually doesn’t exist), that you’re not acting like a responsible adult.  But look at who you’re speaking to—do I remind you of a responsible adult? Remember I walked away from “adult responsibilities” to live simply close the earth and see the world through the eyes of a child so to speak.  Chiara did the same thing.  We all did in our community of friars and nuns.  Oh, yes, the responsible adult types laughed at us and scoffed at our simple ways.  Are you crazy? They asked.   Perhaps we were crazy, but compared to what?

And now humanity as a whole stands on the proverbial crossroads between ugliness and beauty.  And I’m telling you if your goal is to save the planet, then angry words in the socio-political arena aren’t going to take you to your goal.  Ranting and raving keeps you in the lion’s den and you can only see evil and if you can only see evil you will feel despair and hopelessness.  Your vibration will decrease to the point where you feel like you have landed in hell.  And you have.  But in every single moment, you can choose differently and arrive in heaven.  It’s always your choice.  I know what we choose and we hope you choose the high road too.

Remember that we love you.

Love and Blessings,

Francesco and Chiara

Sunday, June 5, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Follow Your Nose

Saints Transmission: Mary Magdalene (Magdala) and Saint Jude
Follow Your Nose

ST: I remember the old Fruitloops commercial from my childhood where the toucan told us to follow our nose because it always knows.  Lately though I've also had to follow my gut even when someone is sneaky, clever and charming, especially then.  Could you advise us on what this entails? How do we know we are following our gut or just caving into irrational fear?

Saint Jude & Mary Magdalene:  Yes, my dears, very important question.  How do you tell the difference between ego and soul? That's what it comes down to.  The ego never ever feels loving.  It tells you how great you are, but wants you to stroke it like a cat instead.  And just like a cat, it purrs at you.  "Tell me more about myself...Please..." But the ego can also rip you and anyone around you apart.

So what is the difference between discrimination (following the nose or the gut) and following the twisted path of your egos?  One will cause you to act more loving towards those around you, one will lift you up and you'll feel centered.  The other one leaves you feeling oppressed, disenchanted with life and nitpicky.  If something doesn't smell right, it's wrong for you.  So really pay attention to smells, how people smell, how situations and atmospheres feel.  Do you feel goosebumps or chills in any part of your body? Do your ears start ringing? Do you feel a low energy hitting or pulling on your solar plexus?  Do you feel a heaviness or a lightness?

Yes, these are a lot of things to keep track but you have the skills within you to do this.  So you're talking to someone and something doesn't feel right, then it isn't.  What's the first thing you feel, is it uplifted or down-lifted? Pay attention because there are millions of souls here to trick you, steal energy from you, and do whatever they have to do to keep you beneath them.  There are millions of souls who get themselves into a powerful position through soul criminal activity--soul sucking, playing games, manipulation and control.

These people might have prestigious or important jobs.  They might look together on the outside or they might look disheveled.  They're wracked with insecurities and use charm to hide their flaws.  They dress the part, talk the walk, and generally have you doubting your own instincts.  You might ask yourself how can someone who has a good job, a beautiful home and a good standing in the community act like a viper on the sly? And it happens.  You only have your nose and your gut to follow.  If the situation doesn't feel right, it isn't.  I repeat this phrase because I want you to memorize it and take it to heart.  So when you find yourself in a situation that smells wrong, you'll walk the other way.  That you'll trust your instincts that God-Goddess gave you.

The world is full of darkness, but also light.  Your role is to distinguish between the two and the lines drawn aren't obvious.  There is a tendency in your American society especially to judge a book by its cover.  If someone isn't well-dressed they are less trusted than someone in a suit or it could but rarely go the other way.  People are more likely to smile at you if you wear designer clothing and have you hair done on a regular basis then if you happen to be a simple person with a bad hair day.

Yet, watch your posture.  Practice poise no matter how you dress or what money you have in the bank.  Never measure your success as a human being by the money in your bank account and don't allow anyone else to measure your success from that either.  Dignity folks. 

So back to following your instincts, the toucan was right, the nose always knows.  Sounds like a cute rhyme but is factual.  Learn the difference between ego and soul/heart. You must meditate to get to this point because the ego is a trickster, an angel and a devil in disguise.  Get to know your inner voice.  Get to know God.  Then you'll know the difference so you can discriminate what is highest and best for you.  Only you can decide that.  No one can really advise you so you must follow your own nose and your own gut.

Remember that we love and bless you.

Saints Magdala and Jude