Sunday, April 24, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Happy Easter!

Saints Transmission: Happy Easter
Will You Rise to the Occasion?

ST: Easter and Earth Day fell in the same weekend this year and this has caused some deep introspection on my part. What were Christ's and Magdalene's views toward the planet, their earthwalk and all the other creatures? I've heard that Christ cared deeply about the other creatures, but is this true? I would imagine if he was the Son of God then he would feel a great appreciation for the earth and its inhabitants. He was also considered "radical" by some so maybe he didn't believe in the dominating of non-humans. What can you tell me?

All Saints & Mary Magdalene: Oh, my dear, what questions you ask! How can any sensitive human live on the planet and not see the joy or suffering of other creatures, not to mention the earth herself? Yes, Jesus and I (Mary) cared and felt compassion for the creatures. We saw the beauty of the butterflies, understood the plight of the ants and bees, and respected all creatures, especially the ones used to feed humans. We blessed all our food and where the food derived.

When the dear sweet birds sang, we whistled along in solidarity. I know you often think of our dear Francesco as the Patron Saint of Ecology, but where do you think he learned how to love the creatures if not from us? It was Jesus who opened up Francesco's poetic eyes, and he opened your eyes too so that you would care deeply about the earth and her inhabitants. And even those who don't believe in any avatars, if you care at all about the earth, then you have been in conversation with us. We don't care if you speak to Buddha, to Krishna, Sarasvati or us, what we do care about is that you wake up, open your eyes, and take responsibility for your lives on the planet.

Although we support grassroots and non-profits' efforts to take better care of the earth, the responsibility should never be placed on their shoulders alone. Each and everyone of you must play your roles to the hilt. Maybe you start your own organization to care for the earth, or you plant an organic garden in your backyard. Maybe you do something to help the insects or other creatures, or maybe you teach children how to love and care for the planet. You could teach your fellow adults too. And don't think that the children can't teach you a thing or two, so often in their innocence they are fantastic teachers.

Many children, especially in this current age hear the angels and saints whispering to them. They might talk to Buddha or Jesus or Mother Mary or whoever. They might speak with a loving grandparent who passed on or ancestors dating further back. Don't ever dismiss the prophecies of indigenous children and take them seriously. These children might seem like tricksters or wisecracks at first, but they know something you don't so listen carefully.

And while we are the subject of teachers and developing better listening skills, turn your senses to the natural world. All the Great Master Teachers practiced humility and allowed the natural world and children to teach them. Even a small dose of humility reaps rewards. Do you seek enlightenment? Then give up this jaded idea that you already know everything because I'm telling you, that you don't. You know enough to live your lives in limited ways. You have survival knowledge, even the brightest among you only have this. Humanity as a while is using 1/5th of its brain power and even less of its heart power.

Remember these words. You live in fear and limitations and call this "common sense" or you allow "experts" to tell you how to eat, how to live, how to grow your food, etc... instead of tapping into your own inner wisdom. And don't give us the excuse that you don't know how to tap into your inner wisdom, because that is an innate talent that you all possess. Children can teach you how to tap into this wisdom, but ultimately, you must figure this out for yourself. Jesus and Buddha won't do this for you, but they might give you some spiritual tools and metaphors.

If us saints sound cranky on this lovely Easter, it's because humanity must wake up now, not tomorrow, and it is you, you as individuals that must wake up. Don't focus on others doing this, do it yourself and then your rippling out effect will excite and inspire others to join you in your wakefulness. So it comes down to taking full responsibility for yourself, your life path, and your interaction with the planet. You know what sacrifices you need to make, what changes you need to implement and which path you need to walk. Now do it. Stop thinking about it, stop dreaming about it, and stop trying to manifest it. Just do it, as your Nike ad tells you. That involves taking a first step, even a tiny step, and then another, and another, and soon you're walking on the right path. You know it too because everything falls in place.

So get in touch with your inner wisdom and get to know it intimately, like your best loyal friend. Then ask it what step do I take now? And you'll be surprised at the answer. You have within your current means everything you need to take that first step. When the Universe/God sees that you are serious (God will test you first), resources will appear just when you need them. Trust and have faith.

So the Easter message is Rise to the Occasion.

Remember that we love you.


All Saints

Monday, April 18, 2011

Saints Transmissions: Jude on Complacency

Saints Transmission: Saint Jude
Complacency: Waking up is Hard to Do

ST: We have experienced many wake up calls in the past few months and yet, humanity as a whole seems rather complacent.  Jude, I'm concerned that humanity won't wake up in time and we will destroy life on this planet.  I know anger doesn't wake people up, obviously 9.0 earthquakes, large oil spills, and freak storms don't wake people up so what will work?

Saint Jude: Yes, I share your concern.  Too many people are hitting the snooze button and too many people are choosing fear as a normal way of life. All the saints and angels feel concern, but we're not worried.  You probably wonder why we don't worry over possible catastrophe of the earth and that is because we visualize humanity finally waking up.

Yet, you ask how do you wake up all those sleepy heads.  You're correct anger and outrage won't do it, injecting more fear into the system with disturbing news and reports won't wake them up, only love will and can wake others up.  The gentleness of a lullaby that lulls people to sleep can also wake them up to greet a new dawn.

Currently humanity journeys through the dark night of the soul, the darkest hour before the beautiful dawn appears on the horizon, before the moon sets and Venus rises.  This is the dawning of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine, but first you must slay the dragons, but not through might and warfare. You must slay the dragons with love, faith, and compassion. The dragons aren't beasts, you see, but the darkness that looms on the horizon and in people's hearts.  You can't heal a heart with hatred or going to battle with it.  No, you must heal the planet through love and one loving act at a time. It is the only way.

So if you want to wake someone up who is fast asleep don't slap him or her in the face. Gently rock their body back and forth.  Plant a kiss on the crown of their heads, smile, and offer help when the person needs it. Inspire through kind words and acts.  Don't say one thing, that you're for peace and then act as if you would rather do battle with the world.  You can't have peace and war at the same time. You must choose.  Just like you can't feel love and fear at the same time.

But I'll tell you that humanity has an addiction to fear.  You might ask why anyone would enjoy that rumbling low vibration, but the adrenaline rush and the drama of fear excites too many humans.  They feel brave when they have fears to face, but the greatest act any of you could do at this time is to embrace love. Now that is the act of a true warrior, not to create more fears and troubles, but to live love.  Yes, that's right live love.  Don't just talk about it or think about it, or say that you will change tomorrow.  Live love now.

Remember that we love you and bless you.


Saint Jude

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saints Transmission: Jeanne d'Arc--Lay down your swords.

Saint Transmission:
Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc)
Message: Lay down your swords

ST: Bonjour Jeanne.  Why are so many countries in the Near and Middle East suddenly erupting into violence and outrage? This might seem like an ignorant question to those folks listening to the news and the activist types.  I also believe in human justice, but I don't believe in violent means to achieve it.  You're one of the saints that went to war to bring justice so this is why I ask your opinion.  Plus as a French woman I know you won't hold back on your opinions or sage wisdom.

Saint Jeanne: In this case, under these circumstances, I ask my brothers and sisters to lay down their arms.  I have learned over the centuries that conflict begins in the human heart.  Oppression begins in the human soul, not outside of it.  Whatever you're experiencing on the outside, first comes from inside you and then is projected outward.  Once it's projected outward, a scapegoat or someone or something to blame is found and voila, war.

You cannot solve this problem through violence.  You cannot heal this problem through airstrikes, and in fact, airstrikes cause damage to the fragile earth.  Nobody wins when brother turns against brother.  I learned this the hard way.  I went to war against England and I burned on the stakes for my efforts.  I was a woman inflamed with my anger and I know that it was that anger/outrage in my heart that sent me to the stakes, not the fathers of the Church or the university professors.  I take full responsibility for how my life ended and this is why I tell you, I urge you to lay down your swords.

You will ask next if diplomacy will solve the problem.  My answer is no, it won't.  The only diplomacy that will solve the problem is reaching into each of your hearts.  Forgive the wounds of your soul through your own hearts. No one can oppress you, unless you oppress yourself in some way and usually this is by your beliefs.  There is no one out there, just you. We are one organism in the great cosmos.  When one brother turns against another, or one sister turns against another, we develop a cancer of humanity, a malignancy.  This can only happen if you believe in the illusion of separation.

Now to some of you reading this, and especially to anyone reading this message (you are at a high vibration/frequency otherwise you wouldn't tune into this blog), current world events seem like illusions to you.  They are illusions.  None of this is real or I could say these events are as real as sitting in a movie theatre watching images flicker across the screen.  UNLESS you reside in the lower dimensions then these events are painfully real.  So the solution, lift your vibration folks.  Get the heck out of the 4th and 3rd dimensions. Pack up your soul and flee to higher ground.

And as you transcend into higher dimensions the world around you and all its ugly events actually begin to dissolve.  Remember those Alkaseltzer pills that you used to down for an upset stomach? Think of events dissolving like those tablets.  Heaven and hell on earth exist right now, not in the future, not in a sci-fi or fantasy novel, but right now.  You have a choice. You can promote darkness and suffering through your thoughts, words, and actions, or you can promote bliss, joy, and transcendence through them.  I won't choose for you.  For those of you who enjoy drama, I feel sadness for you because in order to choose drama, you'll choose hell on earth.  But who am I to judge you, but a French peasant of medieval times?

But if you're serious about peace, then find peace in your heart.  Stop searching for enemies to sharpen your swords.  Stop seeking scapegoats to aim your daggers.  If you play with fire you'll only burn in the end.  Control your passion, ground and center yourself.  Don't forget to breathe.  Then choose the world you wish to experience and do the necessary healing work to manifest that world.  I know which world I would choose, but I'm not going to make that decision for you.

We love you and hope you'll choose love over fear.


Saint Jeanne d'Arc of France

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saints Transmissions: Saint Francesco Welcomes Change of Seasons

No matter where you are at the moment, it's spring everywhere

ST: Dearest Francesco, where I reside (northern hemisphere) spring is just arriving.  I saw my first bumble bee yesterday and the willow tree here is budding, hints of new green all around with daffodils glimmering in the little sunlight we experience in April.  I know you're a man of all seasons, but what can you tell us about the arrival of spring here and the arrival of fall in the southern hemisphere?

St. Francesco of Assisi: Yes, spring/fall and the equal days and nights bring such dramatic changes to the earth.  During the spring the earth awakens from its deep winter sleep and in the fall, the earth prepares to hibernate for 3 to 6 months depending on where you reside on the earth.  You call me "a man of all seasons" and I like this compliment. Every season has its beauty and its suffering.  Often in the winter you dream about hot summer days but then during the heat of summer, especially midsummer I hear so many of you pleading for cooler weather.  So it's not so much about seasons or changes of seasons, although change relieves boredom.  It's about achieving balance or homeostasis.

So you ask, "How do we find this balance during a time of upheaval?"  And look who you're asking.  I can only tell you to focus on beauty.  This is easy in the spring and autumn (especially since I'm a Libra) because the trees signal the greatest change.  You either see delicate blossoms and newly green buds or you see leaves dancing in flaming colors, more spectacular than anything Hollywood can produce.  Mother Nature knows how to give her all, she's so dramatic and she provides everything you need to satisfy your emotions.  She is the spring storm that comes on suddenly leaving us in awe.  She is the rainbow that blooms across the sky, also suddenly.  She is the new flowers and plants pushing up through the soil in search of sunlight and air.  The singing or migrating birds only add to the effect.

So as your Patron Saint of Ecology (really I'm honored), I ask you to spend time in nature, get to know the seasons intimately.  Eat what's in season because it provides the greatest pleasure and nutrition.  This is how we ate in medieval times, but we didn't have the food choices you have today.  I'm thankful for that because we ate what grew in the vicinity and it gave us nourishment.  I'm not saying you can't eat food from other places, but I want you to practice mindfulness with what is closest to you at this time, whether that's the willow in your yard, your cat, or the food you eat.  By getting deeply in touch with the seasons you form an intimate bond with Mother Earth and God.  Do you really want to go without those relationships?

So many of you seek fulfillment and don't find it.  You tell yourselves when I get that job, when I sell my novel, when I marry the person of my dreams, when I move into a bigger house, a bigger city or leave the city, then I will find happiness.  I'm telling you that unless you connect with Mother Earth, the seasons, and the Divine (whatever name you want to call the Divine), you will not find fulfillment.  You won't, and you already know this, find peace of mind.  Ask a wealthy person if they're happy.  Ask a newly published novelist how fulfilled they feel and I bet you they will tell you that there is something still missing.  AND THERE IS.  There is nothing you can accomplish or own that will fill your heart with love.  There are no people you can possess or who possess you that will bring you the security you seek.

ST: You sound somewhat preachy, Francesco.

SF:  Yes, well, I tend to go in that direction, but you know what I mean. Not only that, you believe me.  I'm not saying to give up everything and walk naked into the unknown like I did.  In a way that was foolish, but the best I could do at that time in history.  You should have seen the look on my father's face (chuckles).  I'm just telling you to get your priorities straight because the only thing eternal here is your soul and your connection to The Divine, whatever name you want to call The Divine.  Practice whatever spiritual path suits you and practice it well.  The only thing I ask of you is that you practice integrity, simplicity (why make things more complicated than necessary), compassion, and promote peace.  First you must cultivate these things in your own hearts.

And remember that we love you.  Enjoy the earth while you walk upon it, but take good care of her too.  I know you have your Earth Day this month (April), but take care of Mother Earth 365 days of the year.  One day? You can do so much better than taking care of the planet one day out of the year.  Grow in consciousness my friends.  With spring awakening around you, time to wake up along with it and even if you're in the southern hemisphere this year it's spring there too, (line-up of planets in Aries).

We love you.


Saint Francesco of Assisi