Sunday, August 28, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude's Wisdom

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude

When Someone is in Trouble Assume the Worst

ST: Dear Jude, what do you mean by when someone is in trouble to assume the worst? Isn’t this negative programming? Why should we assume the worst scenario?

Saint Jude: Good day to all. So many times we see a person or non-human in trouble and we walk away thinking someone else will solve the problem. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the saints and angels are calling on you to help this soul. But you might rationalize that the problem isn’t so big, or that someone else will come along with a solution so you do nothing when you should have done something. Do you see where I’m going?

You might also feel that there are too many people, organizations, animals, the environment etc in need and you can’t keep up with it all. This is understandable, but we’re not asking you to help every animal, every human or to solve all the environmental problems. But if someone or some problem comes to you, it needs your attention. You might not have money to hand out, but you might know of an organization that can help someone in need or you might just lend an ear to someone who needs some comfort and validation. Because you see what happens when a catastrophe or reversal of fortune happens to someone they blame themselves. They sink deeper and deeper into-a-hole thinking they are the worst person on the planet and deserve the punishment.

I’m not saying that karma and the law of cause and effect don’t exist. They are very much part of your reality. But as one of your psychic friends once pointed out, maybe it is your karma to help this person out in some way. How do you expect a person to get on the right path if everyone treats them cruelly? I’m not saying that there aren’t con artists and scams out there of people posing in need and begging for your mercy. Those people exist so use discernment. But if you know someone, a friend or a colleague in trouble and you don’t offer help, what kind of karma do you think you will accrue? When God calls on you to help someone and you ignore the call, what do you think happens to your luck? This is negative behavior—turning away from a friend in need. I’m not asking you to solve the person’s problems, but to at least give the person a leg up and help them get their thoughts in order. Offer words of encouragement and comfort.

There will be times when you will need those comforting words yourself, if not now. If you are the introverted type then at least pray for others, but don’t pray for them to change their lives, but to come up with solutions or to change their perceptions. Don’t pray for disasters not to occur because then you are disturbing the Divine Plan or Mother Earth’s need to purge. Some things you will have to endure as part of balancing the collective karma. Some of you will perish now. Many of you will perish now, but the After Life will bring peace to your soul if you allow it. Some of you will stay on the planet during a transition period and then return to the God Source. Others will stay on indefinitely and give birth to a new age, but about one third of the current earth’s inhabitants. Now, you might think this is a lottery of souls and wonder if you have the right numbers. I won’t tell you that. Allow the Great Mystery to unravel. And know that it is not shameful if you leave the planet now or in the near future. Only your soul and your Guardian Angels know your destiny.

And don’t imagine that the only people who stay upon the earth are practicing alternative spirituality and living a sustainable lifestyle. While we commend these behaviors, we’re not dealing with a reward and punishment situation. Although low-vibe people will not stay upon the earth unless they raise their vibration and balance their karma now. Some high vibration people have chosen to leave the planet now too. They feel that they have completed the work they came to do and their souls wish to return to the source. The high and low vibration souls will not go to the same realm. Low vibration souls will either be put to sleep for a 100+ years or they will be sent to a cosmic center for deep healing. Again, we can’t predict which souls go where.

So getting back to today’s theme, if a friend of yours is in trouble, do what you can to help them. I know it is easy to rationalize and make excuses. It is easy to focus on your own problems, but that friend is a mirror to your own behavior so by healing some part of their situation you also heal your own soul. When you please the angels and saints, you balance karma. When you balance karma you feel that your fortune changes from bad to good, relatively speaking. So that tornado that was supposed to kill you suddenly veers in the opposite direction. That car that was supposed to slam into your car causing a fatal accident misses your car.

I hope this clears up confusion regarding lending a helping hand during chaotic times. Remember that we always love and bless you especially when you stumble in the dark.


Saint Jude

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