Sunday, May 29, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude--Shaking it Up

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude
Shaking it Up

ST: Dear Jude, I'm concerned about this upcoming solar eclipse (June 1) because I'm making  a major change on that day.  I know others are too and I wonder how this eclipse will affect our efforts.

Saint Jude: No worries, my dear, I keep reminding you to give up this bad habit of worrying. You're not alone of course, humanity is rife with worries and fears, mostly the fear of the unknown.  And all of this stems from control issues.  You can't control or manipulate fate nor can you control the direction of the planets or eclipses.  You can endure them and even thrive from their effects, if you stop worrying.

What have I told you about negative thinking? I would include superstition along with that. Now what good is it for you to take every preconcievable caution? I know you fear the worst and I'm telling you to stop all of this.  Plenty of you, thousands of you will be making huge changes on June 1, June 15 and July 3 and 4.  The eclipse is shaking things up and releasing you from complacency.  Will it be easy to make changes on those days? No, and that's is because you will try to realign the planets with your thoughts that just go around in circles.

But what's worse negative thoughts or the actual eclipse? What do we now know about the power of thoughts and feelings? Plenty of successful events and relationships began on an eclipse.  I'm not saying that there won't be earth-shaking events on those days I mentioned.  But I will tell you that the last set of eclipses from 6 months ago is culminating at this time.  So the events that you experience were 6 months or more in the making.  You have zero control over them and must take the most positive and loving route available to you at this time.  You can also seek advice from experts, but you can't control others.

You might feel exhausted the next day but you're also going to feel relief.  Just know one thing, everything will turn out the way it was meant to turn out.  No need for guilt or shame over events that might occur, but mostly likely won't.  Just stay alert to the best of your ability, don't take any unnecessary risks and know that despite what the planets do, you will still find your happiness through the changes you make now. 

Know this also that you are not alone.  Practice meditation, yoga or what will keep you grounded and centered.  Remember to breathe and to think positive.  May your actions be positive and don't entertain those worries that dance around in your head.  That is just the control freak in each of you who believe that you can micromanage your life.  That's an illusion.  In the end only God decides your fate.  You simply work with the cards given to you.

Remember we love you and bless  you.


The Saints

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude

Saints Transmission: Saint Jude
Dark Night of the Soul & Emergence
Into the Light

ST: Dearest Jude today we spoke about the dark night of the soul that I just emerged.  You mentioned that there are readers of this blog who have just emerged from this dark tunnel and embrace the light and so will you elaborate?

Saint Jude: My dear, of course I will elaborate on this important topic.  Some of you reading this blog post are either in the tunnel currently or you just passed another initiation--just in time for graduation season.  And speaking of graduation, you need to celebrate this achievement, if not with friends, then at least in the embrace of the natural world and with your Spirit Mothers and Fathers.  Know this, the Angels celebrate with you.  The saints, buddhas, masters of all kinds, light beings, all of them, celebrate with you.

Those of you still probing the darkness, it's time to surrender.  Allow others to pray for your safety and well-being. Don't be afraid to seek help, even counseling if you need it.  This is a time for humility, not arrogance and false pride.  The tunnel feels wicked, it's darkness never-ending it seems, but you must keep walking, stumbling, crawling or whatever it takes, you must move forward to you see that faint ray of light, even a pinhole of light.

As a saint, God has tested me many times.  All saints know this darkness and the temptations that lie within.  There's the temptation of giving up and acting like a victim (which you're not).  There's the temptation of acting spiteful towards others and calling upon the souls of enemies (which are helpful adversaries in disguise).  There are temptations to judge and blame others, to act superior to others, to divide the world into us verses them.  And I say refrain from all of the above.  There is the temptation to fight back viciously instead of with dignity. 

You must know and I will tell you that acting out of fear will only keep you stuck in the tunnel and the dark night of the soul longer.  Only you prolong your agony and suffering.  If you choose to think fearful and limiting thoughts then the Universe can only respond in kind.  If you choose to look in the mirror and not see what stares you in the face, then you lose sight of reality.  If you judge and blame yourself or others then you miss the point of Unity Consciousness.  So ask yourself if you can get used to navigating darkness or if you now have the courage to take that leap of faith, whatever that entails.

Some of you have been dreaming about other places you wish to live, but you don't take any steps to get there.  Some of you dream of quitting your secure job, selling your home, divorcing your spouse (even with a loving relationship), and you have an itch to do something different and to reinvent yourself.  Now is a good time to move in that direction.  Those dreams aren't accidental but truly and lovingly meaningful.  Those dreams come from the deepest part of your soul and now is the time to manifest them.

So if you find yourself stumbling, call on us for guidance.  If you don't see any way out of your current situation whatever it is, pray to us.  Suffering is an illusion.  Why bask in illusions when paradise waits at your feet.  And all you need to do is change your mind from negative to positive.

Remember we love you.


Saint Jude and the Saints

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude & Saint Mary Magdalene

Saints Transmissions: Jude and Magdala
The Power of Love

ST: I keep hearing about the power of love, that if I feel enough love and gratitude I can manifest anything.  We've discussed this topic before, but now I'm at a crucial juncture in my life, as others are, and I need reassurance.  What can you tell me on this topic?

Saints Jude and Magdala: You came to the right place and the right people to advise you on this topic.  We knew one of the greatest lovers of all time, Magdala knew him more intimately than I.  Yeshua was all about love and gratitude.  We all were. This was our greatest teaching.  We understand too how hard it is to love in a world filled with fear, loathing, and hatred.  We know what it's like to walk into a dark space and light it with a single candle flame.  Yet, this is what we ask of you lovers and fools for love, also known as light workers.

You will lose faith from time to time.  You will see religions used to benefit some and manipulate others.  You will see mind games and all sorts of nonsense, which you shall play no part.  Walk away from it.  Don't spend your time arguing with fear, and don't spend your time convincing others that they are living their lives from fear.  Instead, look in the mirror and see where your heart is, and where it lies, and where it lies to you.  Are you coming from a place of love or fear? You know you are quite capable of both, so you must tune into your heart and see what lives in it.

Love is sometimes easy.  Some people, especially the kind and gentle ones are easy to love.  The ones who hurt the most, the deeply wounded, the ones that lash out in hostility or from food allergies and pollution, pose many challenges to experiencing love.  Yet, my light worker friends, you possess enough love in your hearts even for those you consider enemies.  And remember the mirror trick or trick of mirrors? What you perceive outside of yourself, is exactly what you are projecting.  There is only one of us here in the room, and it is YOU. So if you don't like what you sense in the world, then change the tune of the songs you are singing.

Many of you see world events for illusions.  I'll let you in on a secret, they are illusions.  I'm not saying that the people who experience these illusions don't feel them as real.  No, I'm not saying that at all, but deep in their subconscious minds, they know that they experience illusions.  Fear and darkness are illusions.  So-called evil is illusion.  Only love is real.  Yes, you have heard this before, but I like to repeat it like a mantra.  How else will you my human friends learn that only love is real.  You believe it now when I tell you.  You nod your heads, and say, "Yes, that's right, Jude.." But then you turn on the radio and listen to the negative reports, one after the other, like a bad string of pearls.  Then this belief that only love is real crumbles at your feet.

So why do you expose yourself to negative illusions? Why do you believe that they are real and that you need to prepare for your role as a fighter or a warrior versed in dualism? Oh, but you do.  Don't laugh or scoff at me as I tell you the truth.  Everytime you hear of an event you feel is unjust, you have an impulse to grab a sign and hit the streets.  "Yeah, I'll show those corporate...fill in the blank..." or whatever political party is on your hate agenda.  Then you too are caught in the illusion like a fish in the net.

You wonder how you can play a better role in the world.  After you meditate and do things you love, it's easier to love the world.  So start there.  Start right there with the things you love doing.  Ask yourself why you don't do more things that you love.  Is it some duty to the world, some responsibility to do things you despise? And maybe there are things you despise but you have to do them anyway.  Still can't you find something to love about those things? There is something to love in every event, every situation, every person, every being, etc...There are things to love about yourselves, lots of things we can see.

So yes, the Power of Love is real.  It can move mountains.  It can heal oceans. It can heal you, it can heal us, and it can build community where everyone prospers as it should be.  But to get there, you must focus on love and gratitude.  When you find yourself focusing on negative things, shift your consciousness.  You Can Do This.

Remember that we love you.


All Saints

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude (Integrity)

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Waking up and Practicing Integrity

ST: With all those planets in Aries for the past few weeks, I have felt that go-go-go energy and actually faced a lot of fears.  But now with that energy waning and planets moving into the more sensual Taurus, I just want to sleep, sleep, sleep.  So how do we refrain from growing spiritually lazy during this Taurus reign? And how do we practice integrity and experience life's pleasures at the same time?

Saint Jude: My dear, you do ask juicy questions.  Spring and summer are considered the sensual seasons and for good reason. This is the time your senses come alive and you wash away the doldrums of winter, not to mention all the suffering.  It's a time to start anew, make new plans, and get going on those plans.  But it's also a time of indulging in food and other pleasures, and if you don't do the necessary work you won't feel prepared for the colder months ahead.  You know the story.

Integrity, that's another issue.  There is a lot of preaching going on the planet, but how many people follow their own ethics and rules that they enforce on others.  If you expect others to walk lightly on the planet, then you must all do the same.  Gandhi said, that you must be the change you want to see on the planet, and those are wise words that need to be taken to heart, not just slapped across a T-shirt or bumper sticker. There are plenty of slogans passed around on the planet like the wisdom of sages, but unfortunately many of the people uttering these slogans, have no idea what they imply, at least it seems that way to me by watching these folks in action.

Then there is the chaos of spiritual messages and slogans to wade through on a daily basis, many of them contradicting each other.  Some of you believe in karma and others don't at your convenience.  Oh, yes, that thorny topic, karma or sin, who wants to go there? Though it's easy for you to look at the lives of others and think karmic revenge or instant karma for those folks.  The Law of Cause and Effect is real indeed, but just as real for you as it is for your neighbor or your president.  None of you has the right to judge or determine who gets bad or good karma, though you joke about this often.  I guess it eases the tension.

This tension however comes from deep inside your own soul.  If you feel tense and stressed most likely it is because you aren't living in integrity with your beliefs.  You might be loyal to another person's beliefs, a boss or spouse out of fear or maybe you want to be part of the in-crowd so you're loyal to that crowd's beliefs which go against the grain of yours.  But do you even know what your beliefs are? Some of you actually don't and you change your beliefs on a daily even hourly basis like turning the page in a book or changing your clothing. 

You must meditate or find some avenue to the deepest part of your soul.  Once you reach that place, converse with your soul and find out what beliefs you harbor.  You might surprise yourself.  And here's the thing, the most important thing, once you find out what you believe deep down in your soul, you can start to live your life from your core.  This is when you live an authentic life.  This is when you open up like a bloom on a flower and I don't care how old or young you are.  The only thing that matters is rebirth and that can only come from you getting in touch with your core beliefs.

I'm asking you to take on a formidable task which requires courage, lots of it.  This is where you strip your soul bare of other people's beliefs, not an easy task even for master healers and master teachers, let alone you.  This doesn't mean you can't do it and you can ask for guidance of course, in fact, I recommend that you call on saints, angels, and healers that currently walk the earth.  You'll know when you have discovered your authentic self and when you begin to live an authentic life because you no longer care what anyone else thinks.  You find your answers within yourself, as it should be and you only answer to you, no one else.  Scary, isn't it?  The ones in power don't like this idea at all which is why history is littered with well-meaning martyrs.

But the upside of all this is that you recover your health and sense of well-being.  You stop judging others because your focus is on you and where you need to grow.  As it should be.  Why waste time on all that superficial nonsense of celebrity viewing or judging your neighbors? You only have so many hours on the earth walk anyway so wouldn't you rather seek enlightenment then play superficial games.  And if you can't find the support for growth among your current friends and colleagues, then walk the path alone for now.

So you have your work cut out for you this spring.  Taurus is stubborn and sensual, yes, she is, but you can use that stubbornness to resist all the nonsense that surrounds you and pursue the sensual world of meditation where you can have a conversation with your Highest Self and God.  What more can you ask for? When you feel God-Goddess Love you need nothing else, you are beyond needing, and wanting, and desiring.  You seek freedom and that's where you find it, but first practice integrity with yourself and others.

We love and bless you as always.


Saint Jude

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saints Tranmissions: Saint Jude--Show us the Light Switch

Saint Jude: Show us the Light Switch
Get us out of the tunnel of arrogance

ST: With all the planets in the sign of Aries, I've noticed more arrogance than usual coming from even usually generous and compassionate people.  I've had to watch my own behavior like a hawk.  And what I've seen especially with Uranus moving into Aries is a huge rebellion away from the Aquarian collective towards the childish and selfish Aries (dark side of Aries).  I have heard this with topics discussed on radio shows, and in my normal everyday relating to others. How do we move past this arrogance and fake independence in a time when collectives are so desperately needed to heal the planet?

Saint Jude: You put your finger right on the pulse, planets transiting in Aries.  Now with planets finally moving into Taurus (later this month), you will see a selfish robustness replaced with stubborness and the pursuit of easy pleasures.  You'll also see more women asserting themselves, but many pursue pleasures too and don't be fooled by their activism when it is focused on improving their own lot in life, financially and otherwise.  You'll also see a lot of articles and hear radio shows centered on the pleasures of sex and relationships.  But this for the most part is banal and not healthy for the planet.  It's going to feel like women shoppers at a meat market later this month so watch out.  Of course more evolved women won't be participating in this nonsense, or more evolved men.

Now you ask how does humanity move past its self-interests? Good question and one that the non-humans ask on a regular basis.  When will humans finally get this idea of  interdependence? If you're even a little awake, and you most likely are if you're reading this message, then practice love, gratitude, and compassion.  When you make small or large decisions, choose love, not fear.  How do you know the difference? Love has a higher vibration and fear feels like someone hit you in the gut, or it feels like you're carrying rocks around in your body.  I know you know the difference by now.

But as I've mentioned earlier some of you love cheap drama.  It's as if you can't get enough from novels and movies or the evening news.  Oh, no, you have to attract cheap drama into your life, that's right you attract it.  You say you don't want all the drama, but you actually do, otherwise, it would not come your way.  You wouldn't attract others who also enjoy cheap drama.  This doesn't imply by any means that there isn't real suffering in the world, because of course there is.  The earth is cleansing and purifying at the moment creating some real drama, but that doesn't mean humanity can shirk responsibility.  You are responsible for your part, large or small.  It's not just the rich corporations that harm the earth.  Each of you make choices, and many opportunities to do the right thing are staring you in the face.

But what happens is that you get caught up in your fear and limitations.  You have no faith.  you believe that angels, even Arcangels and holy saints are a bunch of wimps who can't take on darkness and win.  Oh, but you are so wrong to believe this.  That's not to say that we don't need your help or that we don't want it.  We need your cooperation if you want to see the earth survive this chaos and arrogance.  You must start to think outside of yourself. Look around with your eyes as far as you can see, and open your ears and heart.  Pay attention to those around you.  Is there someone you can help right now? Can you seek help for yourself right now to improve your circumstances or are you just going to throw in the towel?

Do you pray to angels and God for miracles then when the miracles show up, dismiss them because you fear them? The miracles won't show up the way you envision them exactly.  They will show up quickly in some cases and catch you off guard, but you must step back and make and take a bigger view of the situation.  You pray for a partner and one shows up, but he or she is not exactly what you had in mind.  But this person could be the highest and best partner for you regardless.  Saints and Angels know what's best for you.

So this week watch your ego.  Pay attention to when you sink into a dark place and ask to be uplifted out of that place.  Pray for miracles and express gratitude when your prayer is answered.  Try your best not to get caught up in the arrogance of the world.  Practice love, graditude and compassion, and that includes yourself. When you judge yourself this is not practicing compassion.  You can enjoy your time on the earth too, it's not all work and sacrifice.  But remember that all the good that comes to you came to you through the hands of many creatures.  Even that bowl of cereal took microbes, earthworms, bees, insects, soil, elementals, farm workers etc... to produce.  You didn't just buy it at the store, it came to you from many sources.

We love you and support you on your quest to enlightenment. We will get there.


Saint Jude