Sunday, October 30, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude

All Saints Transmission: The End is Near, but
Saint Jude: So is the Beginning

ST: I'm coming in blind today, Saint Jude, with no questions for you.  What do you mean by the end is near, but so is the beginning?  I think I know the answer, but I'd like you to tell us, rather than me living on more assumptions.

Saint Jude: The end is near, meaning the end of an era of polluting the earth, spreading disease, and creating chaos where peace is most needed.  Now, some of you applaud and say, "Finally!" But even so, change comes with sacrifice.  It's not even a matter of deciding what you will sacrifice because you no longer have a choice in the matter.  The sacrifice involves walking away from old structure, that is if it doesn't crumble around you leaving you standing in a city of ruins.

I'm not trying to frighten you, God knows there's enough fear on the planet already. However, you need to prepare yourself for extreme and abrupt change, from moving through a dense material world to one that is lighter and of spirit.  Some of you have heard that your DNA and cells are transforming from carbon to crystal, which is absolutely the case. But you're not all transforming at the same speed so that brings a heaviness to the planet, much discomfort and death to many humans and creatures.  But as we know, death is a transition from one realm to the next.

And during this earth transition, yes, the earth is dying too, you must practice integrity.  You might think that its okay to take that extra dollar that the cashier gave you by mistake.  You might rationalize that a large corporation can handle that missing dollar, but your actions do not equate integrity no matter how you slice it.  Think of it this way, in such a tight economy, with employers looking for excuses to downsize, that cashier could lose her job and you were responsible for that loss.  So practice integrity.

I also want to say a few quick words to those humans called to join protests on the planet.  Yes, you have been called to hold a space, but only because you are strong and loving.  You love peace so come from a place of peace.  Play fair, stay civil and don't turn others into villains, they're not really evil, just seriously misguided.  Remember when you act defensive so will those people and corporations in which you fight.  So give up the fight, lay down your arms, and focus on solutions.  Focus on diplomacy and create win-win situations.  Help others move past their illusions and you can only do this by focusing on positive change, not beating you enemy into a pulp figuratively speaking.  You might stop a corporation in its tracks, but that is only a temporary victory if you don't get your own act together.  Remember the trick of mirrors?

I know many of you believe in evil out there, that darkness is outside of you, but that simply isn't the case.  If you choose to believe in Unity Consciousness then everything outside of you is also inside of you.  Examine your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions when you encounter an "enemy" and your own hatred.  When you hate someone else, you hate yourself.  There is no way around this.  What you dish out to others, you also feed yourself. Give this scenario some serious thought.

You know me by now, I don't sugarcoat my spiritual teachings, nor will I ever.  If you want to experience more gentle teachings, then call on Saint Clare and Saint Francis, better yet, call on Mother Mary.  Most saints will present you with challenges, and we want you to look deeply into self because that's where the drama is, that's where your life really plays out, inside you.  There's nothing on television or anywhere else that isn't inside you, but then you can also fill yourself with garbage too so be careful.  You might adopt false beliefs and patterns and then watch your life slide downhill like a huge mudslide.

So now is a time to do some house keeping of your soul.  Now is time to clean out cobwebs of false beliefs, assumptions, and ask the right questions to yourself and others, but mainly to yourself.  You are captains of your souls.  You steer the ship, and you tell the crew what work needs to be done (the crew represented by the cells in your body).  So time to do some healing folks. Time for a large sacrifice and change of perception.  You need new eyes to see, and new sensory to feel your way through the new world that emerges now.  Nothing will ever be the same again.  But some how, if you're reading my words, I think you'll get through this period.  Call on your spirit teachers and prepare yourself for new lessons in consciousness.

Remember that we always love you.


Saint Jude

Sunday, October 23, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Dis-ease and other earthly discomforts

ST: I ended up in a debate about giving too much power to diseases by labeling people with those diseases.  The point I was trying to make is that the fear associated with dis-ease is worse than the dis-ease itself and perhaps we can experience grace from whatever condition we find ourselves with.  What can you say on this topic?

Saint Jude: Good mourning.  Yes, I spelled that correctly.  The earth is in a long mourning for old structure that crumbles now.  Dis-ease is actually distress in disguise.  Not all souls wish to stay on the planet, but do not want to admit this to others who will find them morose. You had a friend who was honest about wanting to leave the planet, she struggled with cancer for a few months and then liberated herself.  She didn't tell many people about this wish simply because other humans don't approve of someone wanting to die.  Your medical experts see this as depression and quickly medicate anyone who feels this way.

The earth, although beautiful, is only one realm of many.  It is as many spiritualists tell you a schoolhouse, but it's also one of those only realms where you can work off past karma. Now let's talk about karma because many people see this as a punishment, in which it isn't.  Think of it as a type of bank account or better yet, a credit card.  Dr.Zhi Gang Sha uses a similar analogy, no?  Now every act you do that harms the earth or another entity creates a debt that you'll have to pay off at some time.   Suppose you're a young college students who chooses to sow oats.

Now this student toys with women's feelings.  He sleeps with many women and spreads a dis-ease, not to mention anguish to these women.  Finally he grows out of this stage and settles down and marries.  But later he betrays his wife and has several affairs, again toying with the hearts of women.  Now, this man goes on with his life and nothing too negative happens to him, until one day he experiences a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital where he nearly loses his life, but thankfully survives.

After his recovery and as part of his recovery, this man takes up yoga and meditation.  He joins a spiritual group and receives spiritual counseling.  He doesn't connect his past behavior with women with his heart attack, not yet anyway.  But through counseling and later radical forgiveness of his past behavior he starts balancing off his karmic debt.  But this man has accumulated other karmic debts from previous lives and now those are coming up as karmic bills you might say with interest.  However, the man has a second heart attack, this time fatal.

So he returns to the earth as a woman.  And for whatever reason, he now a she, finds that men just use her.  She has a huge sexual appetite and gets herself in trouble, even abused by her partners.  But by now amnesia has struck and this woman feels like a victim.  She decides instead of getting necessary healing that she'll just lash out in men in hatred, which accumulates even more karma.  The story goes on and on until this soul finds the right spiritual path to balance past due karma.  This could take several lifetimes.

The point I'm trying to make is that dis-ease or discomforts that you face as humans are due in part to karma.  And as one woman asked, how does an innocent child get cancer? Well, the soul of that child has been around the block a few times and chose a life situation to balance out karma from previous lifetimes, and if the child doesn't choose bitterness, but instead grace for his or her situation, then that karma balances.  Not only that, sometimes it's not about balancing karma, but coming to the earth to teach other humans lessons about forgiveness, loss, and transformation.  Sometimes these children who die young teach their parents about death and rebirth, that there really is no ending.  Each person must figure out this for him or herself.  There is no one-size-fits-all answer. 

Nor should anyone tell someone else how to view their lives, their grief, or their death.  Your friend truly sought liberation from the earth plane.  She needed a way out and the Universe provided her with a disease.  Yes, this was painful for her loved ones and she suffered through the process too, but I assure you, she's in good hands now and thriving.  Picture your friend among the animals and other creatures she loved because that's where she is.  She is in paradise as she defines it.

Try not to control or manipulate others.  I know this is a real challenge for humanity during this time of change and crisis.  This chaos won't last forever so take heart.  You're all at different intersections in your spiritual growth.  Some of you are higher on the ladder to enlightenment which means you need to have patience for all those following behind you even if they don't follow in your footsteps or adopt your way of thinking.  It doesn't matter really because you'll all get to the finish line, if not in this lifetime then in another one.  The main thing is to stay mindful of your words and actions.  You don't want to sow wild oats knowing that you have to pay the piper at a later time.  It's all about love.  It's all about forgiveness.

Remember that we always love you.


Saint Jude

Sunday, October 16, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: A Marion Day

All Saints Transmission: Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene
The Way of the Divine Feminine (Ladies speak up)

ST: I felt honored to have read testimonies of Mother Mary's love for the planet during the past week.  In the book, sightings, healings, and transitions were mentioned.  But sadly Mary Magdalene was missing from the conversation.  Why is Mary Magdalene still ignored in favor of the "virgin" concept? This does not seem like the Divine Feminine Way to me.  I need both Marys.

Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary: Yes, my dear, we understand your question completely. So let us point out to you the Divine Feminine is already present on the planet.  When a man or a woman stands up for future generations of all beings you hear the voice of the Divine Feminine and consequently, the Divine Masculine.  When you see people marching on the streets of the world demanding economic justice and human dignity, you see the Divine in action.  When you see people speaking out against violence of any kind, including war and on the domestic front or in the streets, you see the Divine in action. So you can go on with this and see the Divine Feminine throughout your society.

The main problem is that your media doesn't cover it as the Divine Feminine.  Instead you see corporate greed and fear-mongering in the headlines.  You read endlessly about disease statistics, and you live in a death culture, meaning it is obsessed with death, but doesn't give you the whole picture.   For instance, you have all read at some point or another about death as merely a transition.  Hospice workers know of this transition, and people with near death experiences do too, but your conservative scientists want to discredit this.  Your corporations and insurance companies choose to discredit the reality of death as transformation, as a beginning because then they can't keep you in the place of fear.  They profit from fear.

But do not fear death. Do not fear aging. Do not fear "tragedy" or natural disasters.  Live your lives fearlessly and with great courage. Which amounts to the same thing.  Live your life not from analytical thought, though you have been told about the nobility of the analytical mind. Then you wonder why depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses are skyrocketing at this time.  No, live your life from a feeling place, a flowing place of synchronicity, from your heart.  Feel your way, don't think your way through life. Your brain cannot handle the load of thinking you have placed upon it.  And your heart feels detached and that it is experiencing atrophy because of its underuse.

You ask us about the Divine Feminine Way and we have just told you about it.  Now it is up to you to take our advice or to not take it.  But if you want to see peace on earth, then you'll need to roll up your sleeves and do the work.  For some of you that involves marching on the streets, though peacefully with Buddha or Christ energies leading the way.  For some of you, fix the food system, others will nourish the earth and each other.  Some of you will nourish hearts with your art or words.  Find your calling then come from a place of spirit, not ego.  Don't allow yourself to get caught up in the machinations of the dying Patriarchal Age.  Yes, my dears, it is in the death throes.  No wonder this age is so obsessed with death!

Your job now is to tell your truth.  If you don't know how to do this, look to the saints from any religion.  Your job now is to heal your wounds, heal your anger, and heal your righteousness.  None of those things will serve you now.  Stop acting like victims and take on the role of the empowered victor because you can win this battle between Light and Dark by balancing the two within your heart.  Acknowledge the shadow, light always casts a shadow.  Know that dark and light are necessary to achieve balance.  Learn the difference however between love and fear and nourish love.

Remember that we always love you.


Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

Sunday, October 9, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: You are All Teachers and Students

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
The Humility of Teachers and Wisdom of Students

ST: Dear Jude, today you have me thinking about the roles of teachers and students.  So often we think of the teacher as teaching through a one way channel to the student.  But if a teacher practices humility then he or she learns from the student too.  Do saints who teach and guide us learn from us regular people?

Saint Jude: What questions you ask! We are all learning all of the time from each other and from our inner wisdom.  But then you ask well, then what is our inner wisdom? Is that the co-creator God or Goddess talking to us through us or is that our souls speaking to us? It's all the same thing.  That's right, it is all the One and the Same. 

Now I've been harping on about Unity Consciousness for some time.  All of the saints have and so have other Light Beings.  But we wonder some times if humanity gets this concept.  Oh, yes, you have written beautiful books on the topic, held workshops, met in circles, drummed to your heart's content, but does that mean you actually get the concept? Yes, you have your moments where you melt into all that is and you experience your God moment, but then some thought or action distracts you and your off in the land of illusions once again.

Perhaps it sounds like I'm too critical of the human endeavor towards spiritual-hood.  After all, this is not an easy path from the illusion of separation to Unity Consciousness.  Your media doesn't support the idea, your governments don't support the idea, your friends, family, and colleagues most likely don't support this idea of Unity of the One Being. Your religion most likely does not support the concept either with a few exceptions.

Yes, you have the gnostic faith, Buddhism, and alternative Christian churches, and you have the mysticism of major religions supporting this concept.  You can find dusty books unread in your local libraries on the topic or you can read about it in spiritual papers or websites.  Now, what I ask you to do is to immerse yourself in Unity Consciousness.  Know that everything you experience outside of you is part of you.  There are millions of reality on your planet and you have only scratched the surface by clinging to your single reality.

Which leads us to questioning everything.  Look behind the scenes like an investigative journalist sniffing for a story. Uncover the truth like slueth and yes, you can wear that motto on a T-Shirt if you choose.  Your job is to find the truth and that will take a lot of digging.  Think badgers in their aggressive digging.  You are digging for the survival of your soul and of the planet as you know it.  The truth is embedded in your DNA, it is coded in your soul.

Now let's get back to that inner wisdom which is you and God speaking to and through you. That voice is quite, stuffed to the back of the proverbial closet, because you have no time for it today.  You have a long to-do list and meditation isn't at the top of it.  You long to find a quiet space in nature to get in tune with this voice, but something always comes up, a friend or child in need, or some task that you think can't wait until tomorrow.

You know these outer circumstances were created by you and your soul which thinks it isn't ready to take the next step on your sacred journey.  You must resist this fear and move forward.  Go to that sacred space outside and inside you and get in touch with that inner wisdom.  Don't put it off any longer unless you enjoy misery and suffering.  That inner voice is your key to the future, your future. It is the key that unlocks the door that allows you to walk in other realities counter to your beliefs. That key gives you an avenue to liberation.  That key is your ticket to freedom and will lead you on the path to Unity.

You're the only one holding yourself back from prosperity, abundance, love and other blessings.  Your doubts, fears, beliefs, and patterns prevent you from experiencing the world as it truly exist.  You must stop buying into what the media tells you or what anyone tells you is real.  You must decide reality for yourself and you must find that inner voice to guide you.  Look at your life and prioritize now.  What are you willing to leave behind in favor of a better life?

Yes, I know change is frightening to you.  I have faced those fears myself.  We all have, but facing those fears is what separates "regular" people from saints.  We are all saints if we choose to be, and we are all enlightened if we choose to be.  Ask yourself what is stopping you, preventing you from moving forward into the unknown, might I add, bliss now?

Surrender darlings, and let it all go.  Stop living lives of illusions.  Stop telling yourself you're not worthy of God-Goddess' love.  That's like artwork calling itself unworthy of its artist.  You must stop these negative voices and find what is real.

Remember we always love you.


Saint Jude

Sunday, October 2, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Magdalen Speaks

All Saints Transmissions: Mary Magdalene
Speak Out My Good Women

ST: I just read a scholarly book by Joan Borysenko on women's cycles and the meaning hidden in them.  A theme that surfaced is that women need to stop trying to please others and find their authentic selves.  Then once they find that part of them to speak to their hearts.

Mary Magdalene: Oh, this is a juicy topic I much enjoy.  For too long the powers-that-be have silenced women.  In some cases where you run into misogynistic laws or censorship you see this oppression loud and clear.  But women are silenced in every country on the planet and in every situation imaginable.  You'll witness outright suppression such as women not permitted to drive in certain countries or to sing in public in another country.  Women have no right to their bodies or sexuality in other countries.  Women are fodder for rape and yet other countries.  Some countries even the US deny women health care at a costs they can afford.  Many insurance companies deny women reproductive health services.  Now, if you think that isn't about silencing women then you need to re-think the situation.

Women still receive seventy cents to a man's dollar in wages in the US.  Women's menopause and pregnancy are still treated like diseases instead of a natural cycle. We won't even get into how menstruation is viewed in most countries. When you look at world governments look at the small percentage of women in the government leadership positions.  And yet, look at how many women have entered the alternative healing professions, the arts, and social services.  Look at how many women blog on a daily basis and don't mince their words.

Unfortunately even with those advances for women, anything considered a feminine art or craft is devalued in most societies.  Childcare and K-12 education is often under funded and even when it is funded the education promotes patriarchal practices and devalues the feminine side of humans.  And yet, you cannot have the yin without the yang.  We will never find balance or harmony on the planet if half of what we are is silenced in favor of the more aggressive half.

So you must speak your truth even if others attempt to humiliate or shame you.  You must heal your collective wounds and join with your wounded sisters.  But don't join them to complain and rant or to act like victims.  This is about empowerment sisters! Share helpful advice and make a plan to heal the planet that doesn't involve bashing men.  Remember we're all stuck on our male side, though not all of us act passive-aggressive. Find your connection to nature and to a Loving and Living God.  Plant your feet firmly in the ground and claim this planet as your birthright.  Send your energies to the stars and cosmos and claim your destiny.

You have been programmed to believe that you are not worthy of God's love.  It is no wonder the brainwashing many religious dogma has achieved with you.  But you don't have to accept any of that programming.  You are a Divine Daughter of God and You Are Loved.  So find your authentic self and then speak your truth loudly and melodically.  Yes, sing your truth and heal the planet through your collective wisdom.

Remember that we always love you.


Mary Magdalene