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All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude on the Power of Prayer

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude

The Power of Prayer
ST: We hear a lot about the power of prayer. We also hear about the wrong and right way to pray to God, the saints or other messengers. So please tell us how to pray best and what to do if we don’t think that we are getting results.

Saint Jude: First of all, you cannot think of prayer as a business transaction, nor can you think of it as applying for a grant or assistance. In order for prayer to work you must realize that you are co-creators with God. You can pray to saints, angels, ancestors, and avatars if you will, but remember that we are merely post messengers and only deliver your prayers to God. We intercede on your behalf and even change the way you pray.

Now, if what you seek are solutions and sage wisdom then simply talk to us as friends and guidance counselors for that is what we are to you. We can give you advice for money, but we cannot bring you money, though it is different for angels who can. You can pray to us for miracles, knowing full well that the miracles come from your co-creation with God-Goddess, and not us saints. But what saints can teach is that total letting go, surrendering to the Higher Being and Higher Consciousness. We can lead the way to that. We can also help you endure suffering, see past illusions, and connect with God.

Is there a right or wrong way to pray? I don’t think so. There is only the consciousness of where you currently reside. So if you pray from what others might call a selfish place or a self-centered place without considering the bigger picture then that’s just where you are within the realms at this time, and I would say you reside in one of the lower realms. But if you pray in a Buddhist type way where you extend your prayer to include others suffering in the same boat, then I tell you, you are in a higher realm of being. You have envisioned the bigger picture, you can see that you are not alone in your suffering and in fact, have all of humanity as company.

Many of you pray for healing from various ailments and disease. Some of you pray for money so you can pay the rent and not end up on the streets of any given town or city. Some of you pray for a good harvest, some of you pray to be spared from disasters, and some of you pray for the well-being of others. And while that looks altruistic to pray for the well-being of others, remember that karma plays a role here so do not try to change the course of events for yourself or others. Do not try to control and manipulate the healing process of others or think that your prayers are so powerful that you can move mountains so to speak. This is just arrogance and you’re not praying to God at all. This is what we call a Neapoleon complex… and do not take on anyone else’s battles ever. Just pray for understanding, pray for compassion for others and pray for ways to help others in need. But don’t assume that you have the solution to your or other people’s problems and then tell God what needs to be done. Don’t you think that God already has the answer?

And let’s get into karma a bit here. You all have karma both good and bad whether you like this or not. Sure you can deny that karma exist—how convenient. But the fact is you have lived through many lifetimes and you weren’t a saint in most of them. Each of you has done your share of murder, rape, thievery and you name it, you’ve done it. You have also saved lives, rescued animals, prayed, chanted, meditated, and perhaps reached enlightenment in one or more lifetimes. Only God knows what your karmic record is, but healers have access to it. So in light of this, you cannot, unless you have been ordained in some way, release someone from their karmic path. You cannot stop disasters though you can pray that the victims get the help they need, or you can offer help yourself. You can be an answer to someone else’s prayer. And do that by following inner guidance or call it what you will, intuition. You do this by engaging in the flow of synchronicity and inspirations. You do this by paying attention to your dreams and the dreams of others when revealed. You give advice to others only when they ask and you say, this is my opinion, or this is what I would do in your situation. Then you let it go and let that person decide his or her fate for him or herself. Do you see where this is going?

Many of you don’t believe in God. You go to church, you pray and you hang out with religious people, but you don’t believe in God. You have an ideal of who God is and what God does, but this isn’t based on reality. You don’t take responsibility for co-creation and push your will onto the world and onto others. You tell people who God is and give them a bunch of rules to follow. But remember that you are God and God is you. I don’t mean this in the egotistical sense, but in the adult responsibility sense. You must take responsibility for your co-creation. What exactly are you contributing to the world with your thoughts, actions, and feelings? I know these are harsh words to your ears and eyes, but ask yourself this important and difficult question.

I am the saint of impossible causes, but what does this mean exactly? It means that I take on difficult people and circumstances. It means that I don’t deliver a message or a lesson in a pretty package tied with a pink ribbon. There are no cherubs hanging out around me and for good reason. I’m not a milk and cookies kind of saint, but one that comes along when you are set to meet your greatest challenges, learn from them, grow from them, and then teach those lessons to others through whatever means. You might teach through example like Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc) or you might write and publish a book with seven easy steps to enlightenment. But either way, you have to learn your lessons first.

You ask me about the power of prayer and if you pray the right way then you see the answer to your prayers. The right way to pray is open-ended and is not about results. You cannot pray with a goal or mission in mind, but pray that what would suit you best for the Highest Good is already here. Pray in the present not the future or the past. You only live in the present and you know the rest of that is illusion. Don’t allow your memory or nostalgia to serve you. I would even go as far as to say forget the past. And don’t fret about the future. You create your future now in this moment with your thoughts, feelings, and actions. So when you pray, do so in the present. Pray to know forgiveness, compassion and the simple way. Then don’t look for results but go about living your life the best way that you can. Love everyone to the best of your abilities and Love always. Love is the answer. The Beatles knew and so do you.

Remember that we love you alway.


Saint Jude

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