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All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude (Be Mindful of Mindfulness)

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
The Game is Mindfulness

ST: Hello and good morning Saint Jude.  We hear a lot about mindfulness, but what does this mean and how do we walk our talk? How do we grow in consciousness while living and breathing each moment as it comes? It seems that we worry too much about the future so what advice do you have for us?

Saint Jude: Good precious day to each of you.  Mindfulness is a journey that begins one step at a time; one action at a time.  You don’t just get there by thinking about becoming more mindful.  You pray, you meditate, and you seek guidance from a higher self. You pay attention to your dreams, watch spiritual movies, hang around spiritual people, attend workshops, and read spiritual books.  You dance to high vibrational music and practice energy medicine.  Don’t forget to eat a healthy diet of organic and untainted foods.  The important first step is to raise your vibration/frequency.  By doing this it is easier to feel and express love and gratitude.

So you probably think about this catch-22 situation.  How do I attract high vibration food, music and other things if I’m at a low frequency? The first step is to express love and gratitude for what you currently have and where you currently are.  In the movie “The Celestine Prophecy” (I recommend that you all watch or re-watch this important metaphysical movie), Father Jose tells John W. that there are no errors of judgment, but that you are too quick to judge a situation as good or bad, without seeing the greater or higher meaning in the situation.  I would give this same advice and in fact, this is the advice of the saints.  Now, you must remember that saints did not live “heavenly” lives filled with pleasurable encounters and events.  We too experienced our share of toil and grief, especially the Franciscans.  They often were homeless, and didn’t know where their next meal was coming from.  Martyred saints spent time in prison, endured torture and hung onto their faith.  Penitent saints walked pilgrimages, thousands of miles in a lifetime with just the clothes on their backs and faith in their hearts.

Angels also place themselves in great danger to bring messages to humanity and other creatures.  They put themselves in great danger to protect you from wars or if you are especially a soldier in war.  If you have chosen the path of a light worker (and you have if you find yourself reading this blog), then expect calamity and catastrophe to visit you at some point in your life because you will be tested every step of the way.  You pass one initiation only to find yourself at the beginning of the next one.  You can complain all you want and we will listen to your laments, but we cannot remove these lessons from your life.  So let’s get back to your question of mindfulness.

Live and breathe deeply in each moment.  Practice gratitude for what you believe is working in your life and focus on the lessons currently presenting themselves to you.  Refrain from judging yourself or your circumstances and give up this idea that you actually have control over your life. Even those higher beings who know and serve their life paths realize that they have no control over the outcome of their actions.  You must act from your heart and intuition and engage in the flow.  You can also pray for the people and resources you need to fulfill your path/destiny.  All the saints did this.  The Buddhas have done this and Yeshua did this but always thanked God in advance, as so should you.  Remember Gratitude is a powerful tool and I ask you to use it often.

When you feel that you have been lead astray find your center.  Your center is always your heart and it is always love so get back in touch with that love.  In each moment as you make decisions for the next moment, get in touch with yourself and look at your choices.  Determine which choice comes from love and let go of the other.  Someone might hurt you and you want to respond in anger.  Now, I’m not telling you that anger is a bad thing because sometimes it can move mountains, shift energy, and create a new path by releasing the old way.  But anger finds its roots in fear and fear is not love.  So you have to decide in that moment if telling someone off is going to solve your problem.  Another thing I want you to remember is that every one of you is connected. Think of yourself in a circle or a wheel.  You send out a ripple of good or bad energy (relatively speaking) and that energy returns to you after it has passed through the other souls.  Now if that energy is angry and harmful do you want it returning to you a million fold or a billion fold? I would guess that the answer is no.  So if you choose to practice mindfulness then think about this rippling effect.  It is crucial that you do that.

The other thing I want to remind you of is that none of you are independent of another. We all depend on the entire human race to live, eat, walk and every other activity we do through the course of a day.  Someone grew your food, someone breathed in the air that you breathe in now, someone built the streets, your house, or supplied you with basic material or services.  So when you practice gratitude remember this Great Web of humanity and non-human creatures.  This is something Francesco and the Franciscans did well.  They would spend hours practicing gratitude and contemplating this web and how we are all connected.  You might not even like a certain person or kind of person, but that person is part of you.  You can’t avoid this.  If you want to practice Unity Consciousness then you must take what you believe is the good with the bad, and the ignorant with the wise.

Also stay open to the people you meet, even the annoying ones.  They all have something to teach you about yourself and about the world.  Stay open but don’t allow yourself to become hypnotized by other people’s dramas and energy.  Stay away from the media when possible and only listen to high vibrational music.  There was a good reason why Mozart and his colleagues visited the planet and left their signatures behind.  They spoke in the music of the spheres and this is heavenly music.  Some souls aren’t ready to hear it yet, but soon…. You must stay on your paths.

So in a nutshell this is what I can tell you about mindfulness.  If you are serious about growing in consciousness then take our advice.  I can’t swing a magic wand over you and transform your life, but I can lead you step by step on a horrendous path that eventually leads to enlightenment.  As I mentioned earlier those of you who chose the path of light workers, you will need to experience humility through trying circumstances.  These aren’t easy times for you and I advise you to find and connect with your brethren.  Find communities of like-minded individuals.  Then choose if your path is that of the spiritual warrior or the peacemaker.   Or are you a healer? These are actually separate paths and I advise you not to combine them or mix and match.  Buddha was a peacemaker, but Yeshua was a spiritual warrior if this gives you a clue.  Saints Clare and Hildegard von Bingen were healers and Francesco was an activist even though he saw himself as a peacemaker.    We all make mistakes, even saints. LOL

So onward you go and remember that we always love you and bless you.


Saint Jude

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