Monday, June 27, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Protect Your Food Sources

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude

What’s Eating You?

ST: Dear Jude, I’m concerned about the American food industry, GMO foods, and the high price the environment and non-humans pay so that Americans can consume cheap food. How can we practice compassion in regard to food and each other? I know that I feel so passionate about food security and nutrition that I sometimes stomp on people’s feelings in regard to their choice of food or food stuff, as Michael Pollan phrases it.

Saint Jude: Well, food is the stuff of life and it’s the stuff of your soul. When the soul feels empty so does the body and so the person seeks out some substance to fill them up, quench their desires, and really do a lot of different things. But beyond the psychological comfort eating and food provides, we must move past immediate gratification and gaze at the bigger picture which is telling us that the current food system is literally destroying the planet. So you feel angry, rightfully so, but you also must know about the darker forces at work who are in charge of destroying the planet.

ST: You mean transnational corporations controlling our seed and food supplies?

SJ: Yes, I mean that, but not only that. What is the larger force at work here? Why is it allowed to continue promoting such damage and why do few people question these dark forces, much less why don’t more people know about the dark forces pulling the strings behind the scenes? You have heard all sorts of theories and analysis. You have heard that aliens have come to the planet to destroy it and you have heard of shadow governments. But all you need to know is that you can rise above the powers of dark forces by making different choices. You can choose to wake up from the trance, not watch television, not take pharmaceuticals that numb your mind and body, and you can choose to eat food that is grown close by you either locally or in your own backyard.

It’s not about economics or money. Anyone, I’m going to repeat that, anyone can eat inexpensive organically grown food. Gather with neighbors and tear up a parking lot in a suburban or intercity lot and grow a community and vegetables. Plant fruit and nut trees in your yard or grow tomatoes on your balcony or lettuce on a windowsill. I’ll repeat this isn’t about money or social class. It’s about food justice, but the powers-that-be (in the physical realm) aren’t going to provide food justice for you. That’s not in their best interests as far as they’re concerned. You must remember that heads of many corporations, especially the biggest ones live in a trance. They’re bottom line is a greedy one and they’ll play any game to keep the public and mass majority under the power. They’ll lie, cheat, and steal, especially your health and well-being because they still believe in the illusion of separation.

So you must do two things. Stay on your spiritual path promoting the tenets of Unity Consciousness and dissolve the illusion of separation. And two, you must grow your own food organically or with biodynamic practices or support those that grow food that way. Look around you and see what projects exists in your neighborhood or community. Look for locavore forums and online chat groups and join them. Attend civic meetings and go to farmers markets where you get to know your local farmers. If you can grow organic food in your yard then donate extra to food banks. If you’re on food stamps or use the food bank take advantage of programs that provide organic food to you. Don’t be afraid to ask for healthier food choices and don’t refrain from educating yourself about mass consumed foods in your country. Sign petitions, and write letters to protect food security. Spiritual activism exists too you know.

So that is your assignment for the week. Find out where your food comes from and the situations surrounding your food source. If you don’t like what you see, hear, or feel, then make small changes today and bigger changes tomorrow. You’re not alone. If what you learn causes you to feel outraged, you’re not alone. If you think no one cares about where food comes from, you’re not alone. Find a community of like-minded individuals and share your concerns. Help each other. Talk to each other, and share what you have with others. Us-saints believe that we can turn the food situation around and quickly, but you must act now.

Remember that we love you.


Saint Jude

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