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All Saints Transmissions: You are All Teachers and Students

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
The Humility of Teachers and Wisdom of Students

ST: Dear Jude, today you have me thinking about the roles of teachers and students.  So often we think of the teacher as teaching through a one way channel to the student.  But if a teacher practices humility then he or she learns from the student too.  Do saints who teach and guide us learn from us regular people?

Saint Jude: What questions you ask! We are all learning all of the time from each other and from our inner wisdom.  But then you ask well, then what is our inner wisdom? Is that the co-creator God or Goddess talking to us through us or is that our souls speaking to us? It's all the same thing.  That's right, it is all the One and the Same. 

Now I've been harping on about Unity Consciousness for some time.  All of the saints have and so have other Light Beings.  But we wonder some times if humanity gets this concept.  Oh, yes, you have written beautiful books on the topic, held workshops, met in circles, drummed to your heart's content, but does that mean you actually get the concept? Yes, you have your moments where you melt into all that is and you experience your God moment, but then some thought or action distracts you and your off in the land of illusions once again.

Perhaps it sounds like I'm too critical of the human endeavor towards spiritual-hood.  After all, this is not an easy path from the illusion of separation to Unity Consciousness.  Your media doesn't support the idea, your governments don't support the idea, your friends, family, and colleagues most likely don't support this idea of Unity of the One Being. Your religion most likely does not support the concept either with a few exceptions.

Yes, you have the gnostic faith, Buddhism, and alternative Christian churches, and you have the mysticism of major religions supporting this concept.  You can find dusty books unread in your local libraries on the topic or you can read about it in spiritual papers or websites.  Now, what I ask you to do is to immerse yourself in Unity Consciousness.  Know that everything you experience outside of you is part of you.  There are millions of reality on your planet and you have only scratched the surface by clinging to your single reality.

Which leads us to questioning everything.  Look behind the scenes like an investigative journalist sniffing for a story. Uncover the truth like slueth and yes, you can wear that motto on a T-Shirt if you choose.  Your job is to find the truth and that will take a lot of digging.  Think badgers in their aggressive digging.  You are digging for the survival of your soul and of the planet as you know it.  The truth is embedded in your DNA, it is coded in your soul.

Now let's get back to that inner wisdom which is you and God speaking to and through you. That voice is quite, stuffed to the back of the proverbial closet, because you have no time for it today.  You have a long to-do list and meditation isn't at the top of it.  You long to find a quiet space in nature to get in tune with this voice, but something always comes up, a friend or child in need, or some task that you think can't wait until tomorrow.

You know these outer circumstances were created by you and your soul which thinks it isn't ready to take the next step on your sacred journey.  You must resist this fear and move forward.  Go to that sacred space outside and inside you and get in touch with that inner wisdom.  Don't put it off any longer unless you enjoy misery and suffering.  That inner voice is your key to the future, your future. It is the key that unlocks the door that allows you to walk in other realities counter to your beliefs. That key gives you an avenue to liberation.  That key is your ticket to freedom and will lead you on the path to Unity.

You're the only one holding yourself back from prosperity, abundance, love and other blessings.  Your doubts, fears, beliefs, and patterns prevent you from experiencing the world as it truly exist.  You must stop buying into what the media tells you or what anyone tells you is real.  You must decide reality for yourself and you must find that inner voice to guide you.  Look at your life and prioritize now.  What are you willing to leave behind in favor of a better life?

Yes, I know change is frightening to you.  I have faced those fears myself.  We all have, but facing those fears is what separates "regular" people from saints.  We are all saints if we choose to be, and we are all enlightened if we choose to be.  Ask yourself what is stopping you, preventing you from moving forward into the unknown, might I add, bliss now?

Surrender darlings, and let it all go.  Stop living lives of illusions.  Stop telling yourself you're not worthy of God-Goddess' love.  That's like artwork calling itself unworthy of its artist.  You must stop these negative voices and find what is real.

Remember we always love you.


Saint Jude

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