Sunday, November 27, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Life Lessons are Everywhere

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Life Lessons Everyday, in Everything  

ST: We learn through animal omens, through passages in books, and events that grab our attention.  Some of us channel saints without knowing it, or speak to angels not realizing it.  Can you comment on this?

Saint Jude:  The Holy Ones are always in conversation with your Higher Self or what you call your Inner Wisdom-knowing.  We are in constant conversation with your heart and your senses.  But what happens is that you live busy lives that grow busier by the day so we cannot reach your conscious mind.  This is when we employ animals, songs, literature, magazine articles, and passing conversations to get your attention.  You call this synchronicity, and you see it as a path that leads you to something greater than yourself.  Those of you on a lower frequency see synchronicity as only a route to manifesting your desires.  But it's so much more than that.

You might wonder why we bother communicating with humans.  You might think that as a whole you are not worthy of the Holy Ones attention, but this is wrong brain thinking. As a whole humanity needs to wake up.  Believe it or not, every other creature on the planet, even your common house fly is awakened.  A flea, although a pest, has a better chance of reaching enlightenment than many humans.  We wonder why you would want to stay in the muck and mud, when you can fly with angels.  Truly you have this choice, but you must stop all this all this nonsense of keeping yourselves constantly occupied.  Only fear keeps you away from finding your true self and your true calling to serve.  Yes, every single one of you has been called to the planet at this time to serve.  And if service is not your thing, then neither is living on the planet Earth at this time.

The days of just taking up space and wasting time ARE OVER.  This is why we reach you through songs, books, movies, television, the internet and every other avenue open to us at this time.  We awaken some of you in the middle of the night and ply our spiritual lectures on you.  You call this insomnia, but it is the beginning of enlightenment.  Some of you came to the planet enlightened but through corruption of the media and authority figures lose ground and forget why you came to the planet.  But up until your fifth birthday you knew exactly God-Goddess' plan for you on the earth at this time.  You knew and you can go through rebirth to reclaim your birthright.

Don't worry about us leaving you.  We won't abandon the earth or humanity at this time.  Expect more messages from the Holy Ones to pop up when least expected.  Epiphanies are now common place, whereas, in ancient times only a select few humans experienced them.  Feeling higher frequencies was once only offered to angels and saints, but now you can experience those frequencies too. See how much times have changed? 
This is a lot to think about and digest.  So we leave you for now to ponder our words.  Remember that we always love you.

Saint Jude

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