Sunday, November 13, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Anchor and Center

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Anchor and Center Yourselves 

ST: I've been allowing my worries and anxieties to take full reign.  I'm disturbed by all the fears coming up right now, and my feeling that I have no control over my life.  Or that I sabotage my best efforts.  I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way. What advice do you have for people in the throes of fear?

Saint Jude: Fear, anxieties, and worries all stem from the same root, the lack of trust.  When you don't believe that a Divine Force, call it God, Lord, Goddess, or whatever name you choose, you lose the thread.  You lose the chain of events or synchronicity that would lead you to your highest good.  You might pray, meditate, chant or dance, but if you lose this thread you are wasting your time. The point here is to commune with God and find your center there.

Now you might ask how do I trust that there is a loving and living God? I look around me, you might say, and I see nothing but chaos.  I thought that I manifested my highest good but end up in another nightmarish situation.  You might ask, so if God loves me, then why must I endure this madness or whatever you want to call it?  Is this karma? What did I do to create this suffering and misery? This question comes up a lot these days.

Remember the scene in "The Celestine Prophecy" where the late Father Jose shows up when John W. is in a Peruvian jail cell? And what does he tell John? He tells John to not jump to conclusions that he messed up and took the wrong path. Sometimes chaos appears before peace because you still must face your fears.  You must still think on your toes and know that an earth walk is not a stroll through a park on a summer's day.  Though I suppose if you do your necessary inner work it will be at some point.

Know this--you're not alone in nursing your fears.  With so many things to frighten you these days, it's hard to trust in a loving and living God.  Sure you might think, maybe God existed during Moses and Abraham's time, but where is this God now? Well, do you think life was easier in ancient times? Do you believe for a moment that people of the past never were put up to spiritual tests? So why would this be different now?

I tell you, there is a loving and living God and whatever tests stare you in the face at the moment, you can ask for Spiritual Guidance and Protection.  You are not powerless and in fact, you might just be creating your situation deep within your subconscious mind.  So hang on my dears, anchor and center yourselves.  I know this isn't an easy time and that's why the saints, angels, avatars, etc are here at your beckon call.

Keep reading spiritual blogs and websites, watch spiritual movies and videos.  Gather with other spiritually-minded people that focus on love and light.  Listen to your favorite music provided it is uplifting you. Eat high vibrational foods, and as you do this, know that when you raise your frequency you must remove toxins from your soul, mind, body. These come up in the form of illness, dis-ease, nightmares, anxieties, worries and facing your worst fears.  For some of you this might be dealing with cancer and for others it could be dealing with fire, floods, and earthquakes.  You will get through this in one way or another.  TRUST.

To conclude, you are where you are at this time.  Honor the space you hold.  Know that you will evolve in spirit and in body.  Know that whatever conditions you currently face will transform and evolve, change because nothing remains the same. If you open your heart and mind, you will discover a gem from your predicament. And remember that we always love you.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  You are not alone.  Help is available always, all the time.


Saint Jude 

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