Sunday, December 18, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Rest and Be Merry

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Put Some Ease into It  

ST: I feel too exhausted to post today, but here I am.  So you want us to rest and be merry? I have no problem with this.

Saint Jude: Yes, this is correct.  You have all, and when I say this I mean all creatures, been through a rough and tough spell.  The planetary forces to be exact, have kicked you around and now you must rest. If you don't take this time to regroup then you could end up with the flu or worse.  It's also time to reassess on the mental and emotional levels. Look at those things that have departed from your life at this time. And see the new things that are entering your life.

Some of you might have walked away from long-term relationships and others just lost a job that you didn't want anyway.  Perhaps you need to clear away fear and limitations from your life now.  So many of you believe you walk the right path, but fool yourselves.  And now is the time to see what is real and what is not real.

Now when I say be merry I'm not asking you to get drunk or allow yourself to get intoxicated.  I know this is the holiday season worldwide but you must keep your wits about you.  While I say it is a good idea to rest now and take it easy, this is only because more rough seas await humanity and all creatures.  You are not out of the woods yet.  So take this time to look after your health. Treat your livers with great respect.  In fact, while you rest, detox your bodies.  I know no one wants to hear this when trays of sweets are passed around and that holiday champagne calls to you.  But you need to ask yourself am I serious about my spirit path?

Take this time to meditate and go inward.  Ask you spirit guides about the next steps you need to take.  You need to prepare yourself for those next steps. This is crucial that you do this unless you don't care about the fate of the planet.  We never said that ascension would come easy to anyone.  It won't.  So you need to get yourself ready for the process or for some of you, the completion of the process.  Yes, some of you are poised for the next HUGE SHIFT.

So this is all for now.  My typist feels sick at the moment.  Remember that we always love you.

Saint Jude

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