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All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Dis-ease and other earthly discomforts

ST: I ended up in a debate about giving too much power to diseases by labeling people with those diseases.  The point I was trying to make is that the fear associated with dis-ease is worse than the dis-ease itself and perhaps we can experience grace from whatever condition we find ourselves with.  What can you say on this topic?

Saint Jude: Good mourning.  Yes, I spelled that correctly.  The earth is in a long mourning for old structure that crumbles now.  Dis-ease is actually distress in disguise.  Not all souls wish to stay on the planet, but do not want to admit this to others who will find them morose. You had a friend who was honest about wanting to leave the planet, she struggled with cancer for a few months and then liberated herself.  She didn't tell many people about this wish simply because other humans don't approve of someone wanting to die.  Your medical experts see this as depression and quickly medicate anyone who feels this way.

The earth, although beautiful, is only one realm of many.  It is as many spiritualists tell you a schoolhouse, but it's also one of those only realms where you can work off past karma. Now let's talk about karma because many people see this as a punishment, in which it isn't.  Think of it as a type of bank account or better yet, a credit card.  Dr.Zhi Gang Sha uses a similar analogy, no?  Now every act you do that harms the earth or another entity creates a debt that you'll have to pay off at some time.   Suppose you're a young college students who chooses to sow oats.

Now this student toys with women's feelings.  He sleeps with many women and spreads a dis-ease, not to mention anguish to these women.  Finally he grows out of this stage and settles down and marries.  But later he betrays his wife and has several affairs, again toying with the hearts of women.  Now, this man goes on with his life and nothing too negative happens to him, until one day he experiences a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital where he nearly loses his life, but thankfully survives.

After his recovery and as part of his recovery, this man takes up yoga and meditation.  He joins a spiritual group and receives spiritual counseling.  He doesn't connect his past behavior with women with his heart attack, not yet anyway.  But through counseling and later radical forgiveness of his past behavior he starts balancing off his karmic debt.  But this man has accumulated other karmic debts from previous lives and now those are coming up as karmic bills you might say with interest.  However, the man has a second heart attack, this time fatal.

So he returns to the earth as a woman.  And for whatever reason, he now a she, finds that men just use her.  She has a huge sexual appetite and gets herself in trouble, even abused by her partners.  But by now amnesia has struck and this woman feels like a victim.  She decides instead of getting necessary healing that she'll just lash out in men in hatred, which accumulates even more karma.  The story goes on and on until this soul finds the right spiritual path to balance past due karma.  This could take several lifetimes.

The point I'm trying to make is that dis-ease or discomforts that you face as humans are due in part to karma.  And as one woman asked, how does an innocent child get cancer? Well, the soul of that child has been around the block a few times and chose a life situation to balance out karma from previous lifetimes, and if the child doesn't choose bitterness, but instead grace for his or her situation, then that karma balances.  Not only that, sometimes it's not about balancing karma, but coming to the earth to teach other humans lessons about forgiveness, loss, and transformation.  Sometimes these children who die young teach their parents about death and rebirth, that there really is no ending.  Each person must figure out this for him or herself.  There is no one-size-fits-all answer. 

Nor should anyone tell someone else how to view their lives, their grief, or their death.  Your friend truly sought liberation from the earth plane.  She needed a way out and the Universe provided her with a disease.  Yes, this was painful for her loved ones and she suffered through the process too, but I assure you, she's in good hands now and thriving.  Picture your friend among the animals and other creatures she loved because that's where she is.  She is in paradise as she defines it.

Try not to control or manipulate others.  I know this is a real challenge for humanity during this time of change and crisis.  This chaos won't last forever so take heart.  You're all at different intersections in your spiritual growth.  Some of you are higher on the ladder to enlightenment which means you need to have patience for all those following behind you even if they don't follow in your footsteps or adopt your way of thinking.  It doesn't matter really because you'll all get to the finish line, if not in this lifetime then in another one.  The main thing is to stay mindful of your words and actions.  You don't want to sow wild oats knowing that you have to pay the piper at a later time.  It's all about love.  It's all about forgiveness.

Remember that we always love you.


Saint Jude

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