Sunday, October 2, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Magdalen Speaks

All Saints Transmissions: Mary Magdalene
Speak Out My Good Women

ST: I just read a scholarly book by Joan Borysenko on women's cycles and the meaning hidden in them.  A theme that surfaced is that women need to stop trying to please others and find their authentic selves.  Then once they find that part of them to speak to their hearts.

Mary Magdalene: Oh, this is a juicy topic I much enjoy.  For too long the powers-that-be have silenced women.  In some cases where you run into misogynistic laws or censorship you see this oppression loud and clear.  But women are silenced in every country on the planet and in every situation imaginable.  You'll witness outright suppression such as women not permitted to drive in certain countries or to sing in public in another country.  Women have no right to their bodies or sexuality in other countries.  Women are fodder for rape and yet other countries.  Some countries even the US deny women health care at a costs they can afford.  Many insurance companies deny women reproductive health services.  Now, if you think that isn't about silencing women then you need to re-think the situation.

Women still receive seventy cents to a man's dollar in wages in the US.  Women's menopause and pregnancy are still treated like diseases instead of a natural cycle. We won't even get into how menstruation is viewed in most countries. When you look at world governments look at the small percentage of women in the government leadership positions.  And yet, look at how many women have entered the alternative healing professions, the arts, and social services.  Look at how many women blog on a daily basis and don't mince their words.

Unfortunately even with those advances for women, anything considered a feminine art or craft is devalued in most societies.  Childcare and K-12 education is often under funded and even when it is funded the education promotes patriarchal practices and devalues the feminine side of humans.  And yet, you cannot have the yin without the yang.  We will never find balance or harmony on the planet if half of what we are is silenced in favor of the more aggressive half.

So you must speak your truth even if others attempt to humiliate or shame you.  You must heal your collective wounds and join with your wounded sisters.  But don't join them to complain and rant or to act like victims.  This is about empowerment sisters! Share helpful advice and make a plan to heal the planet that doesn't involve bashing men.  Remember we're all stuck on our male side, though not all of us act passive-aggressive. Find your connection to nature and to a Loving and Living God.  Plant your feet firmly in the ground and claim this planet as your birthright.  Send your energies to the stars and cosmos and claim your destiny.

You have been programmed to believe that you are not worthy of God's love.  It is no wonder the brainwashing many religious dogma has achieved with you.  But you don't have to accept any of that programming.  You are a Divine Daughter of God and You Are Loved.  So find your authentic self and then speak your truth loudly and melodically.  Yes, sing your truth and heal the planet through your collective wisdom.

Remember that we always love you.


Mary Magdalene

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