Saturday, December 24, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Bringing in the Light

All Saints Transmission: 
A Message from Mother Mary
Bringing in the light.

ST: We are posting a day early because of the holiday. The topic today is bringing in the light and comes from Mother Mary.

Mother Mary: This time of year when darkness seems more obvious, many people hibernate or take this time to rest.  While this isn't an unhealthy or unwise action to take when the days grow dark earlier, I want to bring to your attention this important time in history.  There are some things which you do not wish to sleep through, but instead need to participate.  The era of 2012 is such an event or series of events.  This time right now as you Light Workers bring in the light is crucial.  You must come from a place of integrity and keep your message simple so that everyone can understand it.

This is not a time of posturing or pretending to know more than you do.  This is not a time to talk from your ego, but instead channel spirit and dare I say it, channel God.  You might think you know the answers, but you don't and this is just away of stroking your ego, but confusing others in the process.  This is also not a time to prove that you are right or that someone else is wrong.  Who on earth or heaven gives you this authority? A truly enlightened person just is.  He doesn't announce that he is enlightened.  She doesn't teach classes on how to become just like her, enlightened.  An enlightened person doesn't even use the word "enlightened" or "awakened".  That is like a black person announcing that he or she is black.  Well, why would anyone need to point out the obvious? 

Now is a time to stay awake, but also to stay out of your own way.  Think of a harried mother and children literally at her knees and neck.  She ends up tripping over the children and herself.  This feels like stumbling in the dark. And when you think that all the answers come from inside you, then you are tripping in the dark and you might just stub your proverbial toe.  Ouch that hurts!  Or you might trip on someone else or step on the dog's tail.  This is why you need a center or a light to guide you.  It's not that we don't speak through you because we are constantly in conversation with your soul.  Are you in conversation with your soul?  Know the difference between the language of the soul and the language of the ego.

Now, if this is beginning to sound a lot like the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other shoulder, then you are on the right track.  The only tools in your kit are fear and love and every choice you make, every choice you make is either one or the other.  And it isn't easy to discern either.  You think that you could easily discern between fear and love, but this isn't often the case.  Fear is a trickster.  It pretends to love you and say that it has your best interest at heart. So why would you believe otherwise?  Love never takes the easy way out and makes you work for things which might look like punishment at times.  This is where you make a mistake in judgement.

So as you bring in the light, light you own candle first before lighting others' candles.  Take care of your spiritual needs first and tend to your wounds.  You can't help anyone when you have a gaping and oozing wound. When you're in pain, you must take care of yourself and better yet, ask for the help you need.  You will receive it if you ask.  A simple prayer to me or any saints will bring results. You don't even need to believe that we will come to your aid, we will anyway, regardless of how you consider yourself.  Consider yourselves first, but not from ego, but from spirit.  When you take care of yourself you take care of others.  We are ALL ONE BEING here.  So bring in the light and remember that we always love you.


Mother Mary

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