Sunday, October 16, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: A Marion Day

All Saints Transmission: Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene
The Way of the Divine Feminine (Ladies speak up)

ST: I felt honored to have read testimonies of Mother Mary's love for the planet during the past week.  In the book, sightings, healings, and transitions were mentioned.  But sadly Mary Magdalene was missing from the conversation.  Why is Mary Magdalene still ignored in favor of the "virgin" concept? This does not seem like the Divine Feminine Way to me.  I need both Marys.

Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary: Yes, my dear, we understand your question completely. So let us point out to you the Divine Feminine is already present on the planet.  When a man or a woman stands up for future generations of all beings you hear the voice of the Divine Feminine and consequently, the Divine Masculine.  When you see people marching on the streets of the world demanding economic justice and human dignity, you see the Divine in action.  When you see people speaking out against violence of any kind, including war and on the domestic front or in the streets, you see the Divine in action. So you can go on with this and see the Divine Feminine throughout your society.

The main problem is that your media doesn't cover it as the Divine Feminine.  Instead you see corporate greed and fear-mongering in the headlines.  You read endlessly about disease statistics, and you live in a death culture, meaning it is obsessed with death, but doesn't give you the whole picture.   For instance, you have all read at some point or another about death as merely a transition.  Hospice workers know of this transition, and people with near death experiences do too, but your conservative scientists want to discredit this.  Your corporations and insurance companies choose to discredit the reality of death as transformation, as a beginning because then they can't keep you in the place of fear.  They profit from fear.

But do not fear death. Do not fear aging. Do not fear "tragedy" or natural disasters.  Live your lives fearlessly and with great courage. Which amounts to the same thing.  Live your life not from analytical thought, though you have been told about the nobility of the analytical mind. Then you wonder why depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses are skyrocketing at this time.  No, live your life from a feeling place, a flowing place of synchronicity, from your heart.  Feel your way, don't think your way through life. Your brain cannot handle the load of thinking you have placed upon it.  And your heart feels detached and that it is experiencing atrophy because of its underuse.

You ask us about the Divine Feminine Way and we have just told you about it.  Now it is up to you to take our advice or to not take it.  But if you want to see peace on earth, then you'll need to roll up your sleeves and do the work.  For some of you that involves marching on the streets, though peacefully with Buddha or Christ energies leading the way.  For some of you, fix the food system, others will nourish the earth and each other.  Some of you will nourish hearts with your art or words.  Find your calling then come from a place of spirit, not ego.  Don't allow yourself to get caught up in the machinations of the dying Patriarchal Age.  Yes, my dears, it is in the death throes.  No wonder this age is so obsessed with death!

Your job now is to tell your truth.  If you don't know how to do this, look to the saints from any religion.  Your job now is to heal your wounds, heal your anger, and heal your righteousness.  None of those things will serve you now.  Stop acting like victims and take on the role of the empowered victor because you can win this battle between Light and Dark by balancing the two within your heart.  Acknowledge the shadow, light always casts a shadow.  Know that dark and light are necessary to achieve balance.  Learn the difference however between love and fear and nourish love.

Remember that we always love you.


Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

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