Sunday, September 25, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Harvest Time

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All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
It's Harvest Time!

ST: Now that autumn is here in the northern hemisphere, the harvest theme is in the air.  While we usually use this term for agricultural purposes, it's also symbolic of spiritual harvest.  What are your words about harvesting our spiritual side?

Saint Jude: Harvest is a good metaphor for spiritual quests.  For many souls on the planet earth, this past summer was hardly one of pleasure, hardly ideal.  While many of the lower vibration folks took vacations, engaged in the mundane world of materialism, they lose out because in order to gain spiritual wisdom and power, you must go through an initiation that feels like baptism by fire.

Many of you felt like giving in, giving up, and some of you even thought of your own quick death in recent months.  You thought of ending your stay on earth, but then once you surrendered to God you found grace.  You might have experienced half surrenders and superficial surrenders, but when you finally dropped to your knees and prayed to God to give you direction, etc... and when you finally dropped the ego, grace happened.

This is not an easy time to live on the planet, but this is a time full of grace and mercy. This is a time of polishing your spiritual skills and putting spiritual tools to the test.  It's not enough to take a workshop now and again, or read spiritual books if you don't put in the effort.  We know meditation isn't fun and so you tell us you are too busy with your day-to-day life to meditate.  But if you expect spiritual rewards and favors then you must meditate, chant, pray or even journal in communication with a higher spiritual wisdom/force.

Think of meditation as a spiritual workout because it is.  If you want to stay in physical shape you exercise your body.  If you want to keep your weight down, you eat a healthy diet and if you want to learn a new skill you study and practice.  So why do you think you can seek spiritual enlightenment without doing the work? And part of that work come in the form of tests in your daily life.  These tests include divorce, breakup of friendships, loss of homes, loss of jobs, and violent encounters.  I'm not saying that you deserve any of these things, but on a karmic level you have created the cycles that bring the events to your doorsteps.

But instead of seeing yourselves as victims on the evening news footage, see your situations as the road to empowerment.  For if you have nothing to sharpen your knives upon, then you have dull knives that can't cut through anything.  You must sharpen your spirit or it grows dull and you start seeking excitment in the material world and end up feeling empty which leads to addictions of all kinds until you finally seek the Light.

We don't care if you take the long winding route or the shortcut to spiritual enlightenment.  But we will tell you this, you are running out of time.  Soon you will need to choose between heaven and hell on earth, but if you haven't sharpened your spiritual tools, then the choice will be made for you.  Sorry darlings but you must do the work.  You must get clear with yourself about who you are in relation to God.  You must heal any wounds that prevent you from union with The Divine.  No one is going to heal you, but others can facilitate your healing if you are sincere in your efforts.  However, stop wasting the time of Light Workers and Light Beings if you are just seeing them to polish your ego.  These beings and workers are beyond exhausted and they don't have time for people who are just toying with spirituality.

As you noticed I don't mince my words.  I tell you how things are in your life and in life on the planet.  You can take my words to heart or ignore them.  Either way you will receive some kind of result.  We only bring messages to you and then it's up to you to use discernment and act accordingly.  A spiritual path isn't meant to be easy street.  It's going to knock you around and knock the wind out of you.  Days will pass when you don't know if you are coming or going and that you must be losing your mind.  We have a saying that you must lose your mind to gain your soul.  I'm not talking insanity here, but stepping out permanently from the matrix which is true insanity.  Are you willing to risk losing friendship and family to step out of this illusion? Are you willing to face losing your job or your home? Because that's what it takes.

Know this you will gain something better than what you lost.  You will look back one day and see the mercy that was bestowed upon you and comfort from Light Beings during your darkest days.  Remember that we always love you and you just need to call upon us for assistance on your path.


Saint Jude

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