Sunday, November 20, 2011

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude and Mother Mary

All Saints Transmission: Saint Jude and Mother Mary
Begging for a Blessing

ST: I'm hearing the phrase begging for a blessing.  What does this mean?

Saint Jude and Mother Mary: Well my dear look around you.  It's better to express gratitude for all the blessings already in your life than to continually ask for more.  I know many of you have learned about, even bought into the law of attraction and manifestation.  These practices are real, but they can also take you away from the love of God. If all you do is focus on the power of attraction and the material goods you can attract then you are missing the point of the planet walk.

This trend of manifestation actually causes our hearts sadness.  It's just materialism disguised as spiritual principles.  An Enlightened Being doesn't care about fancy cars, expensive clothing, or trips to Hawaii.  I'm not saying you should not try to manifest those things, only that you need not fool yourself into thinking that it is your spiritual right to collect material goods.  We know that Saint Francis and Saint Clare think just the opposite.  If you want to get closer to God, you're not going to find God on a shopping trip.  If you want to convene with God, if you want to reunite with God, then the law of attraction will not take you on that path.  Unless you manifest a closer connection to God.

Now you still need to put roofs over your heads and to eat healthy food so manifest those things.  But when you start getting into luxury items we question that.  You must actually strip away everything from your lives to find God.  You have too many distractions. We think of all those holiday gift lists and all the gadgets that won't make your lives easier.  Those are distractions.  If you need a new pair of winter boots to get you past the snow season, by all means, that's survival.  But if you need the latest fur-lined craze boots, that's distraction and one that costs the lives of innocent animals.

Perhaps you see spiritual awakening happening on the planet.  People now see the power of words and intent.  That's good, but don't fool yourself into thinking consciousness is growing on the planet. It is not.  People are either focused on cutting back due to an economy that is an illusion anyway, or they hoard goods that they get cheaply or obtain for free.  We've seen driveways with plenty of cars in them, and wonder why any family needs 5 or 6 cars, especially cars that don't run any longer.  Have they opened up a car museum?

And how many pairs of shoes does any human need? Consider that in some parts of the world, children run around barefoot because they can't afford a pair of shoes.  So why does a woman or man in another part of the world need 10+ shoes? You distract yourself with these collections.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  We realize that we come across as chastising you, but we try to awaken your hearts.  Hearts only need compassion and love to exists.  Your body only needs food, clothing, shelter, water, and air and somewhat more.  If your goal is to reach enlightenment then you are going about it in the wrong way if your life is about the power of attraction.

Yet, spend some time using this power to improve your lives.  Use this power to develop your spiritual practice deeper.  Intend to practice yoga every day or something similar.  Intend to eat healthier and in balance with the earth. Intend to serve the higher good always and everyday.  Intend to give up anything that does not serve you and actually distracts you from your life purpose, which isn't about collecting shoes or cars.  Intend to spend an hour of each day in your inner sanctum talking to God or us.  Intend to help others and practice generosity with your time and other resources. Intend not to get caught up in games of the ego.  Intend for resources to improve your lives only so you can boost others.  Intend to have healthy relationships with others. Intend for your life partner but only when you are mature enough to handle an extremely powerful relationship based on selflessness and serving, and not selfish pursuits or trophy partnerships.

We think this is enough food for thought this week.  Remember we always love you and hope you digest our words and take them to heart. The world needs you to wake up, stop following trends, and find your true calling.  When you find that true calling, everything else falls into place. All your needs will be met as God sees appropriate, not as advertised in the media.


Mother Mary and Saint Jude

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