Sunday, November 6, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Peace-in-Progress

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude and Mother Mary
Soon-to-be-peaceful era (hang on a little longer)

ST: Welcome to this new day, what words of wisdom do you have for us on this Sunday?

Saint Jude & Mother Mary: Good morning/afternoon/evening and welcome to this new crazed, but soon-to-be-peaceful era.  You wonder what we mean by that, no? It's crazed now--you have a crumbling economy, natural and unnatural disasters and it appears that crooks and con men are running the show. You don't know who to believe any longer and yet, you see the big picture.  You do, but you don't trust it.  And why don't you trust it?

I tell you because you were taught to doubt yourself, women or anyone's intuition has been hugely discounted like a sale at Walmart and discredited.  Right, so with trusting your inner wisdom you run to the academics treating them like the Wizard of Oz. But they don't have the answers and they don't have the wisdom you seek.

We're not saying that there's not a place for academics and intelligence.  We're not telling you not to pursue basic and higher education, but to keep it all in perspective. The best education balances inner wisdom with the so-called facts.  Though we wonder that if those facts are truth, then why are facts always changing? Truth never changes.

You can only learn wisdom from life experiences or you can become a disciple of a wise elder or master teacher (not a teacher with a Masters, different things).  This wise elder will lead you to your core self through initiations and training that also fosters your intuition and sharpens your instincts.  You can gain wisdom by reflecting on the natural world and you don't have to major in biology or ecology.  You just have to watch and listen, engage your senses. Nature is a great teacher and she can teach you survival skills, alternately bring you closer to Mother-Father God.

Sit still on a summer day and watch the dance of dragonflies or watch the carp in a pond. Listen closely to bird songs and feel the energy.  This sounds simple and this path will lead you to wisdom.

Remember that we always love you.


Mother Mary and Saint Jude

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