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All Saints Transmissions: Waiting is the Hardest Part

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
The Waiting is the hardest lesson 

ST: It seems that we are waiting for Godot these days, waiting for God to seep through the cracks of our collective despair.  Yet, you tell us that each of us must lend a hand to the process, and not just sit back observing the world around us.  Do we still practice compassionate non-attachment?

Saint Jude: This is a question that comes up more often than not.  What is compassionate non-attachment? How can I practice this when there is so much suffering around me? And the other question I receive on a daily basis (yes, I hear your prayers), is when is this Great Awakening going to occur? How will I know when it arrives? Will I be too busy to notice it? All those questions come not from curiosity, but from fear.

Compassionate non-attachment is two things as far as the saints are concerned.  First, you step back and look at the world through a wide angle lens and by doing this, you question every belief you have ever encountered or been told.  You question the stories in the media, most of them false anyway, again more fear-mongering in the guise of helpful advice and cautionary wisdom.  I hear these stories and I think not.  If you hear something and you immediately feel your vibration lower, then question that bit of news. The media comes off as the silver-tongue devil these days as far as we're concerned.  And ditto for many of your religious gurus and mentors, especially if you see them making money off of your suffering and despair.  There are people who will prey on your suffering because they see you as an easy mark.  Watch your step, but just be mindful, not fearful.

Second, as you step back and survey the lay of the land, seek your authentic self within you.  Seek the God within you and spend time in your heart where you will find the answers you need to thrive on the planet.  You are told so many lies these days, we cannot even begin to fathom the depth of these lies. First, there is the illusion of money as power.  You are told that you have to have lots of money to survive--not true. You are told that you need to climb the corporate ladder to become someone, but you became someone the day you drew your first breath.  And if you think that God loves you any less than a corporate executive, then someone fed you garbage. So no matter who you are or where you are in your life, God Loves You.  You will live by the laws of synchronicity and the law of cause and effect.  Karmic law applies to every human, other creatures are exempt.

The law of manifestation will work for you.  It works for everyone.  Yes, the flavor of your thoughts, but even more your feelings/emotions play a huge role in what you manifest.  Always manifest for the highest good. While we know you cannot change all your thoughts today, be mindful of them and what they create in your life.  Again, don't buy into the doom that the media spreads. "Oh, the economy is a wasteland,"  "You'll never find meaningful work if you don't (fill in the blank)...Know that God loves you and through this love anything is possible.  You call this miracles, we call it deserved blessings.  Everyone deserves a blessing, everyone deserves mercy.

Pray for your enemies, the ones who would rob you blind of everything meaningful to you and the planet.  Pray that they are healed from their greed and fear and resentment.  Pray that your politicians learn to serve humankind and the planet instead of their political bottom line. Know that not all politicians are greedy and fearful, some are on your side and fighting for your interests.  But corruption is always waiting in the corner of their offices to devour their consciousness and conscience. So pray for these people, send them love and light.  Give them your blessings, not for what they have done, but for the potential for them to learn mindfulness and compassion.  Yes, bless everyone.  Why not? What could this hurt to bless everyone? You'll feel lighter too because you just blessed yourself! You are part of everyone.

So let's get back to this waiting.  You feel like you're sitting on the side of the road waiting for the Godot parade to start.  You wait for the fiery dragons to appear and the planets to spin backwards in some big moment.  You wait for signs or omens.  You wait for God to give you permission to heal your life and the lives of others.  Stop waiting and start doing.  Do what you heart (not your mind with all of its strategies), tells you to do.  It's not enough to be in peace, you have to act out peace.  It's not enough to be in love, you must embody and spread love through acts of kindness, small and large, what you are capable of now.  Follow your inspiration and follow your bliss as long as you serve more than just you.

I think this is enough information for you today.  Remember we always love you.  God loves you.


Saint Jude

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