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All Saints Transmissions: All roads lead to the same place--UNITY

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude/All Saints
Nothing and No One is Separate from You

ST: Good morning and thank you for the information you transmit through me.  It is 3:35 a.m. on January 6, 2012 (date of this transmission) and you are telling me about original sin.  You tell me that All Beings are created in the image of God and you remind me about the illusion of separation.  Please go on...

Saints: So God created "man" but not only man. God created all humanity, all creatures, the earth, the universes and galaxies, everything you sense and know is in God's image.  You have heard the saying, "There is only one of us here."  And that saying refers to Unity Consciousness--that nothing is separate and you experience all that there is within your time-space frame of reference, otherwise known as the third dimension.  Separation is dualism which looks like us verses them.  These are illusions.  You refer to others as "they said this or they did that" but there is no "they".  Do you follow me so far?

The Yin/Yang symbol should not be seen as opposites but as a whole entity.  Everything contains the seeds and roots and the whole plant of  everything, to give you an analogy.  The Alpha contains the Omega and the Omega contains the Alpha. Let me go on.  So "sin" in Latin means "without". In this case it means without wholeness (or without wisdom) and following the illusion of separation.  Oh, you lost sheep!

Let me give you an example.  If a person feels that he is separate his mother, his wife, or his enemy than he can cause harm to another person without realizing that when you spit in the well, you end up drinking your own spit. Meaning anything you do to someone else, you do to yourself.  Any judgement you have for another, you actually are judging yourself.  You are all pieces of the same mirror.  We are all pieces of the same mirror.  All projections are experienced by all parts of the mirror.  Hell is total separation from God and heaven is total Union with God.  But in order to enter heaven or transcend there, you must move past the illusion of separation or sin (without wisdom).  Heaven is not an actual place in physical reality.  It's a frequency, a high frequency.  It is a higher dimension.

Some people who have experienced near death have temporarily reached that frequency.  They were told to return to a lower dimension, not because they had unfinished business dealing with loved ones, but they had unfinished business clearing their chakras and thus, raising their vibration.  They did experience unconditional love--the highest frequency, but in their soul's condition they could not sustain the frequency. So what this means is this--so simple.  Everything and everyone was created in the image of God.  You are all God.  There is only one being.  The painter and the painting are one.  The raindrop and the ocean are one. The spark and the flame are one.  Nothing is separate.

To sin is to err in thinking.  Sin is dualism and that us verses them attitude.  Sin is spitting in the same water you drink, karmic speaking.  Sin is passing judgement on to others, sin is not owning your shadows and projecting those shadows on others.  When and only when you realize that all is everything and life is just one large mirror with a reflection of all that is, you have truly awakened.  You now know God.

But if you think and feel that everything and all is out there and that you are separate, an observer with the ability to judge then you suffer and perpetuate hell on earth.  When you realize the totality--that there is no separation, then there is no need for punishment, security, reinforcement or even structure.  Now to help you understand these concepts further, the planets have aligned themselves in such a way to heal this illusion and bring wholeness.  The planets will clean out those clogged channels and allow the illusion of separation to dissolve.  We are all ONE BEING.  Kind of cozy, isn't it?

Remember that we always love you.


All Saints

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