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Saints Transmissions: Alert-Calmness

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Stay Alert and Calm  (Year of the Mayans)

ST: Now we have entered the year 2012 and people expect a lot from this year because of the prophecies.  What type of year can we really expect and what is the best way to greet this new year?

Saint Jude: Yes, you are correct in that 2012 carries great expectations. The main problem I see is that people have expectations, but no discipline.  I see people passively going on with life as usual, even though life is anything but "as usual" so these people do not see the transformation that is all around them.  It's as if a volcano has erupted in the room, but no one notices the lava they wade in or all the smoke choking them.  Humans have polluted the planet beyond recognition, and as you cough on the fumes, you decide just to live with it.

Meanwhile, the planet heats up, almost to the point where you will destroy every being on the planet, but this is no concern to you as long as you have a job.  Well, what good is a job, if you're dead and you have taken every single creature with you? People who take the Bible literally think they can go about business-as-usual, invest in government, and tell everyone else how to live their lives, meanwhile they destroy God's creatures.  Is it okay to engage in Bible-belting and not take care of the earth God gave you? Is is okay to cram animals into factory farms in the name of fast food? Is it okay for humans to dominate every single creature, manipulate the food chain, control each others' choices of lifestyles and diets? No, it is not.  I repeat, no it is not.

Why do some humans think they have it all together and everyone else poses a problem? Clearly anything you see on the outside is a reflection of your inner being.  If you don't like what you see in the world, then look no further than your own soul.  What's going on in there that leads you to control and manipulate others? Could it be fear that's eating away at you? Yes, I think so.  Well, no one can deal with that fear except you.  Yes, you can go to a therapist who will guide you in the process, but your warrior soul must do the rest. The only battle that you need to fight, is the battle going on in your soul.  Will you allow fear to control you and shape your world?

So get to the place where you feel calm and alert.  When I say alert, I don't mean that you need to act hyper-vigilant or paranoid.  But you do need to pay attention to the road up ahead.  Look for detours and prepare yourself for the occasional U-turn.  Stay calm because drama and especially, melodrama has no place here.  Why excite everyone to the point where they feel brainless, not to mention, heartless, even ruthless? Stop scaring people with statistics, or choice of foods they should or shouldn't eat? If it's natural as God intended then it is safe to eat.  If man has altered the food through science and other manipulation, then stay clear of it because it is no longer the food God intended.  Pretty simple.

If you want to know the healthiest way to live your life, connect with nature. Research how your distant ancestors lived upon the earth and take your clues from them.  Remember it's not about how many years you live on the earth, but how many of those years you enjoyed vibrant health, strength and courage.  Too many of you live sedentary lives and you wonder why you feel bored and depressed.  This is easy for saints to figure out, but regular humans rely on scientific research to tell them what their instincts already know.  Get out and exercise!  Ride a bike, jog, walk, swim, or if you're in a wheel chair get outdoors. Eat healthy and eat only when you are truly hungry.  You know all this stuff, but you need to heal your addictions before any of this makes real sense to you and your body.

So in this order: Heal your addictions, substitute bad habits for healthy habits,  change your diet so that you eat God-intended and not artificial foods (GMO is not God-intended food and carries a low vibration), listen to high vibrational music, read uplifting (not frightening) books, watch movies that respect others, not demean them, and basically raise your vibration.  You ask about 2012.  Well, here are your choices, love or fear.  Fear will take you on a journey that equates hell on earth and love takes you on a journey to unconditional love or heaven on earth.  You choose by the individual choices you make in your life.

For instance, you say you don't have time to meditate, but you have time to gossip on the phone, read the news (illusions folks), on the internet or in print and watch hours of television.  But which do you think will lead you to ascension, gossiping and watching television or meditating? You say you don't have time for exercise, to listen to uplifting music, or read inspiring books, but you have time to rant about the ways of the world, judge others, and again watch hours of television.  You indulge in junk food and lie to yourselves by saying you only do so on occasion, when in actuality you have an addiction to corn syrup or other sweeteners or even salt.  Time to face the music with courage in your heart.  Time to look in the mirror and stop lying to yourselves, time to chase the shadows in your soul and heal them, time to reclaim your power, and time to transform yourselves so that you are ready to ascend.  But all of this is up to you.

Remember that we always love you.  And I will never hide the truth from you.  Life is what it is so make the best of it.


Saint Jude

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