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All Saints Transmissions: Outer Planets and the Awakened Ones

All Saints Transmissions: Mother Mary and Saint Jude
My Dear Awakened Ones

ST: Good morning Mother Mary and Saint Jude.  With so much excitement about the outer planets transits these days, how will these planets lead us to our collective awakening?  I've already read the words of astrologers, but I would like to know how the saints view the transits?

Mother Mary and Saint Jude: Well, my dear you need to ask Saint Francesco that question, he's our planet person.  Yes, we are excited about the outer planet transits at this time and for the next 12 to 20 years.  Neptune has returned home to Pisces and for those of you who have any Pisces planets in your 12th house or Neptune in your 12th house, you are in for a quick awakening, without much effort. If your natal Sun is also in the 12th house in Pisces or conjunct to Neptune (quite a few of you on the planet at this time), then you are in for quite a ride! This is your time to transcend, but you will need to heal your addictions first so you can create a vessel for this awakening.  You are what we call "Crystal Children".

If you have Neptune in any of the angular houses, 1, 4, 7, and 10, you are also in for a time of ascension, but will need to apply a bit more effort than the 12th house people.  Still this group hears the voices of angels, saints, ancestors, and slips easily in and out of dimensions.  You might feel spacy and forgetful at the moment. Your medical doctor or therapist might diagnose you with ADD or ADHD, but this is a misdiagnosis.  You are clearing away the old to make way for the new and so your brain has other functions at the moment.  You might notice streets disappearing and reappearing.  You might see spirits from the corner of your eye, see auras, feel strange sensations and experience surreal dreams even in waking life.  Do not panic.  You will adapt like a sailor adapts to land after being at sea for too long.  It takes time to acclimatize so go easy on yourself.

For those of you with Uranus or other natal planets in the Aquarius 11th house now is an interesting time for you so get out and network, make as many friends as possible, join a good cause, fight the good fight, and polish your innovative leadership skills. Teach others how to think outside of the box.  People with Uranus in Aries or Uranus in your first house have the same calling except you are leading the movement for the people, already thinking far out side of the box and act as the true visionaries of this time.  However, with Uranus transiting in Aries, you need to keep a cool head and don't lose your temper.  That will only hurt you in the end and sabotage your efforts.  You will feel a push-pull me verses humanity.  Aries represents the me first-ego sign, and Aquarius is about dropping the ego and serving the higher good.  So you will ride this see-saw for a time until you learn to balance between your needs and the greater needs of humanity. It is alright to think like a child, but don't act like one.

If you have Uranus in an angular house, 1, 4, 7, or 10 or Aries planets in those houses, then you will not lead so much as follow the visionaries. You will act as a support and help get movements up and running.  If you have Uranus in your 10th house you would do best to have a career as an activist or as a spiritual warrior, remembering that a spiritual warrior fights inner demons and then teaches others how to do the same.  Think of Saint Teresa of Avila for instance.  Now there's a fiery Aries saint!

Okay, now we get to Pluto, the Scorpio planet. The best word to describe the small planet is intense.  And don't judge a book by its cover.  Pluto is a small planet, but contains much power and in fact, is the most dynamic and powerful planet of your ten planets.  We call Pluto a powerhouse of the unconscious, a destroyer of structure and oddly it is in the sign of Capricorn, Saturn's sign.  Saturn builds structure so you will feel some tension around this dynamic.  You will feel a lot of tension around this dynamic.  So much tension that you feel that you will combust or explode on some days.  Keep your cool. Pluto is actually a cool and icy planet, think Scorpio, how these people burn with passion inside but show the world a cool exterior.

So anyone who has Pluto in Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, or Libra is going to feel this tension more than the other sun signs.  But people who have Pluto conjunct any of their planets, and especially in the 8th house will feel a powerful urge to transform their lives and transform the entire planet! You are the shamans of the planet, the ones who travel to the underworld, gain wisdom and then bring that wisdom of the unconscious back to the surface. To many people you are an intense and frightening bunch.  You might stand on the edges observing life around you rather than participating. This is expected of you and you cannot fulfill your mission if you get too involved with the illusions spinning around you.

If you have Pluto on your mid heaven your job on the planet is nothing short of transforming it.  If you have natal Pluto in the first house, the changes are from within you.  If you have Pluto in your seventh house, then you have come to transform the idea of relationships and partnerships.  And if you have Pluto in the fourth house you transform the concepts around home and motherhood.  You are not pioneers, but the actual blaze.  You know that in order to create the new you must destroy the old and Kali does not frighten you, but excites you. You are not easy people to live with or even be around.  But you have your job to do on the planet and there are legions of you.  People will label you dark and negative only because they cast their shadows on you while they walk around acting false positive.  In the past they would have treated you like a scapegoat, but no more. You are the power-holders now so use this power wisely and with compassion.  Remember that Pluto/Scorpio is slow to forgive, but you must practice forgiveness and patience for those who awaken slowly. You are welcome on the planet.  We want you to know that.  We love you just as much as any other soul, even the soft Pisces souls.

We could talk about the planets and transformation all day. Keep in contact with the saints and your Spirit Guides through your dreams.  We are here for you off and online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Pray to us, talk to us, and please ask us for help when you need it.  Don't struggle so much when we will help you.  Even you Pluto folks who don't like to ask for help or feel you don't deserve it, we will help you. Remember that we always love you.


Mother Mary and Saint Jude

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