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All Saints Transmissions: The Play of Shadows

All Saints Transmissions: Mother Mary
Light without shadows? Not possible.

ST: Today you bring up an interesting topic Mother Mary, and that is shadows.  We all know in theory that light casts shadows, but tell us how following shadows can heal our deepest wounds.

Mother Mary: Good morning, afternoon or evening, depending where you are in the world.  And speaking of where you are in the world, you are either under the influence of the moon or the sun's light, no? Or you seen the pinpoints of stars in the heavens, especially if you are in a place with less man made lighting.  Think of yourself walking down the sidewalk on a bright sunny day and look at your shadow. Which direction does it point? Are you afraid of your shadow? Do you try to play with it, chase it away, play hide and seek with it? Even if you try to ignore your shadow it doesn't hide from you or disappear until the light source dims its edges.

Now think about how this shadow work inhabits your life.  Let's look at shadows more as a symbol.  Let's call your shadows your deepest wounds or false beliefs about yourself, the place where you fall into denial and can't get back up.  (A little humor there).  Now, when you walk down the sidewalk and the sun is shining down on you, you might ignore your shadows as you go about your business, pretending as life expects you to do, as you play whatever role, but others see your shadows.  But the odd thing is they see your shadow, but not their own, and so it goes.

Now, your shadow could be false sincerity and false kindness as you try desperately to cover up your arrogance.  But instead of covering up your arrogance with a mask, why not heal it? In order to heal your arrogance, you need to dig for the root cause and this takes compassion as well as, detached observation.  So maybe you need some help with this in the form of a healer, teacher, or therapist.  So you start digging into this place we call shadow.  At first, you run and hide from the shadow, but it finds you every time. So you try to bury this shadow (wound) deeper hoping no one will notice the deep gash on your soul. But know this, you fool no one.  And when you fool no one, and you don't deal with the shadow proactively, then you attract pity and lots of it.

Some people actually enjoy attracting pity because that's better than attracting no attention at all, but when they live this way, nothing good comes their way, and if it does, the good fades quickly.  Pity is one of the lowest vibrations and it can only attract low vibrational situations.  So if you enjoy drama, pain, and suffering, by all means, keep the pity party going.  Otherwise, you need to acknowledge your shadows and heal them through love and compassion and forgiveness of yourself and others, but especially yourself.

So you ask, "How do I heal my shadows?"  Well, through other people, my dears.  Everyone and everything is a mirror to your soul, and both qualities that disturb and delight you in others, are your shadows or unclaimed parts of your soul.  It's not easy to reclaim yourself because you have been shamed, and blamed, controlled and manipulated by others, more fearful than you, who have forced their beliefs, patterns, and attitudes on you.  It's equivalent to rape or vampirism of the soul.  Not everyone intends to harm you in this way, in fact most souls you encounter mean no harm, but they have been harmed so they pass on the virus so to speak.  There are also people who do wish to harm you because they perceive you as an enemy.  These souls aren't so easy to spot.  Ask for protection from your Spirit Guides always for this reason.

But even with all of that, you are responsible for the well-being of your soul.  You can chase your shadows, and learn from them.  Reclaim those parts of yourself deemed shameful by others and realize that the God experience encompasses all emotions, all feelings, and everything you can imagine and everything beyond your imagination.  What you project, you protect and ensure its lifespan.  So if you project positive qualities like love, kindness, healthy power, etc...then wonderful, if you project self-righteousness, hatred, and low vibrations, then you have work to do.

Now, before you start feeling sorry for yourself again or fall into despair, remember that every soul has shadows and projections.  You're not alone.  But if you do the work and ask for appropriate help, you empower yourself while giving up some bad habits, and accepting less desirable parts of your soul that you transform into something useful.  The opposite of hatred is love so transform your hatred into powerful love.  It's not easy, but you are capable of this kind of work or you would not be reading my words.

So remember that light always casts a shadow and that a shadow leads you to your wounds.  Once you know about your wounds you can heal them.  Denial saved no one. Denial is a form of hell.  Acceptance and empowerment leads you to your heaven and true liberation. But you must wake up and do the work.  Remember that we always love you.


Mother Mary

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