Sunday, February 5, 2012

All Saints Transmissions: Challenge of Healing Dualism

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Joan of Arc
Healing Dualism

ST: I thought I would ask you, Saint Joan, a spiritual warrior how to heal dualism.  You obviously fought with your share of darkness and also forgave those who harmed you.

Saint Joan: Dualism or dualistic thinking has been with humans from the beginning.  The illusion of separation can be seen and understood in stories from many traditions, not just Christianity's story of Adam and Eve when the couple discovered the knowledge of good and evil, the beginning of dualistic thinking.  But before humans discovered the polarities and time-space reality, they actually resided in a different dimension of Unity Consciousness or a time of peace.  It's as if someone placed bags over the heads of all humans blinding them to reality and stirring fear in their hearts.

You already know even if you don't quite comprehend that there is nothing out there.  Everything you experience comes from within, from your beliefs, from your sense of powerlessness.  Because if you truly felt empowered and believed in a unconditionally loving God you would see no enemies and witness no animosity.  When I burnt on the stakes and took my last breath, I let everything go in an act of radical forgiveness.  I was able to do this because I felt at-one with everything in that moment.  I felt at one with my pain, my anguish, and my redemption which I sensed was on its way.

The real fears humans nourish are fear of death, fear of betrayal, fear of losing freedom, and fear of harm from another.  I experienced all the above, plus shame, guilt, and confusion.  I was only 19 years old when I was marched to the stakes, but I prayed for a quick death and my prayers were granted. I had faith that there was life after life and I saw in those last moments, the illusions of life on earth, the physical presence.  When you see those illusions you can easily let go and take a leap into the unknown.

So dualism is an illusion.  Everything around you that appears solid and secure is an illusion. Your thoughts, your dreams, your prophesies are illusions.  Nothing is real except for love and the loving presence of God.  If you don't feel that love, then you entertain illusions.  Do not beat yourself up for that because the illusions have a strong and bewitching presence, they are a force field in which your soul is magnetically drawn. And perhaps living in a dualistic reality has taught you some powerful lessons and helped your soul evolve. But now it is time to dissolve these illusions and to move past the polarities. Please re-read Saint Jude's previous post to learn about mirrors and projections.  I will end with saying that heaven is within your soul.  If you want to experience peace then you need to heal the wars within your heart and soul.  You need to learn to love yourself and you might need to heal many wounds before this can happen.  But the focus needs to be on what's happening in you, not out there.  Until humanity figures this lesson out, there will be no peace on the planet anywhere.  Remember that we always love you.


Saint Joan

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