Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Saints Transmission: Conversation with Saint Jude

Lifting Vibration through Diet and Lifestyle:

ST: What's happening to me? My nerves feel fried and I'm having trouble writing.

Saint Jude: Expect your body to resist changes happening on the planet.  After all, your body feels frightened.  It's never experienced these types of changes.  The purification process alone can be tremendously scary to the cells in your body.  So be easy on it.  Give your body lots of love and attention.  Feed it high vibrational foods (foods grown with loving intention), drink purified water and talk nicely to your body.  Self-massage, aromatherapy and rest go a long way in calming your cells and nerves.  Prayer, meditation, energy medicine, and music (healing music) need to be added to your daily regime.

ST: Yes, I do most of that, especially the music, food and vibration.  I have a question about food and vibration.  Can someone vibrating a low frequency eat high vibrational food? They seem to be addicted to low vibrational food.

SJ: Oh, my dear, what a fantastic question! Yes, addiction is low vibration. When a person breaks an addiction he or she raises their vibration. That's why yoga and meditation for instance, or music therapy are so helpful in breaking addiction or low vibration habits.  This is why AA groups prove helpful.  Yeshua provides a high vibration healing environment.

So with food, what I recommend is changing the diet slowly over time. For an omnivore, cut meat consumption out one day of the week, then two days of the week, and so on.  Eat only free range meat--it has a higher vibration.  Most of the time.  Switch right away to organically grown grains and produce and drink a lot of purified water.  Do a colon and liver cleanse with doctor or healer supervision.

ST: How do you recommend introducing body work and energy medicine?

SJ: Change the diet first and purify the body on the physical level.  Second, deal with emotional and spiritual issues--purify in this regard.  The physical purification takes shorter time .  You'll need healer supervision and therapy or the other option is a weekly massage and join a yoga or meditation class.  More disciplined people can get DVDs from the library (for meditation and yoga).  What ever program you choose, stick with it.  Don't get discouraged when you go through a rough patch.  There are good and bad days relatively speaking.  Keep going, move forward and count milestones along the way, but don't dwell on the past. This will actually lower your vibration because you'll rehash painful situations and errors of judgement.

ST: This sounds like excellent advice, but a lot of work. How many people will pursue such a program? Addiction and denial seem comfortable to some people, like an old friend even if it abuses them.

SJ: There's that saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make her drink." It's worse with humans. The horse will eventually sort things out and drink from the trough.  But the addicted human might shun help and repeat a number of rationalizations.  "I'm not an addict just because I spend my day in an alcoholic stupor...I choose this..."

ST: Or does it choose them?

SJ: Well, now you're getting back into victim-thinking. Addiction=low vibration.  Raising the vibration heals the mind-body-spirit of addiction. We have already established this fact.  The body-mind-spirit longs for ecstasy--better to find that in prayer and meditation than drugs, (alcohol or other addictions).


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