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Saints Transmission: Yeshua and the Art of Defenselessness

Saint Jude Transmission: Defensive Acts Lead Only to More Fear

Yeshua, my companion and teacher didn't promote the concept of "an eye for an eye," and he would have never avenged anyone, not even the smallest creature that bit him.  Where did humanity go astray? Why are you always fighting so smugly among yourselves. Don't you see that since we are all One Being, a single entity, when you divide and conquer, you promote the growth of cancer cells.  When you promote the attitude of "us verses them" or "an eye for an eye," you are living in the illusion of duality. When you act this way you harm your immune system and throw your body out of balance, not to mention your mind.

Now Yeshua was an enlightened Master.  He knew the Oneness of All and he lived this concept daily, if not hourly.  He also lived a life of defenselessness.  Now, first, you're thinking people who live that way act like passive wimps.  They lack courage and that sort of thing.  But no, just the opposite.  A defenseless person lives in the Power of Love, not fear.  They see no reason to fight back, to live in the illusion of duality or to reap a karmic debt by attacking their "oppressor" simply because they don't live with the idea of oppressors and victims. They don't see themselves as victims.

Yeshua did not go to war with those that persecuted him. And it's not that he took the sins of the world in the way that it has been interpreted for thousands of years, instead, he revealed the secret of defenselessness.  He claimed that by not fighting back, by allowing the karmic debt to be paid through defenselessness, peace can be obtained.  Yes, the process is ugly, and painful, and there might be shortterm suffering.  If you believe in the idea of martyrdom, then you might play out a drama around that concept.  That gets old, (yawn).

Let me give you some more recent examples.  Yeshua and the saints don't consider Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. or John Lennon as martyrs, not at all.  Each of these beings, though not perfect in everyday life (none of them treated their wives with the respect they deserved), reached a level of enlightenment where they knew death was stalking them. And all three of these men chose not to fight back, not to go on the attack, because even if you kill someone or injure someone in self-defense, you reap a karmic debt.  You are bonded to that soul until you clear that debt.  Does that make sense?

God-Goddess only judges on the act, not the reason or rationalization of the act. We don't deal with children who whine, "he did it first..." That's just old news.  Your souls have lived many lives.  And in these lives you have killed others, you have poisoned others, you have starved many, you have cheated, betrayed and harmed others.  In other lives, you helped others through generosity and you might have even reached sainthood.  You might have served an entire lifetime and cleansed your karmic debt, only to become a warrior in your next life without seeking atonement. So then you wonder why you have so many persecutors in this lifetime!

So two thousand or so years after Yeshua preached the art of defenselessness, and thousands of years since Buddha taught humans about illusions and karma, humanity still struggles with this concept and grows more violent every day.  You thirst for violence and drama, you hunger for it and you're never satisfied so you keep upping the ante.  Your rationalizations no longer work, as if they ever did.  You must stop wars and by stopping wars, you also stop terrorism.  By making sure that everyone is fed, clothed and has proper shelter to protect them from the elements, then you will walk the road towards peace in the world.  By the way the only solution to terrorism is LOVE and COMPASSION. You are fools to think otherwise and you're spending millions of dollars on a solution that won't work.  Meanwhile, people are starving to death, and people are dying from preventable diseases, which you don't have money to help, or so you say that you don't.

You must stop all these useless wars and move past this place of victimhood and martyrdom.  All this drama is wearing us saints out.  It's a thriller by the minute, more paranoid fantasies leashed upon the world and money is spent on keeping this illusion going, instead of transmuting all this drama into compassion and love.  So if you find yourself in a position where you need to defend yourself, drop your arms, open your heart, and don't fight back.  Shine light on every cell in your body and every cell in the body of your attacker.  Know that it's all an illusion anyway.  You're attacking yourself because remember there is only One Being here.

So if you feel that the world is out to get you, then examine your thoughts, patterns, and beliefs. The world is not out to get you. If you look around you will find more evidence of love than of fear. As you develop consciousness, which you can't do if you're constantly on the defensive, you will only experience different faces of love.  You will feel called to love, and to spread compassion.  If you want to save the planet, and lose the illusion of duality, then you must take this necessary risk.  When you catch yourself acting defensive, stop.  Change your mind and change your heart.

Yeshua doesn't condone any war.  There is no good reason to go to war.  There are no good reasons to kill another being.  There are no good reasons to send millions of animals to slaughter houses so you can feast on the carnage.  This is not the act of an enlightened being, but a soul still living in darkness and rationalizing his fears. Animals for instance don't enjoy being killed and eaten, but at least demonstrate the act of defenselessness, especially cows.

If you find yourself or someone you love in an abusive situation, don't go on the attack. Don't judge the person, but get out of the situation and know that you can and will find shelter.  Send love and light to this abuser to the best of your ability and in time you will forgive, heal and move on, but never, never ever stay with an abuser.  Don't rationalize that you can't leave because you can. You must otherwise you enable the toxic behavior in the abuser.

Follow your intuition and don't stay or wallow in dark places.  Face your fears and learn how to love.  You can't do this if you feel dis-empowered so seek the help you need to build your confidence and empower yourself. Pray to the saints or Yeshua.  Pray for peace, love, and compassion to heal your situation.  And know on some level that you are paying off a karmic debt.  Nothing comes back to you to haunt you for no reason; there's history involved.  But that doesn't mean you should stick around and allow yourself to be beaten.  This is not what we mean by defenselessness. Use your brain that God gave you, and check in with your heart.

However, if you ever find yourself in a situation and you know it is your time to die, then surrender to it the way that Lennon, King, and Gandhi did and you'll clear your karmic debt.  Your soul never dies, it just spirals onward towards enlightenment, one step forward, three steps back, four steps forward.  I realize that this lesson will cause you to feel angry.  That's okay, work through that anger to a place of healing.

We love humanity.  We love this One Being that encompasses All of Us.  Love is real and everything else is just a cheap drama produced by a film director with a bottom line.  You can choose to buy into the drama, but believe me, it will end in disappointment.  Or you can finally comprehend that only Love is Real.  And Love, my dears, is the best show in town.


Saint Jude

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