Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Solstice: Let the Light Shine In

Transmission: Saint Jude

Happy Winter/Summer Solstice! This symbolizes light coming into the dark places.  You've heard this before and perhaps not thought much about it.  But what does it mean to shine light into the dark places? I think you can take your imagination in this direction and contemplate healing light.  What does this look like to you?

Imagine entering a dark room with only a flashlight in hand.  Shadows creep up on you, and you might shine your light on things that frighten you.  Perhaps there is a silent man in the room, that you didn't know was present until you shine your light on him.  This startles you.  It would startle anyone.  Well, think of the proverbial light dredging up all sorts of things and events you prefer not to notice.

Now instead of a flashlight, switch to a flood light.  Wow, now look at all the events and things you couldn't see before, hiding in the shadows, lurking in your deep subconscious.  Now, it's all coming up for you to assess, reevaluate, and heal.  But you can't do this unless you stay centered.  You can't do this unless you have faith in the power of light.  But you can't have faith in the power of light while also devoting yourself and your life to darkness or dark things.  So now is your time to choose.  Will you make the effort to walk towards and bathe in the light.  Or will you stay stuck in fear and perpetuate darkness on the earth? Your choice, but I tell you that I choose the light.

If you want to converse with saints and angels of light, then you must purge yourself of darkness. You must not shine only the flashlight, but shine the flood light.  You must walk away from darkness with determination.  Yes, I know the temptation and the lure into the dark underworld never ceases to amaze me.  It's magnetic, powerful, and charismatic.  Darkness portrays illusions, and pretends to satisfy your deepest desires, but does it really?

This time of year you celebrate diverse religious holidays.  The most famous is the birth of Yeshua.  This ritual is so famous, that even non-Christians feel drawn to the hope, and renewal brought with this symbolic birth.  Ancient astrologers followed the signs and a special star that fortold lightness shining into darkness.  As you light candles in a dark room, and watch the shadows dance across faces and walls, something primal stirs in you, the same primal urges that stirred in your ancestors of long ago. Lighting the Hanukkah candles or the Christmas tree also represent symbolic acts of the light. Some cultures light bonfires this time of year to signify hope and togetherness. 

And if you're in the Southern Hemisphere, light starts to wane right about now.  This is also a time to reflect on the power of the sun and the solar system.  This is a time to plant for harvest.  This is a time to give gratitude for all the light and love in your life.  This is a time of joy and simple pleasures, as the light decreases little by little each passing day.  And absorb the nourishing light of the sun.

We wish you a happy solstice.  May the light shine in all of you forever and eternity.


Saint Jude

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