Saturday, January 1, 2011

Transmission: All Saints Taking it Up a Notch

Transmission: All Saints

Taking it Up a Notch; Turn Up the Volume

My dear Light Workers, your moment has arrived.  The polarities are at their most dense in this moment.  As you usher in a new calendar year, you hear about those dark ones who wish to annihilate Mother Earth with bombs.  And on the other hand, you hear about Light Workers and healers organizing worldwide love-ins in the form of group chanting with millions of souls joining hands in love.  Now, is the time to turn up the volume of love and light.  Don't allow the dark ones to sway you into anger, outrage, or other negative patterns.  This is not the time for war, but the time to lay down arms.  This is not the time to make enemies, but time to embrace the other as yourself.  This is the time for radical forgiveness.

Each and everyone of you must take your life work up a notch.  Now is not the time for contemplation, but rightful action.  If you work as an activist, that advocate for love, peace, compassion and justice, by walking this talk.  You can't promote peace when you feel anger in your heart, so transmute that anger now through prayer, through surrender to the Divine, through music, or meditation.  Carry only love and ecstasy in your hearts.  If you feel those dark feelings coming into your heart, dance, spin around, sway your hips, and force yourself to smile.  Tell yourself a joke and shift that energy into laughter.  Joy is your greatest asset.

Think of Francesco's birds in the sky, soaring and singing as they go along.  Think of the river otters playing in a murky river while raising the vibrations of that river.  Activists put smiles on your faces and get rid of those serious ugly frowns.  Don't laugh in spite, but chuckle in love.  Fall in love with the planet, don't just feel pity for it.  Fall in love with non-humans and stop pitying them and victimizing them (casting them in the role of victim).  Stop acting like victims yourself and get to know the Divine intimately.  Turn up the volume.

If you work in the arts of any kind, step away from dark stories, dark music, dark paintings, and all that dark stuff that you rationalize possesses a serious message for your fellow humans. How pretentious is that? Dark is dark and it leads to more darkness.  You can't have it both ways.  Trash all those thrillers and horror movies and books, trash all that hateful music and trash your self-righteous know-it-all attitudes.  Stop taking sides and acting like you're marching towards some crusade.  Those always end badly.

If you work as a healer, heal yourself now and stop pretening that it is you that heals others.  Remember you only facilitate healing, you don't actually heal anyone. Stop acting like you're some kind of guru to your patients, and let them know that you are a humble healer, and you cooperate with them to heal.  Empower your patients and let them know that they have the power to heal every cell in their body and you're going to teach them how to do that.  If you have the same patient six months from now and they're dealing with the same health problems, then you have failed in your attempt.  Check your ego to see if that's part of the problem. 

If you work in the food industry, beauty product industry, or any industry that sells products, stop poisoning your fellow humans, non-humans, and Mother Earth.  If you're not one of those that poisons others, then promote your cleaner product in a way that brings love to people's hearts.  If you have harmed anyone or anything then now is the time to make ammends and ask for universal forgiveness .

If you work in leadership roles, then surrender your power to The Divine.  A real leader aligns with the Divine.  A real leader never ever promotes fear as an agenda.  A real leader doesn't live in fear and put up defenses that cost tax payers billions of dollars.  A real leader doesn't promote war, start wars, or continue wars.  A real leader doesn't use missles or bombs to bring peace to the world.  This is moronic behavior and truly idiotic behavior, like a bratty child fighting with other children in a sandbox.  This is not leadership and certainly this is not mature behavior.  The Earth is not a sandbox so stop all this child's play and destroying your Mother.

Women on the planet, step it up a notch.  Stop fighting with other women, stop competing with your sisters, and stop comparing your beauty to another's.  This too is childish behavior and playtime is over, ladies.  You are the priestesses on this planet here to Usher in The Feminine Age, so get to work.  Stop all this preoccupation with the perfect dress, the perfect lipstick, and all that nonsense.  The saints don't care what you look like, we only care about what lurks in your heart.  Is anyone home? Get it together ladies and start healing yourselves of your wounds so that you can step up to the plate and usher in peace, love, and comfort.

Men on the planet, time to put away your toys and gadgets.  Get off your computers, I-Pods, etc and go find a good life coach to teach you how to love yourselves.  I'm not talking about polishing your wounded egos. I'm talking about getting in touch with your soul and the feminine side of your hearts.  Is anyone home? Get out of the car and go for a walk in the forest.  Get out of the house or apartment and reach out to those in need.  Stop complaining about the government and govern your own bratty behavior.  And most important treat all others with respect and kindness, that includes your partners and children. That includes your pets and all creatures.  Take Francesco di Assisi or the real Yeshua as your examples.  Follow Buddha if you must.  But get it together now.

So no more horsing around.  Starting now take LOVE up a notch. Turn up the volume on compassion, caring, kindness, generosity and forgiveness. No time like the present.  This is the Age of Saints.  Welcome to the pilgrimage to your Sainthood.  It won't be easy, but you're never ever alone.

We Love You.


All Saints

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