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Conversation with Holy Saints: Welcome Saint Thomas of Aquinas

A new saint appeared for me two weeks ago, Saint Thomas of Aquinas.  The color yellow and number 5 represent this saint.  He tells me that he came to assist me in building a career in the metaphysical field and to help me with my financial/money issues.  He also agrees to contribute to this blog to help others with similiar issues.  As always, I ask a question and then the saints speak through my typing fingers.  I don't always agree with what they tell me, but I keep an open mind and heart.  After all, they're saints and I'm clearly not.

Saints Transmission: Saint Thomas of Aquinas
Spiritualizing Paper Power (Money)

ST: Welcome Saint Thomas.  Why do spiritual people such as myself find money unholy and unworthy of our attention? I realize on some level we enjoy having money and the power it lends us, but we also consider money dirty, evil, and wish we could float by in the world without this green and gold stuff.

St. Thomas: Well, it doesn't help that the Catholic Church in particular promoted and still promotes a vow of poverty.  Since millions of people on the planet practice this faith, and then you consider their lineages also, this vow of poverty resonates outward creating belief systems.  The puritan Protestants also devalue money, promoting volunteerism and giving your wealth to the needy, when you could in fact, feel needy yourself.  Add to all of this, the media that promotes poverty consciousness by slamming anyone who has a few million in their bank account.

The corporate model contributes through a corrupt in-place structure of profit making.  This machine-like mentality has been programmed to make a profit no matter how many cut corners it takes, even if that involves hiring slaves to complete the labor and not following safety regulations.  The corporate model does not serve its customers or clients, but its investors.  Now, in this scenario, yes, you do see the dark side of paper power.  You also see this happen in the realm of big banking, utility companies, telecommunication companies, and big government which is just corporate greed funded with public money (your taxes).

So with all of this in mind, you can see how money loses its sacredness.  You can see how money leaves a bad taste in peoples' mouths, but money is just energy.  It is a blank canvas in which you can add your paint or your emotions or your thoughts.  It just is.  You can do a lot of good with money.  The other day you heard Rikki Zimmerman mention that if spiritual people allowed the attraction of paper power in their lives, they could buy out Monsanto, and transform it into a life-giving rather than a life-taking company.  Well, those aren't her exact words, but this is truth.

If all the spiritual people of the world came together and healed their collective wounds and negative beliefs about money, wow, just think of the transformation that could take place.  But at the moment, you relegate money to the world of demons and darkness.  Why don't you just flip the lightswitch when it comes to money.  Let the light in and let it shine and purify this paper power.  It is just another energy, another color in your palette, and another tool in your box you can use to transform the planet.

Think about this, the "green" and handmade products costs more which means you need more money to purchase these products and support companies with your values! Is money evil in this sense? I think not. Organic food costs more, but if you support organic farming, you can quickly end the reign of big agri-business whose only goal is to make a huge profit.  So you see you're using the power of money in a positive way.  And money doesn't care how you spend it.  It in itself does not have a consciousness or a conscience.  It just is a currency in which you do business.

Ah, but business, there's another dirty word.  You can't trust a businessman.  You can't trust someone in a business suit because they might try to rip you off or sell you faulty goods.  Yet, people who run green businesses are still business people, no? Again, you toss out the baby with the bathwater.  Pardon, this old cliche.  Even "big business" is fine if the business practices real environmental stewardship and treats their customers with respect.  It is not about money or business, or commerce.  We all make choices.  Even profit isn't a bad thing if profit is made through honest means and no one is hurt in the process of making a profit.

I want you to think about all that I have covered here.  Spiritual people especially need to understand that money is just money. It is what you do with money that determines an evil or good fate, but even then, if you believe in Unity Consciousness, then you must stop living a life of polarities and reach the conclusion, that everything outside of you, is inside of you first.  If you have a problem with what is reflected in the outerworld, take a look inward.  Then surrender the fact that you just don't know, the bigger picture is so vast that you only see a fraction of it.  Trust, that you still have a lot more to learn then practice humility.

Remember that we always love you.


Saint Thomas of Aquinas

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