Sunday, March 25, 2012

All Saints Transmission: Simple & Easy

All Saints Transmissions: All Saints
Message: It only takes love

All Saints: Misinformation floats around these days involving manifestation.  The messages exchanged revolve around a concept of your thoughts creating reality.  It goes something like this, if you think negative thoughts, or experience negative feelings then you cannot experience wealth and prosperity in your life.

The truth is that if you can experience love for anything, you can have that in your life, for Highest Good of course.  You also need to rid of the belief that only evil people accumulate money, which is a contradiction to positive thoughts manifesting wealth.  The real secret is that if you love something, it will come to you.  It is the power of love that attracts, not your lifestyle, not your political beliefs, and not just your thoughts and feelings.  You can actually act negatively in the world, use negative language, and still have money and wealth if you love those things.  Anything in which you show gratitude, love, and appreciation is yours. 

Remember this next time you blame someone for misfortune by telling them that their negative thoughts create their reality.  Stop telling people this.  The Truth is more complicated yet more simple then you imagine.  Learn to love that which you desire and to embrace it. That is the key to manifestation.  And you don't need to buy any books or watch any movies to learn how to love.  You were born with this ability.  You might need to unblock your beliefs and heal your wounds, but love is always, always present.  Love is the KEY that unlocks the door to your desires.   One warning, you can also attract what you hate so be careful.

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