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All Saints Transmissions: Why oppression?

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
What is the meaning of Oppression?

ST: I have been encountering stories about oppression while I am undergoing a spiritual shift.  Part of me wants to say that we encounter oppression in the outerworld when we oppress ourselves in the innerworld. What do you have to tell us on this topic?

Saint Jude: You are correct in that you cannot experience anything in the outerworld that is not already inside you.  However, you must ask yourself the question, where does this oppression come from in the sense of beliefs, patterns, and programs? Who taught you how to oppress yourself or to repress your emotions? Did you grow up in a home where expressing emotions considered negative was not permitted? Were you punished for expressing emotions or exercizing your personal power?  These are the questions everyone must ask themselves.  Why are some cultures more oppressive than others? Why are women oppressed or children?  Why are certain races enslaved or persecuted?

You are thinking that I am full of questions instead of answers, but the questions are for you to figure this problem out on your own.  I will tell you this, any of you who have not found enlightenment, oppress yourself.  You tell yourself, "I'm not good enough yet to experience freedom."  "I need an authority figure to guide and protect me," and in so thinking this way, you allow others to oppress you too.  You refuse to think for yourself because of fear of abandonment (virtually every human has this fear, not to mention, dogs and cats).  You fear that others won't approve of you or love you if you express your power and ideas in the world.  You are afraid to speak and live your truth so you manifest a culture around you that also doesn't allow you to live authentically.  Then you point the finger at government, the media, or whoever who does not allow you freedom of expression.

So how do you heal this situation? How do you heal oppression of women in the world? How do you stop casting people in the role of victim or martyr? Aren't these the true questions you ask yourself, if you could?  You know that you always need to start with yourself.  Free yourself from inner oppression, find out what shadow part of you oppresses not just yourself, but others.  When you own this part of yourself, you notice it less in the world, or if you do notice oppression in the world, it has less charge.  There is nothing anyone can do to you that you haven't or don't do to yourself.  If you feel the need for punishment because you feel that you are not good enough, then you will manifest someone or something to punish you.  Guaranteed.

It's not enough to look at your shadows, you also need to find the root cause of your beliefs, patterns, etc, even if they come from a thousands of years lineage.  This sounds like a daunting task, but it actually isn't.  When you meditate, ask the deepest part of your soul about the beliefs, patterns, etc that you need to release now to manifest a fulfilling life.  Stuff will come up, like phlegm during a cold or allergy, stuff will come up for you to clear.  Your soul will cough up psychic and spiritual toxins you never even knew existed.  Go through this cleansing process and release these beliefs and patterns.  Then when you own your shadows and reclaim your power, oppression will no longer be an issue.  You will stop noticing it.

You think that you need to write letters, protests, or sign petitions to end oppression.  But let me ask you, in the thousands of years that humans have taken these routes, has oppression been eliminated? Hasn't it just moved from one area of the planet to another, or from one group to the next? And a group that overcomes oppression superficially through a law enacted, turns around and oppresses another group.  The Palestine-Israel situation is a case in point when the oppressed people oppress another people.  You get this huge problem of victim-martyr that seems unsolvable on the political level because it is unsolvable on this level.  The healing of this deep wound happens in each of your souls as you heal yourselves from inner oppression.  When everyone on the planet finally feels good enough and loveable; when everyone on the planet realizes there is only ONE of us here, then oppression will disappear.  It is an illusion anyway.

Remember we always love you.


Saint Jude

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