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Saints Transmissions: What is Going On?

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Thomas Aquinas
What's going on here on earth?

ST: I know that a huge shift is occurring on the planet.  We are not the first to address this shift, but why do some people feel this shift and consciously respond to it, while others piece and tape their broken lives together?

Saint Thomas: Good morning my dears.  Some souls were born wired to receive and understanding the shifting energies and higher frequencies.  Anyone born after 1975 for instance is a natural at shifting energies and understanding the newer vibrations.  Some humans born before 1975 of course feel these frequencies too.  We experienced an onrush of Indigo Children in the 1960s. You know who you are because you're the ones that never fitted in and were most likely to end your life or live in deep depression because of your acute sensitivities.  The most recent children born have already shifted consciousness.  Notice the clear look in their eyes, almost alien eyes.  They are alien!

If a soul has too much density and not enough luminosity, it cannot experience the shift.  Either these souls go through some radical energy healing and learn meditation, or they will not make the shift.  Many souls have been brainwashed and programmed, preferring to live lives of OTT (over-the-top), drama and playing the starring role of victim.  You can spot these souls miles away--run when you see them coming.  Yet, these souls can also heal and shift, if they choose to, but that's the key, if they choose to.  Many of them enjoy sucking others dry, especially light workers.  These are the patients that never get better and have a long list of complaints that grows longer each session.  If you are a healer and you have one of these patients, level with them.

I am going to tell you a radical secret.  The Catholic Church and other religions are not going to like me revealing this secret to you, but then they did not care for my radical stance in my lifetime either.  The secret is this--You Don't Need To Suffer.  Suffering is not necessary, it serves no one and it's bad for your health/well-being.  This sounds like common sense, but humans enjoy suffering to an extent or they would not take this route.

I know what you're thinking.  You are shaking your heads and your fingers at me now.  You can bring up all the scenarios such as someone in a car accident or some kind of accident that leaves them paralyzed.  Or you can bring up the scenario of the child born deformed.  But it is your souls that choose these conditions.  Nothing just happens.  There are no real accidents or coincidences.  You have chosen everything that has happened to you in this lifetime and in previous lifetimes.  Some of you want to experience certain conditions, and learn from them.  Others have a belief that you must suffer because everyone else is suffering and you don't want to stand out as "the perfect one".  And one we go.

So if you want to suffer, I will not judge you for it. But I will ask, "When would you like to end this suffering?" Then I will lead you to the appropriate sources to end the suffering.  That simple.  You can change your life in a heartbeat and in the blink of an eye.  The question is, do you want to end suffering or are you just saying this because you like the way your voice sounds coming out of your mouth? YOU DON'T NEED TO SUFFER.  Repeat that mantra everyday for at least 10 minutes.  Then watch your ego come out with its usual venom to prevent you from moving forward and healing your life.

I will not take the joy of suffering away from you.  It's your gift to keep for eternity if you enjoy your time in hell.  Some people prefer their time in heavier vibrations.  They feel like they're starring in a movie of the week.  They play their roles with finesse hoping for some type of cosmic Oscar for their cheap drama.  They pray for help but don't mean it.  They pray for help, then close their minds and hearts.  You know Jesus was a Master Healer, not just a Master Teacher, but what you don't know is that he was never able to heal people with closed hearts and minds.  He just would not go there.  You had to approach Jesus as an honest man or woman and someone willing to do the healing work.  A humble person was the easiest to heal and an arrogant person, well that took a lot of work, if it worked.

Have I answered your question?

ST: Yes.

Saint Thomas: Remember that we always love you.


Saint Thomas Aquinas

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