Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saints Transmission: Magadalene Speaks

Mary Magdalene:
Magnetism and Manifestation
Be Careful What You Wish For

ST: Mary Magdalene, what are your views on manifestation on a mass scale? Are you concerned that powerful tools are given to fools? I ask you this because in ancient times only those initiated in a society or tradition who undergone spiritual training had access to "Law of Attraction" tools and knowledge.  I personally, have a problem with the commercialism of ancient knowledge, not because people have a right to empower themselves, but because many people working with these tools aren't trained spiritually.

Mary Magdalene: I hear your concerns.  The saints have often wondered about the power of manifestation in the wrong hands too, and of course we are reminded of the destruction of Atlantis, Lumeria, etc...In those cases, spiritual tools ended up in the wrong hands, or even in the case with intiated spiritual society members, ego still played a role.  Remember there will always be black and white magic.  There will always be people who use spiritual tools to manipulate and control others.  Watch out for mind control too which hides behind the new age label.

This isnt to say that new age practices are bad or that I don't support them.  I support the most sincere efforts such as Creative Visualization when done for a higher purpose, shamanism, the medicine way, and many of the healing tools.  I emphasize "healing" tools.  You're not on this planet to serve yourself, live in grandiose houses, and drive fancy cars.  You are all, each and everyone of you on this planet at this time to serve.  That's right to choose a life of service, whatever that looks like to you.

Now when I say a life of service that doesn't mean you need to join the Peace Corp or fly off to a developing wartorn country and risk your life.  Though you might choose to do that if it's in your heart to follow that path.  You don't even need to be a healer in the traditional or conventional sense.  You could write screenplays that wake others up, act in movies that wake others up or bring laughter to others.  You can use music as your medium, journalism or whatever talent you possess.  There are two ways to employ any career, for the ego, or for the planet.  And that all depends on a person's spiritual development.

Now do I find some types of manifestation teachings selfish? You bet I do! Do I believe in the law of magnetism and manifestation? Yes, of course.  We practiced that during my time, and it's been around as long as humans have.  But again this was once secret knowledge, not so that the elite could hoard all the wealth and punish the poor, but because humanity needed to be ready for this information before it reached mass consciousness.  Unfortunately, this isn't the case now, is it? You have manifestation gone out of control. 

It's true you can manifest whatever you desire, but remember that show you watched back in the 1970s, "Fantasy Island"? Is that what is was called?  People would come to the island to fulfill their selfish wishes and end up disillusioned.  Why? Because they didn't think their desires through and like spoiled brats they manifested what they wanted even if it hurt others.  Which brings me to the next point.  When YOU manifest anything, YOU must do so for the Highest Good Of All Concerned.  Yes, Louise Hay and Shakti Gaiwan and the first group to come out on the new age market had this correct.

But what happened? Commercialism took over.  What a nightmare!  Now you have people manifesting cell phones and designer apparel, fancy sportscars and big houses that actually add more burden to the planet.  Do these people care? No, they don't as long as they get what they want.  And if they don't, they get angry and say, "Enough of this spiritual nonsense."  Only it's not spiritual, at least not to me.

But there's another way.  Imagine the world already healed.  Imagine peace, love, joy, and compassion, abundance for everyone living in balance with the Earth.  Imagine walking among angels and saints on a regular basis, studying with a true spiritual Master and feeling at one with the natural world.  Imagine a world where food is in its purest and safest form, where energy comes from renewable sources and materialism is a thing of the past.  I know that last part will be a stretch for each and everyone of you.  But remember this, you're only energy and not solid anyway.

The further you venture into the new age, as if you have a choice, you will become less dense and more of a lightbeing.  You will no longer need food, shelter or any structures.  This is a ways off, but it's in the future.  The downside of that, is that manifestation occurs at rapid speed so you will need to be careful and spiritually atuned or cause yourself lots of trouble.

Last but not least be weary of anyone who thinks that life can be summed up in a sentence or mantra such as "you create your reality" because life believe me, is much more complex than that.  If you all created your own reality, the planet would have blown up a long time ago.  There is so much fear on the planet at the present time that you must be thankful for the intervention of Divine Sources.  They bring love to the planet and open hearts to LOVE.  Without that protection, humans would create an extremely grim reality based on lust, greed, and devastation.

But as each of you wake up to your true calling, then manifestation will work with you.  It will work with you as you Serve the Planet and Humanity.  Service my dears, not serve me now.

We love you.

Blessings and Namaste,

Mary Magdalene

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