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Saints Transmission: When Individuals overcome Collective Fear

Saints Francesco and Chiara of Assisi: Overcoming Collective Fear (nothing new)

ST: After watching the movie "The Pianist" I have returned to thought of why evil on such a grand scale can occur.  And why do some individuals and groups survive the horrors while others don't? Is it a difference in attitude? Does this have anything to do with the law of attraction or are these survivors just lucky?

Saints Francesco & Chiara: It is no accident that your thoughts move in this direction.  And this isn't the first time that you have grappled with this concept.  Those people who overcome collective fear are nothing short of heroic.  Thinking positive thoughts and affirming what's good in life during dark, even horrific times prove challenging at best. Yet humans do this all the time.

The difference between a Jew or gypsy that survived the death camps and someone who perished does have to do with the law of attraction, even if this information was not widely know, if at all in the way that you understand it now.  You saw the pianist character in the movie you mentioned overcome his hardship by not succumbing to fear.  His focus was on survival and playing the piano again for audiences. Though it didn't come through too clearly in the movie, this man didn't give up hope even when alone, isolated, and in a situation that seemed hopeless.  By focusing on playing the piano again for adoring audiences, he attracted the help he needed to survive.  You might say that this is nothing short of a miracle, but humans create their own miracles by not succumbing completely to fear.

Now, let's look at something closer to home, the current economy.  There are several things going on and not all of them have to do with the law of attraction, though it plays a huge role.  First, Pluto is transiting in Capricorn.  Capricorn and Saturn are about limitations and overcoming limitations, but you can never overcome limitations through negative/fearful thinking.  And by giving into limitations such as cutting back on necessities, buying cheaper food and looking for ways to cut back, you are in fact giving the Universe the message that you have little needs and the Universe responds by tightening its belt. 

If you tell the Universe you need cheap clothing, cheap food, and prefer to live in a hut without running water, then the Universe has no choice but to grant you your wish.  You might say, "but I didn't wish for poverty."  When in fact you did wish for poverty by cutting back, by saying how little money you have, by listening to the news that harps and harps about the poor economy, and by identifying too much with your current economic situation.  As a collective (stuck in fear and limitations), humanity is creating this situation.

Complaining about poverty won't solve it.  Focusing on what you don't have won't solve it.  Focusing on unpaid bills won't bring money and prosperity to you and neither will listening to forums of experts wax on about the economy and all their scholarly theories.  Only focusing on Love and Gratitude will solve this problem.  Only Love and Gratitude will turn the tide in your favor, but you would rather spend your time listening to experts that depress you, creating more negativity and hopelessness in the world.  Sorry, but this isn't heroic.  Even a toddler can figure this one out.

So what else is causing the current economic situation besides Pluto transit and collective fear? The lack of love.  Yes, that's right, the lack of love, compassion, peace, and gratitude expressed in the world.  I know there are people that express this list on a regular basis, and they've actually found happiness amongst the chaos.  Hopefully you'll encounter more of these people and join their ranks soon.  You have a right to guilt-free happiness.  You can't achieve this aim though if you focus on shame and guilt of yourself and others.  So if you rant about some shameless corporation that (fill in the blank), you will not acquire happiness.  Instead you will acquire guilt and shame.  If you focus on evil in the world you will witness more and more evil.  You must walk away from this behavior and Trust that the Universe knows what it's doing.

So you say, "Yes, Francesco and Chiara, that's a great theory and thanks for the Sunday sermon, but how do we stop such and such...And I'm not the one who's evil, it's so-and-so." Since there's only ONE of US here then if you're focusing on the darkness in another, then you're focusing on the darkness in yourself, but you pretend that isn't so.  If you think hateful thoughts about anyone, no matter what they've done or not done, you are promoting fear in the world.  It's still hatred and hatred isn't love, now is it?

If you want to change/transform a situation you must, you must, you must, focus only on LOVE.  You must send love to everyone even those you find extremely dark, especially those you find extremely dark.  Now, I told the person typing this message years ago that everytime she thinks negative thoughts about (then it was President Bush), she was in fact filling the gas tank of negativity and creating a situation where the president could only perform something she found evil.

Now, those more enlightened folks on the planet did just the opposite.  They visualized love and compassion coming from the president.  They visualized a more sane and peaceful world and wise leadership.  But what happened was billions of others were joining in a fear collective and promoting devastation on the planet.  You must take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions.  None are so small that they don't make a difference.  Do I need to repeat these words or do you get it?

Think of Jesus Christ, think of Buddha or the Holy Dalai Lama and know that none of them are thinking negative or hateful thoughts about anyone.  They believe that love and peace, acts of compassion are in every human and every sentient being.  They believe this so stronglyl in fact, that their teachings endure, even if most of humanity doesn't comprehend the simplist of simple, that Love Heals All and Everything.  Humans have egos and egos like to glorify themselves with complicated facts, complex data, and intricate theories to show of prowess.  But what a trap! Even a toddler would find humor in adults that act this way.

So be like the child and return to the innocence of your soul.  Focus on only Love and Gratitude.  When you find yourself falling off the horse, get back on and be kind to yourself.  Love yourself first and show gratitude to yourself.  Then express those qualities outward.  If 7 billion people on the planet all did this at the same time, the world would find peace in a blink of an eye.

We love you and want you to discover LOVE.


Saint Francesco and Saint Chiara (Clare)

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