Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saints Transmission: Let the Sunshine In

Let the Sunshine In and Sometimes it's Nice to do Nothing:

ST: Dear Saint Jude, lately I've felt rushed off my feet with all this Aries energy in the atmosphere.  On March 11th, Uranus moved into Aries, the Sun is transiting through Aries and so is Mercury. Is it just me or does the air feel charged with too much aggression?

The other questions I have for you is that many of us still feel that poverty is noble and that all materialism is evil.  We believe this to the point where we can't accept gifts from others that are given from the heart.  So how do we allow this good, these blessings to come into our lives without the guilt and yucky feelings?

Saint Jude: Oh, my dear, the problems you and your fellow humans struggle with! Though I know a few saints, mainly the Franciscans who struggle with these same issues.  Gratitude my dears, express gratitude for all the blessings in your life.  There's no need to feel guilty for accepting gifts from those with "good intentions" and I say this because you need to discern that you don't accept gifts from those without good intentions.  If there are strings attached to friendship or gifts then run, get out of that situation.  Never accept gifts from someone with ulterior motives, or someone who can't accept you for the beautiful person that you are. If gifts come with ultimatums or price tags of the emotional kind, then don't accept.

But this I know isn't what you meant by your question.  If you block good from coming in your life, if on a cold day you block sunshine from warming your skin, then you only hurt yourself.  When you tell the Universe you don't want anything, that all materialism is bad for you and everyone else, then the Universe responds by blessing you with less.  You might even find there are days when you don't even have the basics such as cash and food.  Now who benefits from starvation? I ask Francesco this same question and he just blushes.

You see the early Christians and first saints didn't believe in deprivation of the mind, body or soul.  Yeshua didn't walk around depriving himself.  And when he saw others experiencing deprivation this hurt his heart.  He felt sad and that he had to do something to help, which he did.  He fed the needy, and he clothed them too.  He healed the sick because it hurt him too much to see others suffer when there is actually no need to suffer.  That's what the early saints and Yeshua have been trying to tell you all along.

Of course it doesn't help that Yeshua suffered on the cross and that of course has been misinterpreted leaving millions of souls and current humans feeling painful and defeating guilt.  But you didn't crucify Christ so why walk around depriving yourself of the blessings the world wants to offer you? And our Yeshua overcame and experienced redemption of the highest order. He gained wisdom, peace, and so much compassion for his troubles.  Believe me, he's not beating a dead horse and he's quite content now.  Why rehash painful experiences if you survived them? So if someone with a good heart offers you food, lunch, money or other gifts, do yourself a favor and accept the flow of energy coming to you.  You deserve love in all its many guises.  Some people only know how to give love through material goods.  Others give you love through time, devotion, adoration, or keeping you in their prayers. It's still love.

Now in regard to your second question, or perhaps it was your first question, yes you are experiencing a lot of aggression in the air. This is not your imagination playing tricks on you.  I ask sensitive types to lie low for the next few weeks if possible.  The world is in a word, "explosive" and combatitive at the moment.  It's that Aries volcano erupting through communications (Mercury) and through rebellion (Uranus), and it might feel like an out-of-control child throwing tantrums to some of you more evolved souls.  You just don't want to put up with any of this aggression and hostility.  But please don't take any of it personally.  You'll get through this rough patch.

If someone tries to start an argument with you, walk away. Don't engage in any hotheaded debates at this time.  If someone yells or shouts at you, calls you names, just ignore them if possible.  Walk away with your head held high and hang onto your dignity.  You don't need any of that nonsense.  Remember to stay centered, breathe and meditate a lot during this time. Find peaceful corners to gather your senses and thoughts.  And know that most of that anger and negativity in the world has nothing to do with you personally.

Anger that has been repressed for too long is finally exploding to the surface.  And it's like walking around landmines on extremely fragile earth/ground.  It's like some of you would say, "walking on eggshells" and for those of you already in abusive relationships with aggressive people or situations, get out now.  Save you with the help of friends or even strangers.  Take the steps to get out of negative situations and seek the healing you need and deserve.  Don't ever deal with other people's aggression and know it's their problem, not yours.

And for the rest of you, take heart and stay in touch with your hearts.  Practice compassion even with your so-called enemies.  But don't give into their games and like I said earlier walk away from aggressive situations.  Don't allow your own mind, emotions, and bodies to succumb to aggression.  Of course if you keep running into aggressive people and this becomes your daily experience, then look in the mirror.  Assess whether you might be adding to the aggression and deal with your repressed anger in a healthy manner.  This is not the time for denial or self-flagulation.  Put your whips away.  Deal with your shadows with compassion and love.  Ask for spiritual guidance and the Love of the Universe for healing.

What more can I say on this topic? Yes, the planet is undergoing some huge changes and not everyone is happy with these changes.  There are those who are bent on controlling and manipulating every blade of grass and every soul on the planet.  But we're dealing with them.  The Light Beings are dealing with the Dark Ones.  Your job is to not succumb to negativity.  Your job is to stay in the light and Love, Love, and Love everything and everyone.  True redemption for you and the entire planet comes from this love. So you have your work cut out for you.

Remember we love you. 


Saint Jude

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