Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saints Transmission: Lady Saint Chiara (Claire)

Saints Transmission: Saint Claire of Assisi
Rainbows and Hope:

ST: The past few weeks, this winter has been difficult and life-threatening to so many people on the planet, not to mention other sentient beings.  With so much upheaval on physical and emotional levels there are people I'm sure who have given up hope.  Faith has been tested, sacrifices (willing and unwilling) have been exacted.  And the world looks so much more different as we welcome the Equinox (spring/fall).  What advice do you have for us Saint Claire, what clear light do you bring to us?

Saint Claire:  Well, I always say light a candle and gaze at the flame.  Look at the power in that small flame, how it dances, how it embraces the light and is the light.  Look to the full moon or any moon as it appears steady in the night sky.  Look to the things that are constant and never-changing such as Love. 

I'm not talking romantic love or even love of family.  I'm talking about unconditional Universal Love, which is still present in all forms of love.  I'm telling you to look to the bigger picture.  We can't stop the earth changes from happening.  We can tell you to pay attention to your intuition and go where you'll find safety.  This could mean leaving a job, leaving a home, leaving a country, and for many of you, this does involve relocation.  If you're living on an island, think twice about this.  Many of the earth's islands will no longer exist in 20, 50, or 100 years from now.  Islands are not permanent homes.  Though volcanic activity will create new islands and those will be safer for inhabitation.

Know that life on the planet is transitory.  You have to think like the migrating birds, you have to become nomadic and adaptable if you plan on surviving the changes.  But we harbor no grief or ill feelings for those souls who decide to depart from the planet at this time.  Your intuition might be telling you that it's your time to go elsewhere off the planet.  Remember this isn't the only gig in town, in your American English.  There are hundreds if not thousands of realms to visit.  There are worlds beyond worlds, so extraordinary beautiful that our dear Francesco (of Assisi) can't visit because he cries too much from all the magnificance.

You feel so sad when people die, but souls never die, they just travel to these other places.  And you might communicate with the departing souls if you are sensitive to their frequency.  Many of you have reported this type of communication.  So know that the changes happening have a rainbow appearing over them.  Don't get stuck in fear, don't cling to impermanence because the only permanent thing in life is impermanence.  We have told you about these Grand Changes.  We have told you it's time to Transform, Transcend, and Ascend. This is serious business and not for the faint of heart.

But your souls decided to return to the planet at this time.  Some of you returned to clear karma and finish old business.  Some of you returned to admire the beauty the planet has to offer and sample the cuisine or whatnot.  Some of you returned to usher in the changes (therefore if you're one of these souls you do not have permission to depart at this time), and some of you came to serve, to heal, to share your wisdom, and to bring messages from the Other Side.  There is no wrong reason to return, but you must remember your purpose for your arrival on Mother Earth.

So ask yourself this week.  Why am I here? What is my purpose? How can I heal and how can I serve? Believe me the answer will fly at you lightening speed.  You ask this question before falling asleep and by morning you will have the confidence and strength to pursue your mission.  It might start with healing yourself first.  You can't do anything anyway until you heal yourself whatever type of wound that involves.

So have faith and hope my dear ones.  Don't give up now.  The fun as they say is only just beginning.  I know you feel sad, tired, and scared over recent world events, but you're not seeing the whole picture if you feel these emotions.  You have no idea what extraordinary events await.  We must clear the deck first and that involves some messy renovation.  I'm not saying that anyone should make light of recent events.  And I am telling you to help in any way that you can.  Never forget your Brothers and Sisters.  You are all in this together.

We love you.


Saint Chiara of Assisi

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