Sunday, November 21, 2010

Transmission: Saint Jude (Climate Change and Practicing Kindness

Where do I begin in expressing my concerns about climate change on Mother Earth? There's all this talk about practicing non-violence and kindness, but kindness should be extended not just to other humans (though that's a good start), but to all the creatures and Mother Earth.  Practice kindness as a way of life, make it a vocation--the vocation of kindness.  Major in kindness, earn your Masters in kindness, become the expert in kindness and walk your talk.

Every choice you make comes from kindness.  Every word, every action, every reaction, every breath, infuse it with kindness. I think you get the point by now.  You might know where I'm heading with this topic.  But you ask what's the connection between climate change and kindness?  Good question.  Thank you for asking it.

Treat Mother Earth as a loving mother that nurtures and sustains you.  Don't toss your trash on her, don't tear her mountains down, like a mastectomy and don't clog up her veins and tributaries with harmful chemicals.  Stop murdering the fish, and killing the oceans.  Live your life in defenselessness instead of defensiveness.  Stop starting wars with your brothers and sisters, and scarring the earth in the process.  None of those acts are kind, and no rationalization will excuse unkind behavior.

You ask about climate change, but only with half a heart  because you just expect everyone else to change their behavior, while you go on your jolly way.  This is not a time to place blame on anyone, but to take responsibility for the choices you make.  This is a time to speak up for what you feel and know, instead of expecting someone else to pick up the slack.  Stop expecting the journalists, the government, or the corporations to do all the work.  I have some bad news for you, until you change your habits, the corporations won't change their's.  They are under the impression that you believe it's okay to desecrate the earth, as long as you support GMO agriculture, oil production, and goods that pollute the planet.  You have endorsed it, so the change my dears, must come from you.

There's all this talk about sin. That all you need to do is show up at church, take communion and wash it all away. Well, communion is merely symbolic, of a greater ceremony that you must perform, and that is the emergence of a 21st century human--the one that truly cares, the one who will make the necessary and level-headed sacrifices to preserve Mother Earth.  The greatest sins include: Despair, hunger, greed, fear, violence, and the spreading of low vibrations (fear).  Hatred, jealousy, rage, and not dealing with addiction contribute to this list.

Alright, by now, you're thinking, wow, the saints seem angry at humanity. Where is the love in that? Why should I listen to such angry saints? I don't blame you for asking these questions. Our love has not diminished one iota for humanity, but we feel increasing levels of frustration each passing day while we watch the earth burn away.  We love Mother Earth. We love her mountains, waterways, forests, and creatures. We love the air and the weather, and everything that is natural to Mother Earth.  We love humanity too, but don't understand your obsession with destroying the earth.

So the solution to climate change=kindness.  You can't go wrong practicing kindness.  Practice love, compassion, forgiveness, and sacrifice those bad habits and thoughts that lead you on a destructive path.  Forgive yourself, forgive your neighbors and pray for peace, and truly mean it.  Pray for change in your perception, and changes that allow you to live in balance on the earth.  Pray for Mother Earth and all her creatures who struggle under the burden of climate change.  Pray that we will solve this problem and live sustainably this day forward.


Saint Jude

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