Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saints Transmissions: Purify and Detox

Council of Lady Saints: Detox Your Bodies Now; Align with Mother Earth

If you're reading this post then you have awakened. You wouldn't be here reading our words if you sought no direction or advice. You feel your world, the world as you know it, ebbing away, like sand on a beach dissolving in the waves. The structures that you came to know, that you've always known dissolve too.  This leaves you anchorless, floating into the unknown, drifting one moment then clinging the next.  Does any of this sound familiar?

You eat healthy, but still feel heavy and suffer from indigestion.  You find that it's harder than ever to put healthy and pure food on your table, not to mention breathing pure air and drinking clean water.  You look out your window and see fog blocking your view of the mountains, or you see flotsam floating on your favorite waterway.  You wade through litter and debris on the streets, on the beach, on a forest trail, and you feel your energy plummet into the abyss.  You feel the despair that us saints once felt.  You wonder if life is worth living and if you can save yourself from global destruction.

You experience nightsweats, a strange feeling in your head, your heart beats irregular, and perhaps you feel your body eliminating toxins, just as the earth does.  You will become suddenly ill, and then the illness leaves as quickly. You feel trembling in your limbs, strange sensations on the crown of your head, and your vision plays tricks on you.  You might receive messages from animals, ancestors, someone else's ancestors, or saints.  You might walk with angels and not know it.  All is not as it seems.

We're sorry to tell you this, but the world as you've known it has ended.  That's right.  Let us repeat this important, groundbreaking news, which you'll never hear on the news.  The world as you've known it has ended.  Actually it ended sometimes ago.  The dark ones hold up illusions and it is only out of fear that you cling to the illusions. And I would ask you to examine all your beliefs at this time too.  How many of your beliefs benefit others and not you? What beliefs and ethics do you live by, yours or someone else's? You must answer that question now if you'll ever find fulfillment and joy.

So you wonder where the detoxing process comes in and you wonder what this has to do with aligning to Mother Earth.  Well, you're already One Being with Mother Earth.  So what happens to her, happens to you.  If you pollute the earth, guess what? You pollute your body too. That's right.  The Earth has organs too, just like you.  It's the macro and the micro playing themselves out, and invisible to most of you. So why don't you hear about this on the evening news?

So let's start with the process.  First, we'll start with the body.  What do you do to your body that pollutes it? Are you taking toxic pills that could be replaced with energy medicine like acupuncture or herbal remedies? Are you eating conventionally-grown foods? Are you eating animals raised in hazardous conditions? Why? Are you eating GMO foods? Are you drinking dirty water and breathing dirty air? Are you drinking alcohol or smoking, involved with recreational drugs or listen to hateful music, or watch violent movies? All these things add toxins to your flesh and bones. Start eliminating them today.

Let's look at the mind.  What do you feed your mind? Do you berate and judge yourself harshly? Do you live out unworkable patterns and hang on to useless beliefs that serve the dark ones? Do you use profanity and engage in violent communications to seem provocative? Do you fill your head with hate, disgust, judgements, jealousy thoughts, and tear others down to build up your ego? Do you support warfare and does your mind seek enemies instead of allies? Start eliminating these habits today.

Let's look at spirit/soul. Do you hang out in low-vibrational atmospheres? What is your workplace like? Do you leave with a headache every day and do you feel sapped of energy? And what about your friends and colleagues? Do they speak in non-violent terms, show you respect, practice spirituality based on love, forgiveness and compassion? Or do they gossip about you behind your back, compete with you, pretend they're friends, but only because they want something from you? Do they abuse you in anyway? Give this some serious thought. Start eliminating low-vibrational situations and people today.

So as the earth purifies herself through "natural disasters," you too will feel the need to vent, purify and your body will do this at the least convenient times.  So get involved with exercise that allows you to sweat out toxins.  Eat organic fruits and vegetables every day, especially superfoods (Brussels sprouts, brocoli, kale, spinach, yams, pumpkin, berries, and tropical fruits).  Drink only filtered water. Practice yoga or some other exercise that moves energy and detoxing your body.  For your mind and spirit, meditate.  You can sing spiritual chants, pray, journal, or practice walking meditation.

Prepare yourself to faulter.  Prepare yourself to trip and fall. Then get up and start over again.  You're not alone. Billions of humans find themselves in the same space, only most of them have no concept of what's happening in the world.  They don't know yet that the world has ended. It's not about to end, it's not ending in the future, or when the Mayan Calendar dictates.  We repeat, the world has already ended, at least the illusionary world.

As we live in a transition period, it's now up to you to create the new world.  Envision the world you desire.  Is it peaceful or violent? Do people love and cooperate with each other and all creatures? Does the lamb lay down with the lion or does the lion devour the lamb? What kind of reality do you desire? You determine that by where you place your thoughts and loyalties.  We didn't say this would be easy.  It's not.

We love you.  Pray to us.  Ask for our help and we will come to your aid.  We are like the school nurse that bandages your knee when you fall and scrape it.  We are the mothers that sing lullabies to children who experienced nightmares. And boy, has humanity experienced some real nightmares! We comfort and we console.  We don't ask anything of you except spread love and hope.  Once you have purified yourself, get in the trenches and assist others with the process.  They're not as strong or wise as you are.

Come to us and let us love you.  Do not cry by yourself alone in your despair for one moment longer. We are the Council of Lady Saints and we love all of you.


Council of Lady Saints

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