Saturday, November 27, 2010

High Vibe or Low Vibe

Transmission from Saint Jude:

I know my sweet friends that you're busy, so I will be brief.  Today's message revolves around high and low vibrations.  Fear and love.  Hell on Earth=Low Vibration and Heaven on Earth=High Vibration.  You don't need to practice a religion to appreciate that you only have two possibilities in which to choose.  Only fear and love exist, but only love is real. However, if you choose drama, if you choose violence, if you choose hipness over peace, then I won't stop you.  If you choose fear and suffering, I won't stop you.  Perhaps you feel you need to experience darkness to understand light.

However, we rapidly approach a time when heaven and hell will create a big divide on Mother Earth.  If you choose low vibrations/fear then you will reside in hell.  It's not based on sin or karma, but the choices you make and have made.  When we refer to the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve chose to live in a world of dualities. And so far, for hundreds of thousands of years, duality has served humanity.

But now we enter a new age where duality will cease to exist.  You have two choices, a low-vibrational realm filled with chaos, violence, madness, disease, GMO foods, darkness, and more darkness, and you bet, your share of suffering.  OR you can choose the higher vibrational realm, which is filled with peace, cooperation, sharing, caring for the earth, loving one another, dancing, singing, creativity, joy, and childlike wonder.  Too boring for you?

So today with your actions you decide which realm you will reside.  You do this by choosing either high or low vibrational thoughts, actions, beliefs, patterns, and your way of doing business.  Let me give you a list of examples below to help you on your path.

Low Vibrations include: Use of vulgarities and profanities, indiscriminate sex, rape, murder, slander, libel, betrayal, drama kings and queens, psychic vampires, using others, abusing others, addiction, drug use, drinking alcohol, smoking, gossip, selfishness in the negative sense of the word, greed, inventing products that harm others, passing laws that rob others of their dignity, discrimination, racism, sexism, factory farming, polluting the earth, creating products that pollute the earth, contributing to global warming, ignorance, denial, fearful thinking, warfare, destruction of the earth, destruction of mountains, robbing the earth of her lifeblood, hunting animals for sport, animal fighting, bullfighting, tests on animals, poisoning others, writing and reading dark material like paranoid thrillers or scripting violent movies, perpetuating darkness and living off the adrenaline rush, heavy metal music even with Christian lyrics, obsene lyrics, hateful words, atonal music, control and manipulation of others, mind games...

High vibrations include: Sharing, cooperation, earth stewardship, eating and growing sustainable food, connecting with the earth, poetry, arts, high vibrational music that uplifts the soul, energy medicine, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Kung Fu, singing in choirs, teamwork, eco-villages, sustainable practices, laughter, comedy (not dark comedy), tears of joy, dancing, celebration, ceremonies (light kind), camping, hiking, spending time in the natural world in a natural way, mindfulness, cooking for others, sharing what you have with others, love, compassion, caring, raising children in a loving home, marrying for love and not money, raising plants and animals, getting involved in worthy causes, following your bliss, sharing old legends and myths, spending time with loved ones and friends, watching a life-affirming movie, living simply, walking lightly, blessing others, prayers, discovery, travel, building bridges, cultural exchange, promoting spirituality, and singing....

I think these lists give you an idea of which vibrations you most often choose.  At some point though you will need to choose one list or the other.  You might feel seduced by low vibrations, pressured by your peers to continue low vibrational behavior.  And I tell you this, if the people around you stop you from living the life you choose and you allow them to choose for you, then my friend, it's time to find new friends.

If you suffer from addictions, get help now.  If you wallow in negativity, get help now. If you have accumulated too many bad habits over the years, get help now. The saints and angels are available to help you.  All you need to do is ask.

We love you.  We hope you choose love.


Saint Jude

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