Saturday, November 20, 2010

Transmission: Saint Francesco (What's up with the Animals)

For those of you who consider yourself sensitive and spiritual, you have received messages from non-humans, I call them creatures.  Perhaps these omens have arrived in the form of synchronicity.  You keep seeing the image of a fox, or you run into someone with the surname Fox, or the word fox keeps appearing either verbally or in print.

You might walk into a space and hear whale songs, then see an image of whales on a T-shirt or side of a semitruck.  You might encounter a rare bird or the animals act unusual in your presence. You might even feel them communicating to you.  If you're of indigenous descent, none of this will puzzle you.  And if you've always felt drawn to animals and intuitive around them, then none of these new encounters will surprise you either.

But some of you who have never given the creatures much thought, will find that you become passionately drawn to a creature or two.  Or you might passionately feel drawn to an animal cause, you might even become an animal advocate. You feel tenderness towards one creature, perhaps a pet, then that creatures leads you on a quest to love all animals, insects, reptiles, etc... You might feel drawn to trees, rocks, and water, finding those entities coming alive for you. It could come in any form, my dears.


Today isn't yesterday.  The world has already transformed drastically since even five years ago, and especially ten years ago.  I'm not talking about all the new technology that has caused too many distractions.  I'm talking about climate change, natural disasters, starvation and suffering in greater numbers.  While you won't be experiencing any medieval style plagues, you do need to know where your water comes from and where your food derives, and who grows it, and who produces it, and who brings it to your table.

All these things you took for granted yesterday, you must now give your attention.  Don't take your eyes off of the ball. Now, I'm not asking you to live your life in paranoia.  I'm not asking you to fear your neighbor, your government or anyone else who spins your world. I'm asking you to stay aware, and stay alert. You will have difficult decisions to make. Don't overanalyze or stay stuck in your head.  Decide from your heart and ask, "what would love do?"

Every time you find yourself faced with an important decision ask, "what would love do?" You might even ask, "what would the holy saints do?" And if you don't know, ask us.  We respond to you.  Pray to us, talk to us, journal with us, remember us during meditation.  We haven't left you, just changed form. We want to help, but you must ask. You don't need to use rituals or ceremonies, just talk to us.  "Saint Francesco, or even Francesco, I have this problem..."

You have no idea how much love we feel for you.  You have no idea how much we want humanity to achieve peace and balance on Mother Earth.  We're rooting for you.  But you must get rid of all your distractions.  You must remove any obstacles you have that stand in the way of your path to God/Divine/Universe or whatever name you choose.

Now, let's get back to the animals.  They are your friends too. You must love them.  I would even go as far to say, stop eating them.  Stop raising them to end up on someone's dinner plate, yours or a stranger's dinner plate.  You tell yourself the animals don't mind, but in fact they do mind.  Think of it this way (and I know omnivores don't wish to hear my words on this topic), the animals also deal with climate change, the weather has caused them great distress, migrating creatures especially struggle.  So why make their lives more difficult? Let them live.  They are sentient beings, they can communicate wisdom to humanity, they are so much more evolved than most of you imagine.  You wouldn't eat your brother, I hope, so don't eat the creatures.  They too are your brothers and sisters.  I have felt that for centuries, no less now.

Last but not least, if you're in a desperate state or in an area of the world where eating animals is connected to survival, then show gratitude to the life you have just taken.  Don't make small of it, don't take its flesh for granted. If anyone ever makes a sacrifice on your behalf show gratitude.  Perform a ceremony, pray to the ancestors of that creature and that creature who you just ate or are about to consume. I repeat don't make small of this.

If you want to know more about animal ethics, please ask me and I will converse directly with you.  I will also show up in your journal writing if you allow it.

For now, I love you.  I will always love you.

Saint Francesco of Assisi

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