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All Saints Transmissions: Is karma real?

All Saints Transmissions: Mother Mary & St. Jude
Karma is another illusion

ST: I have come across many spiritual and religious teachings since my childhood from Sunday school to Neal Walsch's "Conversations with God" and my own conversations with saints.  When all this information is gathered into one place like my mind, it leads to confusion.  From the East we get this concept of karma, which for all I can tell, hasn't done a lot of good in the world.  Then from the West we have the concept of sin, which also hasn't brought peace to the world.  BTW, sin means "without" in Latin.  So my question to the saints and Mother Mary is karma and sin real? 

Mother Mary:  The only thing that is real is an unconditionally loving God, and that God is within you, and heaven is within you, but so is hell.  You make a choice of what you want to experience.  You read about this in the "Conversation of God" series, a book series that comes the closest of any spiritual book to the real concept of God and your God-self.  I ask anyone reading this blog, to also read that series.  Then ask me questions about sin and karma.

Sin and karma are basically the same concept and revolve around the Law of Cause and Effect.  Which is a real law so if you cut yourself with a knife, it hurts.  If you drive your car fast and recklessly, you will at some point crash into a wall or a tree, or harm someone, if not kill yourself.  But is the end result punishment? No, it's just that one thing follows the other. If you stick dough in an oven and bake it for a certain amount of time, you end up with bread.  So not confuse the Law of Cause and Effect with sin and karma, which always has judgement attached to it.

What still confuses me in the Buddhist tradition is that you are expected to practice compassionate non-attachment, but you still believe in karma, which some Buddhists attach judgement.  If they don't do this for themselves, then they do this to others in the form of projections.  In the western trilogy of major religions, you don't practice this non-attachment, however, you are not supposed to judge others and you do, slapping sin onto every calamity in the world.  If your house burns down, then you must have sinned against God.  If your child dies, then you must have done something wrong as a parent.

Karma in many ways causes suffering.  In India you have a caste system which in my opinion wreaks of hatred and violates any acts of compassion.  If a person is born with darker skin or deformed in some way, then they are stuck in the lower caste system, therefore, they must have done something wicked in a previous life, so people in this life can commit wicked acts against them now.  As if this makes sense.  And yet, people fly on planes to spend time in ashrams in India to study with gurus, who hopefully do not support the caste system and this game of karma.  If they do, I can hardly call them enlightened humans.  And please don't get me started about the other religions.

If you want to connect to God, then connect to God in your heart.  Speak to God because he-she listens to your thoughts, your feelings, and your voice.  You are not separate from God.  If I had to give a definition of sin then I would say that it is to live without the grace of God.  But it is your choice to live with God's grace or without it.  If you choose fear, if you choose separation, then it is easier to hurt yourself or another because you are living in deprivation of God's love.  But understand this, God does not cause this separation. God does not send you into the proverbial forest without food, water, or love.  You take that journey away from God and he-she allows it.

When Yeshua walked the earth the first time he said that he came to wash away all the sins of the world.  What he meant was that he was going to wash away the illusion of sin.  He knew that the concept of sin causes more violence, more judgement, and more suffering than anything else.  If someone "sins" then another can execute them without any penalty. But this is an illusion too.  You have no right to end another life unless you have a soul contract with that other person, and even then, you can choose the higher road of love.

So next time someone calls you a sinner or tries to punish you for your sins, know that you can choose to reunite with God's love.  You no longer need to let others scapegoat you.  You are free to live your life in God's grace.  It is your choice.

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