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All Saints Transmissions: Positive Thinking, is it possible...

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
The Power of Positive Thinking, but first

ST: How do we reflect love and positive thoughts in a world full of negativity and fear?  I wake up feeling good, listen to healing music, sometimes practice yoga, eat a healthy breakfast, then I hear my first bit of bad news followed by more bad news...By the afternoon I have spiraled into fear and limitations.  So how do I heal this situation?

Saint Jude: As always, you challenge me with your questions and observations.  The polarities will not go away anytime soon.  You will need to take many deep breaths and allow light in and darkness out which you send back into the light.  Stay away from the news the best that you can, and if you do read the news, do so with a large grain of salt, realizing that darkness and fear are illusions.  When you receive petitions to sign or letter requests to politicians, do your part, but only if you can detach from your emotions.  You might feel that the energy behind the situation is false and in that case, don't sign the petition. Send any guilty feelings you might have into the light.

There are numerous manipulators on the planet at the moment who come in many guises.  They will all act as if they have your best intentions in mind.  But if these people or energies or entities are coming from fear/limitations, then back away from them.  You don't need to swallow and digest this energy.  Leave the room, change the conversation and do not engage in these conversations.  There is this belief that their is safety in numbers, that if a large group of people get together and vent their frustrations, that change will occur in the world.  Not true. 

I don't think Margarate Mead was asking concerned citizens to change the world through angry words and aggression--even so-called peaceful protests are tinged with aggression, if people could just be honest with themselves.  My dears, the change has to happen in your hearts.  You must shift your consciousness from fear to LOVE. I realize this is not easy.  I realize that you feel challenged beyond your wildest imaginings.  Why don't you bury your head is happy imaginings? Escape for a while in happy daydreams of the world you choose to see, not the one that hits you over the head each morning when you awake.  I am serious when I give you this advice.

It doesn't matter which side the messages come from, if they are full of fear, then they will heal no one.  So whether the progressives or the conservatives broadcast some news item, that feels negative, than it is.  Are they coming up with constructive ideas? Now, on the other hand, I am seeing some powerful positive movements on the planet. I am seeing many can-do folks just get out there and do what they came to the planet to do.  You don't have time, from where I am sitting and watching, to rant, protests, or complain.  You must come up with solutions through brainstorming.  It goes something like this.

We have this problem so what can we do to solve it?  People toss in ideas that pop in their head--some silly ideas, some quite good, and some excellent ideas. Then the next step is to choose three ideas and line up the steps it will take to achieve those goals.  You have to decide where you are going to put your energy.  You need to decide how you will spend each of your days and every hour, if not minute of your days. Do you feel charged with energy and want to get out and make changes or do you feel heavy as if the world rests on your shoulders? If you feel the second option, you need to find a healing modality and let this baggage go.

I think I have given you enough food for thought.  I hope you will chew on my words and digest them, take them to heart.  Individuals have power.  You all have special gifts that will be revealed to you when you open your heart.  You cannot open your heart and feel fear and anger at the same time.  Make a decision now, what energies you will support then muster up the courage to walk away from everything and anything that does not connect to your innervision.  Remember that we always love you.


Saint Jude

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