Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude

Saints Transmission: Saint Jude
Dark Night of the Soul & Emergence
Into the Light

ST: Dearest Jude today we spoke about the dark night of the soul that I just emerged.  You mentioned that there are readers of this blog who have just emerged from this dark tunnel and embrace the light and so will you elaborate?

Saint Jude: My dear, of course I will elaborate on this important topic.  Some of you reading this blog post are either in the tunnel currently or you just passed another initiation--just in time for graduation season.  And speaking of graduation, you need to celebrate this achievement, if not with friends, then at least in the embrace of the natural world and with your Spirit Mothers and Fathers.  Know this, the Angels celebrate with you.  The saints, buddhas, masters of all kinds, light beings, all of them, celebrate with you.

Those of you still probing the darkness, it's time to surrender.  Allow others to pray for your safety and well-being. Don't be afraid to seek help, even counseling if you need it.  This is a time for humility, not arrogance and false pride.  The tunnel feels wicked, it's darkness never-ending it seems, but you must keep walking, stumbling, crawling or whatever it takes, you must move forward to you see that faint ray of light, even a pinhole of light.

As a saint, God has tested me many times.  All saints know this darkness and the temptations that lie within.  There's the temptation of giving up and acting like a victim (which you're not).  There's the temptation of acting spiteful towards others and calling upon the souls of enemies (which are helpful adversaries in disguise).  There are temptations to judge and blame others, to act superior to others, to divide the world into us verses them.  And I say refrain from all of the above.  There is the temptation to fight back viciously instead of with dignity. 

You must know and I will tell you that acting out of fear will only keep you stuck in the tunnel and the dark night of the soul longer.  Only you prolong your agony and suffering.  If you choose to think fearful and limiting thoughts then the Universe can only respond in kind.  If you choose to look in the mirror and not see what stares you in the face, then you lose sight of reality.  If you judge and blame yourself or others then you miss the point of Unity Consciousness.  So ask yourself if you can get used to navigating darkness or if you now have the courage to take that leap of faith, whatever that entails.

Some of you have been dreaming about other places you wish to live, but you don't take any steps to get there.  Some of you dream of quitting your secure job, selling your home, divorcing your spouse (even with a loving relationship), and you have an itch to do something different and to reinvent yourself.  Now is a good time to move in that direction.  Those dreams aren't accidental but truly and lovingly meaningful.  Those dreams come from the deepest part of your soul and now is the time to manifest them.

So if you find yourself stumbling, call on us for guidance.  If you don't see any way out of your current situation whatever it is, pray to us.  Suffering is an illusion.  Why bask in illusions when paradise waits at your feet.  And all you need to do is change your mind from negative to positive.

Remember we love you.


Saint Jude and the Saints

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